Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility in Love & Life: A Magnetic Relationship


It’s two water signs together in the Cancer and Scorpio relationship. They will both crave security and intimacy. They can both be very protective of their partner, and they do everything in their way to make them feel safe and cared for.

Criteria Cancer Scorpio Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Strong ❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Below average ❤❤

As both signs belong to the same element, their relationship will most likely be a successful one. Reserved and cautious, they might not open up to one another right on their first date. It takes time for water signs to warm up and trust new people.

Little gestures of affection could help ease things a little bit. Scorpio can read the mood and they will see that Cancer is shy and reserved, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not interested.

Deep down, Cancer craves affection above all else, and they are also eager to give it in return. Scorpio’s mysterious and edgy personality will attract Cancer like a magnet. When they will be in an official relationship, nothing will get in the way of their happiness.

When These Two Fall in Love

The two water signs are on the same page on a lot of issues. Most importantly, they’re highly compatible on an emotional level. They’re reserved and want to feel safe and secure. They can get very possessive and controlling with their partner if they feel their relationship being threatened.

With one-another they will be protective and nurturing. They will do everything to keep each other safe, and they will want to form a strong connection, maybe start a family together.

They like to keep things simple but real. They are certainly more alike than they are different, and this can make their relationship happy and successful.

Scorpio will do their best to make Cancer feel happy and loved, while Cancer will build a nice home and atmosphere for their Scorpio partner. Cancer is able to provide what Scorpio wants in their partner—calm, peace, and warmth.

The Cancer and Scorpio compatibility brings out the best in each other. Affectionate, loyal, and honest, they offer each other the sense of security and the love they crave. Cancer needs to know that their relationship is stable, and that they can always trust and rely on their partner.

This is why Cancer especially appreciates Scorpio’s undying loyalty. Scorpio can read people very easily, and they sense when something is wrong or fake. In this way, they will always know and respect Cancer’s honesty.

In their relationship, Cancer will be the homemaker, and they will work on creating and upholding the stability. Luckily, Scorpio might be the only sign that can fully satisfy the moody and overly-sensitive Cancer.

Scorpio will make sure that things will be cheerful and easy-going, and both signs will shower each other with attention and affection.

When in a couple, a Cancer and a Scorpio know how to have a good time together. Around one-another, they’re free to be their real selves, and why not let out their inner child. They can both be very creative, enthusiastic, and they are big dreamers.

Even outside romantic relationships, there is a special attraction and connection that these two signs can establish. They will always get along well and be interested in each other’s wellbeing.

Sweet and sensible to each other’s emotions and needs, they can get along even without long and serious conversations. For them, things usually fall into place naturally.

Cancer and Scorpio Relationship Key Facts

While this isn’t the first match that comes to mind when someone says “perfect couple”, the two can get along very well, and they know how to look after one another and provide what their lover needs. It helps that both signs have similar views on life and they chase similar goals.

Scorpio feels the need to protect and Cancer wants security and affection. Both are family-oriented and reserved, but Cancer is especially bashful and sensitive. When hurt or threatened, Cancers crawl back into their shell and need someone to reassure them and to get them back out. Scorpio is happy to do just that. When they have a supportive partner like Scorpio by their side, Cancer is determined and unstoppable.

Scorpio is very quick to charge when they feel threatened, and their proactive and self-assured personality helps Cancer feel safe and secure. Both are supportive and determined, so together, they can achieve wonderful things.

They know how to motivate each other. However, they should try to get out of their comfort zone every now and then. Water signs tend to play it safe, but things can get boring this way. They should be more adventurous sometimes, just to keep things interesting.

In the Cancer and Scorpio match the two tend to find pleasure in the same activities. Caution is needed when it comes to discussing problems. Scorpios aren’t too strong in their criticism, and let things go unchecked easily.

Cancers want to live in a perpetual bubble of happiness, and if something goes wrong, they will just cover their ears, close their eyes, and wait until things get better by themselves.

This means that many issues can go unchecked, until they become too big to handle. The two partners should be honest and not beat around the bush when someone feels there is a problem going on. It’s best to catch problems early on, when they are easiest to solve.

Cancer and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

They could easily be a 10/10 couple if they work on their little hang-ups and straighten out some things here and there.

Scorpio’s mental resilience and their self-assured attitude are like a magnet for safety-craving Cancer, while the latter’s sweetness and loyalty appeal to the former’s protective instinct. Cancer is so loyal in fact, that they might sometimes become a bit clingy, but that’s actually a good thing for jealous Scorpio.

In bed, Cancer is soft and a giver, which works very well with passionate and dominant Scorpio. Both signs share the same ideals in life. They want to build something nice together, and starting a family is on both signs’ list.

They will stick together and support each other through thick and thin. They should learn how to be more flexible and they should also accept each other’s differences, not just ignoring them.

Drawbacks of This Match

There can still be problems between them if they leave problems and misunderstandings go unchecked. Jealousy, possessiveness, and manipulation are some of the possibilities.

And while Scorpio is jealous and likes to be in control, they still want a partner who can be independent and emotionally strong. Cancer should therefore work on their self-esteem and attachment issues.

Cancer can on the other hand be too positive, while Scorpio drowns in their own sorrow when they start to overthink things. Both can be emotionally volatile, and their different outlooks on life can cause clashes between them.

Making important decisions together will be a tiresome process. Cancer sees the full side of the glass, while Scorpio is extra-careful about everything, to the point of inaction.

Their sensitive personalities can be a big problem in certain instances. Scorpio cannot take criticism in any way, and Cancer holds on to the past and to any hurtful words thrown around in a fit of rage.

The way they cope with fights and arguments is different, too. Scorpio becomes mean-spirited and toxic, while Cancer takes on a victim mentality and runs away to hide in their corner. When challenges arise, Scorpio will be the one to face reality and meticulously look for a way to solve the problem.

Cancer will freak out and become completely non-functional, but Scorpio won’t hesitate to comment on their lack of help, which will in turn hurt and annoy Cancer.

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