Jupiter Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: Intuition and Mysticism

  • In a natal chart, the Jupiter Neptune sextile means high morals and a creative and spiritual approach of everyday life.
  • During the Jupiter sextile Neptune transit, people are more compassionate and imaginative, as well as spiritually perceptive.
  • The planet Jupiter speaks about one’s comfort level, whether by assessing morality or by looking plainly at leisure time.
  • A sextile aspect can represent a positive shift in the dynamic of one’s life and occurs when the two planets cross signs that are two places apart on the horoscope wheel.
  • The planet Neptune governs over our devotions and addictions, over our dreams and illusions and the world we can’t see with the naked eye.
  • Celebrities: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Bjorn Borg, Doris Day, Ross Perot, Georges Clemenceau, Renée Zellweger, Arthur Ashe, Indira Gandhi, Coco Chanel, Michael Stich.
  • Transit dates: 20 February 2020, 27 July 2020, 14 October 2020, 23 May 2024, 07 February 2033.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Jupiter sextile Neptune Natal

The Jupiter sextile Neptune in birth charts is making people idealistic and trusting. Natives of this aspect are empathetic and ready to help others. Expecting nothing for this, they’re all the time focused on making the world a place that’s better for anyone.

However, when it comes to their positivity, the Universe is paying them back for their goodness and they can enjoy comfort. It’s possible all of their acts of generosity are repaid through religious inspiration.

People born during the Jupiter sextile Neptune aspect can understand what mysticism and the occult are all about, meaning they can use their psychic abilities in order to do well.

Because what they’re assuming is in harmony with what they’re judging, they need to follow their intuition. These natives are charming, honest and strange, but sometimes impractical.

These natives believe morals and their humanitarian soul are going to improve the world because they’re making some efforts.

They seem to be lucky, not to mention their intuition is always indicating them where good opportunities are. When it comes to the type of art they’re enjoying, they seem to like the fantasy genre.

They could use their creativity and become musicians, dancers or actors. Because they’re spiritual, it’s easy for them to build a career in politics, education or as social assistants.

Usually, individuals born during the Jupiter sextile Neptune aspect are the biggest philanthropists. They’re connected to a kind of life beyond the mundane because their spirituality and emotions can’t be equaled.

Avoiding to make a fool of themselves, they’re looking to be in quiet surroundings and to be as refined as possible. As a matter of fact, they’re the ones who are the most suitable in monasteries or libraries.

Possessing a strong intuition and being attracted to mysticism, natives of the Jupiter sextile Neptune aspect are looking to become transcendental as human beings.

They want to be connected with the higher forces of the Universe and would sacrifice what they have in order for this to happen. Believing the impossible is, in fact, possible, they simply love expanding their mind.

Of course, they can’t grasp all the knowledge in the Universe, but at least trying is everything for them.

Gentle and sensitive when others are suffering, they have a need to work for charity and to help. This is not only an ideal for them, but it’s also an opportunity to give a hand in crisis situations.

Jupiter and Neptune have Houses that are ruled by emotions. While people with these planets in sextile in their birth chart are always touchy, they’re as well able to help others raise their own emotions to the Universal level, by helping animals and people who don’t have enough.

As far as creativity goes, they need to express through religion and artistic endeavors. Their loved ones can offer them assistance, but they sometimes need to be all alone, also to avoid eating too much and substances that can alter their mind.

Jupiter sextile Neptune Transit

The Jupiter sextile Neptune transit is known for the harmony, development and the good luck it brings about. While it’s in place, people can relax for some time and become successful from a professional point of view.

More than this, it’s a transit meant for spiritual enlightenment, one that’s giving people a good perspective on whom they and how they can achieve success in their career.

During it, people can identify themselves and their goals, as well as their religious conduct. They can develop by continuing their education, participating in group events, traveling and being kind or giving.

Their generosity doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice the way they’re living because they can be spiritual with possessions as well.

For as long as Jupiter is in sextile with Neptune, people are more compassionate and imaginative, as well as spiritually perceptive. More than this, they have an increased sensitivity from both a physical and emotional point of view.

Being more sensitive to what others need, they can only obtain satisfaction by helping needy people. It’s not necessarily for them to travel far away for this.

They can always help their neighbors because their compassion can be spread anywhere, not only where people are in desperate need. As far as creativity is going, they can benefit from it by changing something in their home.

Their dreams may be exciting and wide when it comes to traveling far away. When thinking about certain places, they can escape the mundane.

Their optimistic view on life and their morals can help some natives advance at work, as well with business or legal issues. Their intuition is strong, not to mention their imagination almost alive. As said before, the Jupiter sextile Neptune positive transit is all about creativity.

Opportunities may arrive from everywhere, not to mention some events may have people being open to their surroundings. Most likely, many are more giving and are looking past their own and others’ defects.

Not only mistakes are overlooked, the best in everyone is seen as well. During this period, natives of all signs have more space and time to forgive, also the freedom to advance in life.

There can be situations that require the support of others and some can respond in a sympathetic manner.

Compassion and ideals are being accentuated for as long as Jupiter is in sextile with Neptune, so many may become involved in projects meant to help those who aren’t that fortunate.

They can be attracted to discuss and teach things about the meaning of life, or they may ask to get reborn from a spiritual point of view, by meeting a person of faith. The conversations during this period are idealistic and focused on identifying the truth, not to mention the beliefs are only focused on religion and metaphysical teachings.

Many are more capable of seeing the truth form what’s illusory when it comes to their business operations but may need to trust the fashionable version of projects without questioning motives and the results obtained.

For this sextile, many natives are amazing salespersons and more able to mislead others, yet they should avoid being like this.

Since their positivity can inspire others through deceiving ways and fantasy stories, they may want to perform on stage and to create art with incredible symbols, even launch campaigns of advertising. Some may feel everything is easy because their problems are resolving themselves.

Everything in their life is running smoothly and they’re going with the flow instead of fighting it.

As a matter of fact, a good rhythm can bring incredible success to anyone. Those accepted for whom they are can oppose resistance and have things done their way.

Since the period of the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune is one of few efforts, people can drift and withdraw from what’s ordinary, as well as avoid some realities.

Escaping is not at all negative because this transit is about eliminating the excess stress and retreating into the inner world.

It doesn’t matter if people are looking to realize their dreams or to heal themselves, their objectives are sure to be fulfilled for as long as Jupiter is in sextile with Neptune.

Circumstances can provide everyone with what they need, but people need to be sincere about what they have to offer and to understand what’s at stake when it comes to “playing” with others, especially if they want to keep things in perspective.

This period is one of the experiences that shouldn’t be judged and in which positive differences can be made.It isn’t indicated to hurry with conclusions during it, and many can enjoy or appreciate how things are happening into their life.

Wider perspectives can be developed and conditions understood better than usually. It can be easy to just dismiss the benefits this cycle is known to bring because its effects are subtle and the rewards not material.

Pressure can be relieved and anything constrictive can unwind. Situations will offer many a break from all the pressure in their life, and they can take advantage of this period by resting.

The proper environment when it comes to understanding the most complex issues can emerge, even though the knowledge attained is about intuition and not rationality. Different concepts and new ideas can be absorbed, the right answers realized.

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