Mars Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit: Showing all Emotions

  • The Mars Uranus opposition in the natal chart suggests you often project your feelings on your surroundings and like to help others.
  • Pay attention to the Mars opposite Uranus transit because it makes you rather irritable and prone to over-reacting at simple things.
  • Mars gives us an idea of where in life we apply our drive and how we express our enthusiasm, plus the kind of experiences we prefer.
  • An opposition aspect can suggest projection between the self and the other, an inner conflict that must use the energies of both planets, to be resolved.
  • Uranus governs our break from tradition and the desire to do things in a new and original manner.
  • Celebrities: Eddie Arcaro, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Jeffrey Wigand, Jose Maria Carreras, Tegan Lane, David Hilbert, Rufus Wainwright, Darren Lehmann, Tama Janowitz.
  • Transit dates: 17 November 2021, 11 November 2023, 04 November 2025, 28 October 2027, 18 October 2029, 06 October 2031.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars opposite Uranus Natal

People born during the Mars opposite Uranus transit are rebellious and open-minded, meaning their actions are attracting them the reputation of dangerous individuals.

Conservative and composed people will stay out of their way most of the time, as well as challenge their actions, meaning they usually have a difficult life. They’re independent and have the desire to do whatever they want and seems right for them, no matter what society is imposing.

In case they’re annoying others, it’s very likely for them to go through tough times and to feel like their freedom is completely missing. When their life is agitated as a result of their own actions, others will become to condemn them for their way of life.

They’re fighting for freedom and possess an electrical sex appeal as well. They can even start conflicts and take up any challenge if someone is provoking them.

It’s important for natives born during the Mars opposite Uranus transit to be moderate and to control their impulsiveness. This is why they should carefully choose each and every fight they’re carrying in life.

Behaving without thinking twice, they can cancel all chances from coming their way. This can have many accidents happening in their life, not to mention they can harm themselves and other people as well.

Natives born during the Mars opposite Uranus can have outbursts of vitality when arguing and having misunderstandings with friends, which is causing them to have enemies, as a result of their mistakes. They’re good for a person who’s quick-tempered, but they should keep theirs in line.

Their attitude will be anti-social and against authority, so they’ll question their own status quo and criticizing others who are socially responsible and powerful. If seeing leaders are starting to be hypocritical, they can become very upset, also criticizing to them.

As a matter of fact, they’ve probably developed some principles and beliefs in which they’re perceiving the world.

Natives born during the Mars opposite Uranus can be incisive when expressing themselves, also violent and competitive.

They’re always feeling like they’re fighting with others for their own opinions, but this war is in their own head or externalized, but this when facing social situations and organizations they wouldn’t have too positive feelings about.

Conflict is stimulating them, and while they may not all the time openly express this side of their personality, they really like competing and being in control as well. Their lover affairs can wild, this meaning they’re not the ones to marry too soon and to have a disciplined life.

This way they’re prone to accidents, combative in discussions, quick-tempered, impatient, nervous, stubborn. These people don’t like routine and can’t be convinced to change their way of living.

Free and willful to have their way all of the time, they can sometimes confuse between their desires and priorities. They’re taking risks more than often and aren’t judging before taking action. It’s their tendency to work themselves too much and to never be moderate, this being the reason why they can’t understand limits.
They have these dreams of improving traditions, but there’s a problem for them to find the new. Ambitious and dangerous, they can get involved in all kinds of unstable situations. This is why they may have a violent death, probably in some wars. Unexpected and rapid changes can cause them to feel nervous and restless.

They need to avoid using all kinds of electrical instruments and machines that can pose a threat for them. It’s easier to wake the violence in them than in others.

Mars opposite Uranus Transit

During the Mars opposite Uranus transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac should expect many surprises. When pushed to the limits, they’re sometimes forced to distinguish themselves from the crowd and to be on their own.

Changeable conditions are making their life more exciting, whereas their need to be free is very strong, especially when they’re restricted. They can get involved in conflicts with unexpected forces, having the most insignificant problem becoming a serious one for no reason.

During the Mars opposite Uranus transit, people are very likely to explode in anger, especially at those who have upset them before. Being impulsive and not paying attention to tradition, they can end up living irresponsibly.

The physical energy and nervousness they’re usually experiencing for as long as Mars is in opposition with Uranus can be difficult for many to control.

It looks like every small detail can annoy them and things for them can go wrong, and there’s nothing they can do against it.

They’ll probably over-react when insignificant things are happening, and they’ll consume a lot of energy when acting out on their own frustrations, by throwing tantrums and being more stubborn than usual, no matter how much they’re having this behavior in general or not.

They can shock others and also themselves, meaning they need to pay attention and not do things they may regret after a period of time.

The Mars opposite Uranus transit is against many business people and negotiators who are planning for contracts and are as well open to make compromises and to collaborate. Many may as well have to interact with inflexible people who are opposing them. They may feel agglomerated with business and have a need to be freer than usually.

These natives will be more impatient, inattentive and rash with their actions, meaning there’s the risk for them to get involved in many accidents.

It’s important for them to pay attention when working with machines and electricity, as well as engines because the events coming their way may be uncommon for them.

Expressing the frustrations and the anger coming to them from Mars in the most surprising and explosive direction, they may end up being provoked by others.

No matter what, regardless if they’re jumping on their enemies themselves or being attacked, the outcome resulted and nerves can have them distancing themselves from their own routine, most of the time in a negative way.

In conclusion, this transit is not at all helpful for anyone. The everyday world will annoy them and there’s the risk for many natives to slowly burn of all their own passion, in a slow and fashionable manner.

They’ll be more patient than usually for the year following this transit, meaning they can achieve the patience necessary for them to do the most impossible things.

Those who want to overcome this period of time will have to look behind what’s normal and don’t waste their time with trivial activities.

They’ll oppose so many things happening to them, especially if too many are appreciating their talents, not to mention they can be considered a danger for others.

During the Mars opposite Uranus transit, natives of all signs should preserve their individuality as much as possible and not boast too much. In case they’re feeling like everyone is against them, they may be just true in their way of thinking.

Everyone in the world cannot understand them when they want to do revolutionize the world, so they’ll be prone to become offensive when not understanding what’s being told to them.

However, this doesn’t need they’d be in any danger for someone to attack them from a physical point of view, but this doesn’t mean they should be nastier than usually.

They’ll be raging more than frequently, especially when others are opposing them, but this would only make the problems worse.

They should defend their own points of view and no longer be aggressive as such behavior wouldn’t help them with anything. They should challenge themselves from an intellectual point of view and think of considerate or logical responses for any problem in the world.

The best idea for them to deal with the energies disturbing them is to think two times and be gentle before fighting any provocation. In case they’re deciding to work with such methods, they can find themselves free and no longer feel limited by any of their desire.

The chance for them to end up defeated is accentuated by having an inconsiderate way of thinking and trusting their friends too much.

All natives in the zodiac will escape many ways of life they’re not enjoying, especially when having to deal with new surroundings, their morals, physical and psychological issues.

A tragedy in one of their love stories can have them lose their affection for what came into their lives, and they can suffer from some acute pains after being involved in an accident, acting too violent and being extremely passionate.

This time is the most trying for them, so many natives should pay attention to all the philosophies of life and their luck may courageously turn them to them, having all the people balanced with their ideals.

Meanwhile, all the forces in the Universe can act against them and look to distance themselves from their side. This time is making people more nervous, so they need to control themselves more than others.

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