Leo and Aquarius Compatibility in Love & Life: A Romantic Relationship


When these two are in the same room, there’s a mutual attraction that brings them closer together. From the get-go, there’s many things Leo and Aquarius appreciate and admire about each other.

Criteria Leo Aquarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Below average ❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

Sociable and easy-going, maybe even a little too flirty, they are both charismatic in their own way. These two make a lively and happy-go-lucky match.

Leo’s incredible confidence and fiery personality comes into contrast with Aquarius’ cool-headedness and aloofness. They’re both open-minded for new things and always looking for something exciting.

They can be a bit eccentric, but they certainly know how to catch everyone’s attention. Together, they’re like a celebrity couple.

Both signs are ambitious, supportive, and independent. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, so they are the kind of people who can dedicate a lot of effort and energy to a personal passion or goal. To them, freedom to pursue their dreams and aspirations is essential in a relationship.

When These Two Fall in Love

The Leo and Aquarius compatibility is the ultimate proof that opposites attract. While things are peaceful and sweet for the most part, there could still be clashes between them. Remember, both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, so they don’t find it easy to let go of their opinion.

Also, both signs like being praised for their good points and accomplishments, so they should remember not to make their couple life a competition.

Leo, being a fire sign, can get very intense when in love. Their passion and affection are hot and almost too in-your-face. Their partner will never have to doubt whether the Leo is actually in love with them.

On the other hand, Aquarius is more enigmatic and they have a cold exterior. Their emotions might be hard to read, and Aquarius finds it hard to express them to the outer world.

Thanks to Leo’s warm and affectionate personality, Aquarius will learn to let go of their fear and they will be able to truly open up and let their feelings and emotions flow freely.

Both signs should keep their egos in check, otherwise things will get heated. Leo loves attention, compliments, and maybe even the jealous looks of other people.

They can come off as vain and inauthentic, which will be off-putting to the Aquarius who wants to keep it real, above all else. Leo should make sure to always be themselves and not fall prey to societal pressure, if they want to keep nonconforming Aquarius around, that is.

Still, Aquarius is attracted to Leo’s unbelievable confidence and self-love, and they want to be around someone with this kind of energy.

Aquarius should be able to pamper Leo with the attention and compliments they need, but they will surely receive double the attention in return.

While Leo brings in the passion and leadership, Aquarius spices things up with their rich imagination and non-conventional ways. Leo can be a hopeless romantic often times. Aquarius will go along with many of their partner’s ideas, but they are usually cold and aloof, and need more space than Leo does.

Active and thrill seeking, both signs like keeping busy. The worst thing that could happen to them would be to get stuck in a boring daily routine.

It would be a great idea to plan exciting trips, new adventures together. The crazier the memories they will have together, the stronger their relationship will become.

Although naturally flirty, Aquarius seeks loyalty and truthfulness. This is just what Leo stands for, so Aquarius sees a good partner in them. On the other hand, Aquarius should open up more and be less cold in their romantic relationship, because Leo is all about passion and romance, and they certainly don’t want to be in on it all alone.

Leo and Aquarius Relationship Key Facts

They make an interesting and driven couple. They’re not afraid to dream big and they are high achievers. Their differences make them irresistible to each other, but they can also sometimes be a cause for disagreement and fallouts.

When in a couple, a Leo and an Aquarius can get quite competitive, especially considering that both of them are fixed signs, and that fire and air signs generally have a masculine energy, regardless of their gender.

However, they can for the most part put their disagreements and differences aside. If something bad happens, they move on quickly, because both of them like to keep positive.

Aquarius should get used to and accept Leo’s constant need for attention. Leo, on the other hand, should not hold it against their partner if they are hard to read, or maybe too emotionally cold. Aquarius tend to be like that, but it’s nothing personal.

Leo is the one to take charge of the relationship and to decide on the direction the couple should go. Aquarius is good when it comes to visualizing, planning, and finding solutions.

They can work very well together, and they don’t butt heads very often. They complete each other, because both realize what their partner’s strengths are, and they embrace them for what makes them different.

What Leo can teach Aquarius is how to lead a more stable life and how to keep their standards high. Aquarius can show Leo how to be humbler and open to criticism. On the flip side, Leo has a big heart and they never overlook something good done for them.

Both signs hate nagging and tend to keep quiet until the waters calm down. They don’t generally add fuel to the fire, which is a smart move. Aquarius is original and sticks out from the crowd.

The way they see life and relationships can be very different from that of Leo. Leo shouldn’t take it the wrong way when Aquarius doesn’t seem as excited as they are. Aquarius should also not let it bother them too much when Leo is being overly dramatic about something they disagree with.

Leo and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Both signs are independent and self-assured, and they want a partner who can stand their ground and who knows what they want from life. They admire each other for these qualities they have in common, and this is what brings them together.

When two brilliant minds like Leo and Aquarius meet, that’s the beginning of a very fruitful and mentally stimulating relationship. They can certainly do amazing things together, and they will challenge and inspire one another at every turn.

Drawbacks of This Match

There are some things that could go wrong in the Leo and Aquarius match. For starters, Leo can get very jealous and paranoid. They are also very prideful, maybe even vain. They like to put on a show, and their relationship is not exempt from this either. They like to be in the center of attention.

Aquarius are more private and they cannot stand unauthentic people. Aquarius might also grow tired of Leo’s bossy and nosy attitude. The fire sign is very demanding and stubborn about what they want. Leo is not very patient and likes to jump straight into action.

When in a bad mood, Leo can be quite abrasive and hurtful. They will not stop until they get or hear what they desire. Problem is that Aquarius can easily distance themselves and ignore Leo’s tantrums.

The air sign can be so detached they could be seen as insensitive. And this will drive Leo insane.

Both signs are self-centered and have a very high opinion of themselves. When disagreements arise, neither of them will want to admit defeat.

They don’t like being told what to do, or that they are wrong, and they certainly don’t want to sacrifice their energy and mental well-being to appease somebody else.

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