January 20th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Aquarius?


People born under the January 20th zodiac are very good with communication, even if they sometimes lose their temper. More than this, they can be self-centered and intimidate others.

  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling planet: Uranus
  • Representative color: Blue-green
  • Characteristic flower: Orchid
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Motto: I know!
  • Celebrities: Lorenzo Lamas, David Lynch, Gary Barlow, Buzz Aldrin, Joey Badass, Evan Peters, Aristotle Onassis and George Burns.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

January 20th zodiac Aquarius have a sound logic and prefer to keep their secrets, so they’re often a mystery for others. They’re big liberals and have an open mind.

These natives are always fighting for their own views and rights, not to mention they’re not scared of a confrontation and can resist in any debate. At the same time, they’re looking to defend their friends and to be by their family’s side without hesitating.

They’re caring and think of their loved ones’ good. Their birthday indicates they’re also persuasive and can charm anyone, as well practical and ready to work hard. At the same time, they possess a sensitivity that can’t be seen in others.

With their birth on the cusp, they’re curious about people and understand a lot about relationships. This means they’re very efficient when cooperating. Pragmatic about life issues, they’re also very loyal and able to endure a lot in order to become successful.

Challenges coming their way are usually meant to help them achieve balance between their responsibilities and their need to be free, spontaneous and enjoyable. Many may think of them that they oppose everything because they’re sometimes rude, not to mention they have an expression on their face that makes them seem unapproachable.

They’re so busy to become illuminated and to do their own thing that they seem no one can enter their life. The woman born on this day is full of surprises because she’s never scared of challenges. Both male and female January 20th natives are charming and attract people like magnets.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 2, 16, 24 and 32.

More than this, they’re good at speaking in public and appreciated for their energy. At the same time, they want to keep everything simple, even if they sometimes revel and want to no longer respect the rules of society. They think life is lived only once and they need to be themselves.

January 20th natives need to have a lot of space and to be free. Without this, they can no longer be focused on their aspirations. Their goals need to be met and they want to live the good life.

While positive, these natives can sometimes be too stubborn to accept some new situations. Besides, they tend to be one-sided as far as fairness goes. However, they always return the favors done to them because they believe in equality and that everyone should play a part.

Positive traits of January 20th zodiac

Very compassionate, kind and having many talents, people whose birthday is on January 20th can achieve great things if they are supported emotionally.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

This is how they can be connected with their inner child and care enough for other, even if they’re not being given too much affection. They’re reliable people and know their objectives, so everyone can count on them to be punctual and to do their job.

More than this, they’re very focused when working on a project. However, they need to have big projects. Not that they don’t pay attention to the less important issues, they’re just less interested in them. No matter what they do and who they’re working with, these Aquarians are trustworthy and ready to work hard.

Negative traits of January 20th zodiac

While anyone can trust a native with the January 20th birthday, he or she is intolerant if something is unclear to him or her. When meeting people with different values than their own, natives of this day become reserved and start to believe that their way is the only one that can bring any good results.

This can be good in some situations, yet it needs to be controlled. For example, it can be efficient when they’re working in a group and no one knows what to do in difficult situations. When things are like this, someone needs to be able to insist on doing something.

However, such an attitude can be destructive when it comes to relationships. Besides, January 20th Aquarians tend to be destructive because they don’t accept others’ opinions and can’t learn from their past mistakes.

Love Horoscope for the January 20th Aquarius

When it comes to romance, people born under the January 20th zodiac are very independent, as always. At the same time, they want to take part in new adventures and to use their intelligence. Never jealous, they don’t become emotional or demand too much from their partner.

They’re the ones to look for excitement and to bring the new in their relationship. It’s their pleasure to be conquered and respected, as well treated as equals. Their emotions are always changing because they have many intense feelings and they don’t want to express them very often.

You are most compatible with those born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 29th.

These natives usually attract people who can hurt them, not to mention they like to rationalize everything and they can close their heart, day by day. When they no longer nurture their inner child, they start to become very cold and no longer care about the outside world or their sensitive soul.

Their beliefs and optimism about love influence their romantic life in different ways. If they want to spend their entire life with someone, it’s important for them to be sure that they can be committed for a long time.

At the same time, they shouldn’t doubt their own feelings. They should be knowledgeable and not just guess that they’re with the right person. Only this way, they can feel like they belong to their partner.

Communication is important for people whose birthday is on January 20th. They’re always looking to have something for themselves because their identity is very important for them.

Not liking jealous people, they would immediately leave a possessive person. When having what they want, they’re very faithful, but it’s essential for them to have their own space and to enjoy their privacy.

Career and life purpose

Friendly and knowing how to make business more pleasurable, people born on January 20th can achieve great things when collaborating. They most of the time use their communication skills and diplomacy to convince others that their way of thinking is flawless.

Possessing a rich imagination, fun and inventive, they use their sense of humor and can be very charming when taking care of business. Because they care about the wellbeing of others, they can be very good doctors or healers.

Knowing how to talk to people and being inspiring, January 20th zodiac natives could decide to become teachers or counselors. Besides, they have many talents and are very creative, so they can write their own books, paint or make movies.

January 20th zodiac final thoughts

January 20th natives know that money isn’t easily made and usually don’t have debts. They’re also very intelligent, so no one can scam or con them. These natives have many responsibilities they take care of and are trustworthy, as well focused on their own security.

When it comes to making money, they have many ideas and enough flair. However, they should trust others more and open their heart because this is the only way for them to have things happening in their life. With a tough exterior, they’re in fact very sensitive on the inside.

When it comes to love and romantic connections, they give a lot of importance to what’s happening and want to make their lovers happy. This is because they’re compassionate and always ready to give a hand. It’s possible for them to sometimes feel frustrated and disappointed because they can’t relax.

At your best: Quiet, courageous and honest.
At your worst: Inflexible, overemotional and jealous.

It’s possible they’ve never been loved unconditionally and had to live up to others’ expectations in order to receive the affection they so much needed. This means they shouldn’t compromise their own identity in order to be with someone.

This could have them colder and more melancholic because they would only try to protect themselves. Wanting a peaceful and harmonious life, these Aquarians are always ready to invest their efforts in order to destroy all the obstacles in their way.

By doing this, they can realize how important it is for them to trust their own abilities and to be themselves. At the same time, they should be tolerant and accept others’ opinions because they can learn a lot from them.

When working with others towards the same goals, they can become truly successful. By collaborating, their true potential gets to be revealed and they can focus on everything they’re doing, no matter the area of life they’re focusing on.

They should keep in mind that their assumptions can be wrong and that what worked for them in the past won’t necessarily help them again.

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