December 14th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Sagittarius?


While they are often seen as agitated, the December 14th born Sagittarius is a dynamic and relentless individual that strives for thrills and adventuring around the world. Rationality and a desire for security translates into a diverse and collected intellect.

  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Representative color: Purple
  • Characteristic flower: Narcissus
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Tin
  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • Motto: I perceive!
  • Celebrities: Nostradamus, Jane Birkin, King George VI, Natascha McElhone, Vanessa Hudgens, Patty Duke, Raj Kapoor and Miranda Hart.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Having a brilliant mind and an insightful aptitude, these people can easily manipulate the outcome of any situation as long as they use the knowledge that they’ve amassed so far.

Being blessed with an inquisitive nature means that they must always seek new mysteries to unfold and learn so as to keep themselves entertained.

Because of this, they are likely to dabble in matters of faith, psychology or even mysticism. Self-sufficient and duty bound, they always strive for efficiency and practicality when pursuing their goals.

The December 14th zodiac bearer is someone that has found their purpose, as such, they waste no time with superficiality and work towards fulfilling their fate.

There’s an odd mix of idealism and practicality as well as determination in the nature of this Sagittarius.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 5, 15, 24 and 31.

While this might be the perfect recipe for success, they have a tendency to easily get bored of one thing and run to anything else that seems interesting, changing projects quite often in the process.

This is transposed into all aspects of their life, so they might encounter difficulty in attaining stability even when it comes to social groups or romantic relationships, not only in their careers.

Even so, once they manage to get accommodated with this unpredictable side of theirs, achieving fulfillment and success isn’t that farfetched of an idea. Especially seeing as how brave and determined they can be.

Positive traits of December 14th zodiac

Well-coordinated, dependable and humble, these natives are known to be composed, collected and humanitarian individuals that always lend a hand if need be. Enthusiastic, career-oriented and rational, they know how to differentiate between the importance of interpersonal relationships and business.

A good affirmation for you to use is: Every action I take increases my confidence.

They aren’t afraid to wear their heart on a sleeve, especially when it comes to their loved ones, and find it easy to communicate their feelings, gaining a great deal of friends in the process.

One of their redeeming qualities is their sense of righteousness that pushes them to fight everything unjust in the world.

Negative traits of December 14th zodiac

What tends to bring them down and dull their progress is mostly their idealistic and often unachievable standards in life.

Things become even more complicated if they are to take into consideration their general confusion and inability to make critical decisions. They are often quite gullible too, which adds to the difficulty of life.

Being as stubborn as they are, it’s difficult to get out of some vicious cycles and bad habits that they tend to set throughout the years.

Love Horoscope for the December 14th Sagittarius

Curious and intellectually efficient, they prefer a crowd that are active and nurturing. People that can stimulate their mind and inspire them towards growth.

While they do have a knack for affection and love related ideals, it’s sometimes difficult for them to show their partner their true feelings.

One thing they are renown for is their faithfulness to their partner once they decide they are the one, or at least to invest their time and affection with said person. Their yearning for material stability is rather influential even of their romantic endeavors.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

Love for a December 14th zodiac native is generally tainted by the vicious habits of their lineage. If they don’t break away from their harmful past, they might be prone to either having an insensitive, detached behavior towards their partner, or staying in a relationship that is potentially toxic for them and their spiritual growth, simply because they don’t know better.

Regardless, difficulty in love simply seems to chase after these natives, and while there might be a great deal of opportunities for prosperous relationships, they might ruin them if the native doesn’t learn how to break free of their ancestral issues.

Natives of the December 14th zodiac brim with reassurance and certainty. Sadly enough for possible partners, it’s quite a challenge stealing their heart. In order to do so, an individual should first share common interest with this Sagittarius.

It’s rather unfortunate, but most of these people feel as if they’ve been dealt great misfortune when it comes to romance.

The secret towards becoming more optimistic is understanding their inner machination and spirituality. Only then will they reach tranquility and prosper in this aspect of their life.

Career and life purpose

Those born under the December 14th zodiac use their brilliance in analyzing details and organizing their ideas to excel in architecture and even engineering. A free spirit that yearns for adventure can also benefit from a career in tourism and traveling.

Being blessed with brilliant managerial aptitude and an active mind enables them to cook up fulfilling and long-term oriented plans, especially if they’re oriented towards the more entrepreneurial sided businesses.

While they are quite self-sufficient, they still show proper recognition for teamwork and its benefits. As such, it’s natural that they could be successful in a position of leadership, advising others and helping a project reach its final state and completion.

Taking into consideration their morality and rationality, filling such a role in their careers is only to be expected, especially since they take joy in guiding others towards reaching their full potential. This can also be used in order to get involved in domains of spirituality and faith.

December 14th zodiac final thoughts

It’s true that at first, they seem collected, but oddly enough, these people are often torn between experiencing thrilling situations and at the same time striving for balance and tranquility.

While their strong sense of accomplishments pushes them towards success, if not oriented properly, it can actually result in a lack of confidence as well as a state of confusion that prevents them from making progress.

At your best: Optimistic, adventurous and honest.
At your worst: Careless, attention seeking and vain.

For their sake, mastering a tranquil train of thought in order to create a prosperous environment is crucial.

Their seemingly supernatural insight is the result of their empathy and highly analytical minds. Nurturing these traits will bring them a great deal of fortune and followers that will be motivated by the morals of this Sagittarius.

These natives should keep an eye out on their humanitarian streak. While it’s in their interest to help those in need, if they’re not careful and let themselves be influenced negatively, they will adopt a more insensitive, forceful and assertive approach which will hurt and push others away.

December 14th born natives are meant to empathize with those around them. Towards this end, they must remember that not everybody is the same, and the needs of others are as important as theirs, as such, nobody should be treated insensitively or in a harmful demeanor. Ridding themselves of an egotistic nature is the most fulfilling thing they can do for their own growth and that of others.

Those around this Sagittarius tend to be left in awe by their accomplishments and usually feel motivated and inspired by them, striving to achieve their own goals as a result.

By embracing dignity and modesty, they can experience a more fulfilling and harmonious lifestyle than before, which will enable them to commune with others and create more meaningful bonds. This, in turn, will provide more chances at prosperity and a tranquil environment to grow in.

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