February 14th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Aquarius?


Having many interests and wishing for a lot to happen, people whose birthday is on February 14th can be indecisive and alternating between reality and their high ideals.

  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling planet: Uranus
  • Representative color: Blue-green
  • Characteristic flower: Orchid
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Motto: I know!
  • Celebrities: Jake Weary, Sung Hoon, Shane Harper, Shane Harper, Michael Bloomberg, Rob Thomas, Tiffany Thornton and Frederic Douglass.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

The personality of the February 14th zodiac bearers is bright, and they want to express themselves, also what helps them see things in perspective. It would be a good idea for these natives to no longer have so many material needs and to explore their own creativity more.

Being Aquarians, they’re smart and know how to use words. At the same time, they’re creative when it comes to solving problems and getting things done. No one is more sociable than them, not to mention they can adapt to anything.

These natives understand everything others have to say and can understand the most profound feelings just by hearing a few words. They know everything about success and how to obtain it.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 8, 14, 25 and 37.

Big intellectuals and very friendly, they’re attractive for members of the opposite sex and can conquer anyone’s heart with their sense of humor. People simply love being around them.

They can reason even if they have very high ideals, but no one can actually figure out who they are because they easily change their mind. It would be a good idea for these people to consider what others have to say.

On the other side, they should focus on the truth because it’s very likely for them to end up being misinformed. When they’re the ones spreading the wrong details, they’re the first to say that they’re sorry.

They seem attractive even to the most down-to-earth and discerning people. When offering, they five themselves completely and are ready to make sacrifices for the one they love.

The horoscope says they’re ready to also become very detached when people they care about disappoint them, which can threaten the relationships they’re in. When this happens, they become uncaring and very private.

Being very serious, they seem unapproachable, but as soon as someone has entered their privacy, there’s only little they can do about it. While pragmatic, they’re also psychics who can rely on their own intuition and are very aware of what help others may need from them.

Playful, they need to learn how to have more stability because this can really help them succeed. A little bit dramatic and always having new ideas, they should channel their incredible energy on being creative. Wanting to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, they should focus on being enthusiastic about new information and keep being young.

What stands out in their character is their need to be independent. It’s important for these natives to never feel restricted when doing or saying something.

Their rebellious side needs to be expressed because they’re not the ones to respect conventions and to believe some things aren’t possible. Their imagination needs to all the time play. At the same time, they’re sociable and need to prove to others that they can do amazing things.

Positive traits of February 14th zodiac

February 14th indicates that people born on it are amiable and magnetic, also intelligent and kind. Also individualistic and graceful, these natives have the necessary social attitude to become successful.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.

They as well possess a very rich imagination and are creative enough to make things happen. They’re straightforward when communicating, so they prefer things to be easy and simple.

Understanding what motivates others, they’re the perfect psychologists and humanitarian. Sometimes superficial, this is how they protect themselves from getting hurt.

However, they need to pay attention and not allow others to believe that they don’t want anything from them. Always youthful, these natives always do crazy things and keep others entertained.

Negative traits of February 14th zodiac

Rigid when it comes to their own opinions, people born on February 14th have a big ego and usually get emotionally wounded with only a few words. They can be cold and too logical, not to mention they can end up no longer admitting their own feelings if they’re too negative.

While it’s easy for them to interact with people, they can have a difficult time identifying what they need to do in order to lay down their own roots. It can be said it’s difficult for them to find people that can be loyal to them because they don’t want to commit themselves.

Love Horoscope for the February 14th Aquarius

Usually laid back and calm, natives born on February 14th are still passionate and can become aggressive when it comes to their love life. They want to talk about their partner, but they also have moments when they want to hide their relationships from others because being at the center of attention doesn’t make them happy.

They’re very gentle as partners because they think that having relationships is the only for them to see the beauty in the world. Sociable, they’re very good as friends, so it’s very likely for their romantic connection to start as friendships.

Their perfect partner understands them for wanting to connect on a mental level and not a physical one. At the same time, they need someone who isn’t old-fashioned because they only believe in the new. It’s possible for them to have many partners but to feel truly happy as soon as finding that special person that can be by their side for a very long time.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

Above anything else, February 14th zodiac natives want someone they can admire, even if they can sometimes be envious. Striving for harmony when it comes to relationships, they also don’t want their life next to the person they chose to not be boring.

The way they see love is not at all classical and traditional because they’re concerned with the most unusual things. The person that can get their heart thinks progressively and is very fun, as well able to make them feel fulfilled from both a physical and mental point of view.

Being Aquarians, these natives think everything they do is perfect and have many qualities. They also need to have a rich social life and a partner who supports their high ideals. Only someone with an open mind can truly seduce them because they’re inventive and their charm is not for everybody.

Career and life purpose

People born under the February 14th zodiac are different from others. They have the most unusual talents and need to express themselves in a creative manner. At the same time, they’re good with math, so they could work as programmers, astrologers or architects because they want the world to benefit from their skills.

If there is for them to inspire other people, they need to be aware of their own limits and to see themselves as special, no matter what others may say. Individualistic and ambitious, it’s important for them to use their charm and to all the time be active.

When it comes to business, they should use their bright personality to succeed and take advantage of the good opportunities coming their way. Loving to work hard, they’re also practical and very good executives, so they can succeed in sales and promoting the image of a product.

Getting along well with everyone, they could work with the public and be the networkers in big corporations. As an alternative, they can work as publishers or in the media.

Some of them can be bankers or brokers. Starting their own business is also a good idea for them. If they want an exciting life, they could decide to work in the show business.

February 14th zodiac final thoughts

People with the February 14th birthday should focus on their friends and do everything in their power to socially interact. This means they could succeed in business, especially since they understand people on a profound level and can also know themselves very well.

At your best: Energetic, sympathetic and creative.
At your worst: Finicky, materialistic and fussy.

It’s the Aquarius in them that makes them want to feel free and to liberate themselves by fighting for equality and working hard. While it can be said they’re only looking to have more freedom, they also have a strange way of overcoming difficulties, even if they don’t focus on them.

It’s like there’s an invisible force that helps them achieve what they want and deal with any obstacle. It doesn’t matter how much and who they love, they seem to always focus on their individuality, so they should learn how to be more considerate and respect the traditional way of loving.

Superficial friendships can destroy them, so they should learn how to pay more attention to their strongest connections. This way, people can be more loyal to them.

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