Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility in Love & Life: A Strong Relationship


While Capricorn and Aquarius might seem very different at first sight, there might be many things that they have in common. There certainly is a high chance for them to make things work.

Criteria Capricorn Aquarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Their first dates will feel more like hanging out with a friend. Both signs are likely to be cautious with a new partner, before they get to know more about them. As a result, they will keep distant and reserved. Once they get to know each other better, things will warm up between them.

As a fresh couple, they might both be warm, but detached. Things will seem easy-going and free, but that’s just because they both take commitment very seriously, and wouldn’t jump head-straight into a serious relationship. They first have to prove each other that they are worth it.

When These Two Fall in Love

Both signs are big dreamers, and they are driven. If there’s something they want to do, they will give their best to see it happen. Quitting is not something they do, no matter how challenging a task. This also translates in their relationship efforts.

Once they decide they want to be together for the long term, they will put in their effort to make things as close to perfect as possible. They will support and help each other reach their full potential. Capricorn teaches Aquarius organization skills and how to think on practical terms. Aquarius helps Capricorn to be more flexible and to multitask.

Capricorns can get quite daring at times, and they aren’t afraid to break the rules and go into more unconventional directions. This is right up Aquarius’ lane, as they love everything nonconforming. Intrigued by this, Aquarius will want to support Capricorn in all their endeavors.

Capricorn and Aquarius are very compatible when it comes to communication. Things are simple and straight-forward. Capricorns are open and patient, and will always try to empathize and really understand Aquarius’ point of view. Capricorns are serious, supportive, and loyal. If they sense there is a problem, they’ll try to solve it before it gets worse.

Not to mention, Capricorns are hard-working, like organization, and are okay with following rules and orders as long as that means things will run smoothly. Aquarius can get a bit self-imposing and too self-assured at times, but Capricorn will actually appreciate these traits.

They’re both open and social, so they will know how to have fun and enjoy life. They’re independent and confident in their own ways, and they allow each other the freedom and space they need, which is especially important for free-spirited Aquarius.

Aquarius will appreciate Capricorn’s open-mindedness and acceptance, and the air sign will truly feel at home next to them. Aquarius likes the structure and security that Capricorn adds to their life.

Capricorn, while open-minded themselves, will also teach Aquarius how to be more realistic and down to earth, considering they are known to be eccentric and sometimes too much of a visionary.

They will do this for Aquarius’ own good, of course. Together, both partners will feel accepted and free, and their relationship will be harmonious and sweet.

Capricorn and Aquarius Relationship Key Facts

The two complete each other nicely, and entertain one another with their quirks and antics. Capricorn likes Aquarius’ whimsical personality, but Aquarius should also try to relate to Capricorn’s need for structure and security in their life.

The number one thing they should always keep in mind is to accept, respect, and support one another. Capricorn shouldn’t pressure Aquarius to change who they are, and Aquarius should support Capricorn accomplish their goals.

Aquarius needs to be less impersonal. Capricorn needs heart-to-heart communication to have a sense of security about their relationship. Capricorn should improve their people skills and be more easy-going, because Aquarius is a social butterfly and they will drag the earth sign to a lot of parties and public events.

When in a couple, a Capricorn and an Aquarius should always remember that their similarities are greater than their differences. Aquarius is soulful and truly dedicated to what they do.

They aren’t afraid to break the rules and try new things. This might come as a surprise for the highly-organized and methodical Capricorn.

However, Capricorn will appreciate Aquarius’ calculated judgement, because the air sign doesn’t jump to conclusions without first collecting all the necessary data. Aquarius are concerned with truth and knowledge, and can sometimes get lost in their own world. They can become distant and unreachable.

Capricorn will try to help Aquarius be more in touch with their own feelings, and how to lead a more organized and disciplined life. If they follow the earth sign’s advice, Aquarius will be able to provide their Capricorn partner the security and stability they seek.

Aquarius can have a bossy attitude sometimes, and they want attention and admiration from their partner. Capricorn is not a big compliments person, and they tend to over-analyze things.

The two should try to overlook each other’s bad points and focus on the positives. Compromise and always try to understand one-another, and things will be peaceful and happy. If they put in the effort, these two can make their relationship last a lifetime.

Capricorn and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

The two are very certain about what they want in life. Aquarius wants freedom, while Capricorn wants security. Aquarius is inventive, flexible, and independent, and this might not make them the perfect match for the practical, rule-focused, and family-oriented Capricorn.

Aquarius doesn’t like feeling tied down or limited in any way, and Capricorn is all about setting boundaries and creating rules to make things more organized.

However, in the Capricorn and Aquarius match, both partners are loyal and determined to reach any goal they have in mind. They are both cautious with revealing too much or giving their trust to new people.

Aquarius is dynamic and a big spender. They always try new things, seek new opportunities, and change jobs at the drop of a hat.

Capricorns like things to be steady and safe. They are very good with money, and prefer to save them and only use them on necessary things.

Drawbacks of This Match

Capricorn wants something certain and stable in life, and Aquarius is anything but. Not to mention their lifestyles are very different. Introverted Capricorn wants to have their small circle of friends, while open and independent Aquarius wants to roam the world and meet new people and have exciting experiences, preferably every day.

Sometimes, their differences can become too much to accommodate for their partner. Both signs can grow exhausted or cold. Capricorn is sensual and passionate, while Aquarius is detached and impersonal.

Capricorn wants to enjoy and provide comfort and safety, which the Aquarius isn’t really impressed about. The former is more traditional, while the latter wants everything futuristic and experimental.

Aquarius can be a bit of a flirt, and they are also unpredictable. They just love attention and meeting new people all the time. Capricorn, on the other hand, gets jealous easily and they want to feel a sense of security about their relationship.

Free and independent, Aquarius will never accept feeling restricted or under the thumb. They will avoid full-term commitment as much as they can.

Status-concerned Capricorn will strive to climb the social ladder and make a name for themselves; which Aquarius couldn’t care less about. On the flip side, Capricorn likes to categorize things and cast blanket judgements on everything. Aquarius cannot stand being labelled or put inside a box.

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