July 19th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Cancer?


Cancer natives born on July 19th are altruistic and humanitarian people who always help anyone in need. They are beyond compassionate, caring, and affectionate.

  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling body: the Moon
  • Representative color: Grey
  • Characteristic flower: Acanthus
  • Lucky day: Monday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Silver
  • Birthstone: Pearl
  • Motto: I feel!
  • Celebrities: Benedict Cumberbatch, Edgar Degas, Abel Ferrara, Mark Webber, Samuel Colt, Brian May, Campbell Scott and Vicky Carr.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

With complex and deep emotions, as well as superior instincts, these people come up with innovative ideas that they implement successfully.

However, they worry too much. Overthinking also causes problems, telling us something important – these natives will have a lower potential if they don’t become positive and hopeful.

Pisces influences the birthday decanate of this native, suggesting that he or she can easily be surprised or impressed by people. His or her senses are also advanced, so this makes it believable that art is one of the major outlets for this native.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 7, 18, 21 and 32.

Mistakes and failures are opportunities worth pondering on, events where he/she can learn how to become better. Frustrations and anxieties kick in at this time as well but it’s good that this native is open-minded. He/she doesn’t exclude any potentiality from the table.

The planet Mars instils a combative and warrior-like sense into them, giving stability and steadfastness to these natives belonging to the July 19th zodiac. Concentration is key when fighting against the world, and especially against the inner world.

Becoming practical, realistic, and pragmatic is paramount when thinking about achieving one’s goals. They will get more powerful and efficient if they simply become more grounded in reality.

Socially speaking, these natives are very communicative, open for debate, and charismatic. They love having a good time doing unusual stuff, they crave for intimacy, and they want to speak to like-minded people. A relationship is only good as the intellectual stimulus it brings forth.

Positive traits of July 19th zodiac

Everything that belongs to the Cancer with a July 19th zodiac makes him or her quite relentless and impossible to track down. This native does whatever he/she proposes.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.

In turn, they respect and inspire themselves from people who are so ambitious and perseverant. If only they were confident enough that they could become similar to their idols, great things could be done.

Instead, they have many ideas and plans, though not all of them end up being applied. They fight for moral goals, struggling to complete a vital need of this world, and generally, they struggle for their peers.

Negative traits of July 19th zodiac

Emotional impetus and instability bring them to a state of intellectual confusion and fervor. They don’t know what to make of their emotions, and they sometimes end up frustrated, avoiding the truth, and engaged in bad relationships.

The only issue with them is non-confidence. They simply don’t believe it they can make it in the big league. The fact it – they have the potential to be much more.

Cancers shackle themselves willingly. They limit their potential knowingly, believing that they can’t be so functional and performant. However, the thing is, they are entirely capable of anything they set their minds to. It all depends on their own determination.

Love Horoscope for the July 19th Cancer

These natives are idealistic, and this implies that they can soar through the metaphorical skies or drown in the similarly metaphorical abysses of negativity. All they need is to choose the light.

They love socializing, interacting and befriending people, engaging in relationships, and loving. This doesn’t let them focus on any one thing at a time, and they even become despondent, lacking in foresight or even clarity.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

Safety, emotional stability, guarantees. They need all of these if they are to become intimate with someone. Though, independence and freedom are also important. Clinginess and dependency, not so much.

Solitude is the last thing the July 19th zodiac bearers want to achieve. In fact, if they don’t maintain contact with their friends, these natives will go bonkers. They like helping and assisting anyone in need, being generous and friendly. They are even capable of making great compromises in this sense.

They often go to wide lengths with their emotional instability. Things become uncontrollable, turning from sensitivity to lack of emotion in a split second. They need to concentrate on the physical world as well, become tied to it.

The bonds they create need to be strong, immovable, to shake the very foundation of their beliefs, and engage in plentiful relationships. They care about sexuality, for example, but that only comes with intimacy. Devotion becomes an integral part of their being.

Career and life purpose

Professionally, these natives are reliable, dependable, and grounded. With discipline and organization, they finish all their undertakings, determinately completing all expectations.

They can go through many obstacles to get to their goals, and nothing can really deviate their focus from a certain goal.

Born on July 19th means that these Cancers are dynamic, unable to stay for too long in a place. They want to know the world, to explore every inch of it, and gain knowledge. Before settling down or getting a permanent job, they want to explore their potential.

He or she is very talented in all areas of life. The potential here is unthinkable. It’s just like an overpowered boosted-up character from a game. Creativity and innovativeness are off the charts, and they build their personal future from all the scraps that the present feeds them with.

If all goes well, July 19th zodiac natives will work in the field of art, expressing their emotions and thoughts via aesthetic representations. They also care a lot about the details, the in-depth information.

This native’s passion for interacting with people and gaining knowledge at the same time means that they can easily fulfill the role of a teacher. They can work wonders with people, especially children.

It’s even better if they can become artists, painting, singing or simply expressing their feelings via art in any way. They might also make good debaters or public speakers, seeing as though they are very good at speaking out.

Their business sense is also off the charts, which means that they can easily become businessmen/women, entrepreneurs, and managers. They are also good with profound topics, able to ponder on the most important questions of life.

July 19th zodiac final thoughts

These natives function best when loved and cared for, in an emotional sense. Validation increases their confidence, and makes them try harder. They are filled with vitality, and they always keep their word.

The consequences of their actions will become evident eventually, and only by being grounded and aware of their potential could they reap good benefits. Focus is essential in this life.

Cancers with a July 19th zodiac need to express their emotions one way or another. Otherwise, they’ll lose themselves. However, they can also learn to leave bad things on the sidewalk, looking towards the future and letting the positive things in.

At your best: Pioneering, good and adventurous.
At your worst: Pessimistic, rude and mean.

They also need to be mindful of their propensity to involve their emotions too quickly. Giving advice is good but sometimes, people need to learn from their own mistakes. However, they will still care and defend their loved ones at all times, while also acting as an inspiration for many others.

Despondent and obsolete principles are inefficient, and they need to find other plans and principles to lead them forward. Back then, these ideas might have acted as guidance but not now, not in this day and age.

They need to get out of their comfort zone, welcome in new ideas, innovative perspectives, access new knowledge, and increase their potential even further.

The thing is – they are entirely capable of achieving success in this life. It’s not related to luck or destiny. They can mold it with their own abilities. The past has nothing to do with it though.

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