December 16th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Sagittarius?


The December 16th born Sagittarius is blessed with innate communicative aptitude. Their enthusiasm and drive are predominantly fueled by their solid ideals. Having dignity and a magnetic personality comes in handy when convincing others of their goals and passion, as well as winning over allies for their cause.

  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Representative color: Purple
  • Characteristic flower: Narcissus
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Tin
  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • Motto: I perceive!
  • Celebrities: Ludwig van Beethoven, Liv Ullmann, Philip K. Dick, Benny Andersson, Jane Austen, Krysten Ritter, Arthur C. Clarke and Zara Larsson.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

There’s simply something about these people that others seem to respect and appreciate, pushing them to follow in the native’s footsteps.

They also have a highly empathetic and compassionate nature that draws people in. With a strong desire to heal and help others, they are often seen engaged in humanitarian oriented organizations.

While they do brim with tenderness and are beyond gentle, the eternal, inner struggle between responsibility and want creates spiritual ripples that give the native great deal of confusion as to whom they should focus their attention on. Adopting a more rational outlook will do wonders in sorting out such emotional irregularities.

Their mental brilliance shines most in difficult and confusing situations, allowing them to easily get the grasp of any details that others might miss.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 1, 11, 27 and 38.

As such, it’s only natural that they’d benefit greatly from stimulating conversations and topics that they are bound to learn from. Being able to engage in any subject and having quite a comedic sense, they attract the interest of many individuals.

The native should be careful about not becoming too judgmental or harsh in their social interactions, since they have a habit of doing so.

Recognition is something that brings them joy, especially in the work and interpersonal aspects of life.

The December 16th zodiac bearer is dynamic and enjoys adventuring as well as nature. Reliable and dedicated, those around them consider the native to be compassionate.

Positive traits of December 16th zodiac

Those born on this date inspire others to do better with their lives. This gives a strong sense of dignity and reliability, so naturally, this native is someone that keeps to their duties diligently.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I take responsibility for my successes and my failures.

A bright, magnetic and relaxed nature is what brings other people into the native’s circle.

Having a strong affinity for the emotional world, they never stagnate and are always aware of how to create equilibrium where there is none.

Negative traits of December 16th zodiac

Since they are so emotionally vulnerable and empathetic, it’s easy for those born on December 16th to confuse other’s feelings for their own, losing sight of their own character in the process. Realizing and appreciating their own worth is crucial to achieving balance.

These people have a knack for putting emphasis on success and achievements, as superficial as those might be. So it’s quite likely that they could become egotistic and full of themselves throughout life.

Love Horoscope for the December 16th Sagittarius

Romance and affectionate bonds play a crucial role in the life of the December 16th Sagittarius. Even so, interpersonal relationships bring them quite the turmoil. At least while on their search for finding their soulmate.

Until then, their journey will yield confusion, insecurities and impatience, which will cause difficulty for the native.

Their idea of a perfect relationship can become rather delusional, and force them into sacrificing too much of their own nature, losing sight of what’s important, solely for the sake of gaining a partner.

Knowing all too well the importance of affection and compassion, they always give what they receive, so their partner will never run short of love and devotion.

While their overall behavior might not show it, they appreciate deep, meaningful bonds of any nature, especially romantic oriented ones.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

Engaging in interpersonal relationships with people from different backgrounds implies that the native is a highly adaptable individual. This the perfect quality for someone that enjoys bonding with others and enjoying life to its fullest.

Due to their nature, it’s advised that they explore their emotions through an array of relationships throughout the years before actually settling down for good.

This provides the required experience and knowledge for the Sagittarius to create a long lasting and meaningful bond with their soulmate.

A good match for this native would be someone that enjoys the finer things in life, more artistically oriented individuals that benefit from ingenuity and originality.

The December 16th zodiac bearer has a tendency to shower their lover with affection and compassion, providing gestures of love whenever they can.

Sadly, this may give others the opportunity to take advantage of the native, seeing them as gullible and naive due to their behavior.

As opposed to other people, those born on this date are quite bold and courageous when it comes to romance. They always take their chances without stagnating too much due to insecurities or fears.

Career and life purpose

The December 16th born Sagittarius is someone who excels at anything involving art or creativity, so it’s bound that they would become successful when it comes to acting, singing and overall expressing their talents through artistic means.

This is further emphasized by their bright and easy-going personality that also allows them to bring a more dynamic mix in the fray.

Having a keen sense for details and an apt, efficient intellect is crucial in order to attain success. Luckily, these natives benefit from such qualities, allowing them to easily get involved in fields that put their mind to good use, such ass, education, writers, law and politics.

Their diligence and dedication give them an edge for business, and while they do work well in a team, they shine when leading one.

Roles of superiority and leadership are right up their alleys since they have some of the best managerial skills out there, allowing them to efficiently and methodically lay out the perfect plan for a project’s completion.

December 16th zodiac final thoughts

Determined, sociable and adventurous, the December 16th zodiac native can become quite focused as long as they find a purpose to believe in and strive for.

The free, yet composed demeanor they show acts as a magnet that draws others to them. Being so deeply rooted in the world of emotions and their own spirituality renders them as capable, compassionate and kind people with all the required tools to lead and inspire others towards greatness.

At your best: Highly intuitive, resourceful and kind.
At your worst: Vain, careless and unrealistic.

While diligent, they should be careful not to let their social and emotional needs run rampant, ruining their inner balance and work ethics.

Seeing as how they have such a brilliant, efficient intellect, it’s only natural that they’d waste no time in figuring out any situation.

Getting straight to the point is what they do best, so there’s no issue that they can’t solve if they put their mind to it.

Tethering themselves to the reality of this world will spare them the excruciating turmoils of confusion, anxiety and angst. It will also help them see things for what they are, as contradictory as they may be, and enable them to create a more tranquil environment to live in.

Sadly, even they are prone to becoming trapped in a vicious cycle of stubbornness and depression. They might even become detached, mean and aggressive because of it. Such actions are generally inescapable and the December 16th born Sagittarius must go through these types of periods in their life.

A paradoxical quality governs these natives. They can be both egotistical, yet compassionate and empathetic. This enables them to both see their own worth as well as appreciate those they encounter for what they truly are. Their rationality is key to creating meaningful bonds and a harmonious environment in which they can thrive.

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