August 9th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Leo?


Intuitive, imaginative and at the same time pragmatic, Leos born on August 9th are magnetic, giving and confident in their own forces.

  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling body: the Sun
  • Representative color: Orange
  • Characteristic flower: Sunflower
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Gold
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Motto: I want!
  • Celebrities: Melanie Griffith, Anna Kendrick, Whitney Houston, Hoda Kotb, Gillian Anderson, Sam Elliott, Alexa Bliss and Amedeo Avogadro.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

August 9th zodiac people should work hard with their inspiration and not hesitate to be enthusiastic because this way, they can take advantage of any opportunity coming their way, making sure they’re financially stable.

The same ruler indicates these natives may not have major issues with money, but if they want to benefit from the celestial influence of this sign, they need to appreciate value and to be responsible.

Sociable and ready to make new friends, as well flamboyant, these Leos are also concerned about how others are doing. Their friends are many and they’re encouraging with the ones in their life. Those of them who are truly inspired can make great humanitarian efforts and dedicate their life to causes or organize all kind of charitable events.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 7, 12, 29 and 38.

While able to concentrate on their tasks, these Leos are also highly imaginative and have all kind of interests. Proud of their work, they’re perfectionists in everything they do.

However, they need to be cautious and not become too controlling or zealous, as well not too worried about their money issues. Very optimistic, these natives believe everything is possible.

For as long as they can focus on their tasks at hand and can invest their efforts, everything in their life can be all good. This is how they see things, even when situations seem almost impossible.

Unconsciously, these natives can have reconciliations with others because they can read minds and are rational. In others words, they can understand when their loved ones and even strangers have made certain decisions, no matter how wrong these may seem.

If businesspeople, they can use the knowledge accumulated regarding different people, in many ways. Attached to their family and sometimes so vulnerable that no one can help them, they must realize that all the answers they seek are in themselves and they’re their own best buddies.

Positive traits of August 9th zodiac

People whose birthday is on August 9th can inspire their loved ones to give their best. From a personal and professional point of view, these natives are all the time evolving.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My mind is open and I am flexible about all things.

In case they’re not giving a hand to someone, they become very sad, as not being active can interfere with their abilities. Those who want to communicate with them should be very witty and use their sense of humor.

If there is for these Leos to have the perfect family life, it’s important that they have a career.

While they’re looking for stability, they may have some blockages when trying to obtain it. In order for their life to go smoothly, they need to use their creativity as much as possible. It seems they’re the happiest when all the eyes are on them.

Negative traits of August 9th zodiac

One of the negative traits of a native with the August 9th birthday is his or her stubbornness. People born during this day are wilful and very optimistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing because when they set their mind to something, they don’t hesitate to achieve their goal.

Sometimes not completely honest and a little bit evasive, these Leos can hold on to some ideals that are no longer valid, not to mention they can hold on to relationships that don’t have any purpose whatsoever.

No matter how optimistic, they need to keep in mind that there are limits in life and that some things are functioning after a certain agenda. There are many things these natives can achieve, when it comes to their personal realities.

Some things and opportunities can appear into their life as if magic has happened. However, they should keep in mind that reality is still present and that some issues are off limit. As a matter of fact, they need to make peace with this because denying any truth can have them turning into victims.

However, all this doesn’t mean they should never be dreamy or that they should sell their talents for nothing. Being focused on reality and working with all the opportunities coming their way and the resources they have, these natives can come up with the most realistic projects and at the same time become successful.

Love Horoscope for the August 9th Leo

Natives born under the August 9th zodiac are very serious when it comes to their romantic side. As Leos, they’re also competitive and want to fight for their partner.

When in love, they know exactly what to say in order to get the person they like to be with them. As soon as with their other half, people whose birthday is on August 9th have all kind of great ideas for dating.

You are most compatible with those born on the 3th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21th, 23th, 24th and 31st.

They love making the most expensive presents and receiving them as well. In case they’re with someone who isn’t very romantic, they can become very disappointed and expect the love they’re offering to be returned.

This is why other sensual natives belonging to the Fire elements are so suitable to be their partners. After getting married, Leos with their birthday on August 9th can perfectly play the role of a spouse because they’re faithful and can understand the needs of others, including the one of having freedom and being independent.

While not the ones to cheat or to lie in a couple, they certainly still have these thoughts. If alone with their others half, these natives are straightforward and refuse to let go of the person in their life. This means they’re attentive, compassionate and polite in love.

Knowing everything about the art of seduction, they have an advantage with the opposite sex to begin with, even if they don’t use their talents and can easily get hurt when it comes to love.

When someone has hurt them, they can make Hell happen because they have no idea how to deal with sentimental problems, looking for support at home and their close friends.

If meeting a person who can be with them for the long-term, they may want to do anything in order to seduce that man or woman. Their romantic ways are unique, not to mention they’re mysterious about what they know, also lusty.

Career and life purpose

Natives born on August 9th have great leadership skills, so they can be supervisors and managers. No one can deny they’re good at organizing people and the perfect CEOs. At the same time, some of them may decide to become politicians because they simply shine in public.

Those of them who don’t want too many responsibilities should decide to become entrepreneurs, whereas those more compassionate should become doctors or therapists. Because they have a creative mind, they should try their luck in art.

The fact that they’re competitive could help them a lot in this direction. Wanting to be in the spotlight, some of them may decide to be actors or dancers. Some August 9th zodiac Leos are good teachers and coaches.

Their competitive spirit is making them very active, so they can decide to train others at home or to work in gyms. Their domineering personality can be manifested in many ways, but most of them time, they’re just being bossy at their place of work.

However, their need for control can be helpful for them when they’re looking to have their house clean and for things to happen the way they want them to at home. It’s important they keep in mind that people in their life need their freedom, also that they’re good leaders. These natives want to be appreciated by others, as well to no be seen as tyrants.

August 9th zodiac final thoughts

When trusting their instincts, people born on August 9th are more emotional and can understand what intentions others have.

Sensitive and subtle, their Light is being given to them by Mars and the First Chakra. This means they can recognize how their sources of energy can influence others, as well they can notice how their body is a great instrument for them, something they need to love and cherish, as well to nurture.

At your best: Sociable, instinctive and talented.
At your worst: Untidy, bossy and callous.

Usually living a healthy lifestyle, they should keep in mind this is the only way for them to enjoy life. While wanting financial security, these natives may also feel agitated and not have enough patience when looking for more excitement or to take action.

This means they may also want to escape reality, not being able to find solutions to problems when having to.

If there is for them to learn, they need to always investigate and analyze, as well to go over some limits. Their work is important for them because it brings about a feeling of security and the certainty of tomorrow.

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