August 5th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Leo?


Leos born on August 5th have the skills to lead and an inner desire to be rulers of the entire humanity, if possible. It’s like they feel they’re meant to, so this inheritance of theirs can have them surrounded by individuals who listen to what they have to say.

  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling body: the Sun
  • Representative color: Orange
  • Characteristic flower: Sunflower
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Gold
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Motto: I want!
  • Celebrities: James Gunn, Jesse Williams, Neil Armstrong, Maureen McCormick, Olivia Holt, Kajol, Mark Strong and Vitus Berring.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

It’s easy for August 5th zodiac people to be at the center of attention, so many natives with this birthday are celebrities or actors. Naturally energetic and possessing a strong mind, they’re beautiful and have an interesting sex appeal.

Different from other people born in Leo, they can live without being in the spotlight, but they still need to be admired and recognized for their talents, especially by strangers.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 4, 19, 24 and 39.

When dealing with people they don’t know, they put on their special charm. Their life seems to be all about turning heads and flirting, but this is the way they hide their fear of being not liked.

It’s true, these Leos can have insecurities, so they need to all the time know that others want them. As a matter of fact, they need to know they’re the most wanted people on Earth.

This can’t be seen in the way they act because they’re always calm, yet in their heart they wish for something extraordinary to happen. Wanting their life to be lived amazingly, they’re chasing success in both their personal and professional lives. They’re self-centered and arrogant, but in the same very gentle.

Positive traits of August 5th zodiac

People born on August 5th are relaxed, so no one can actually upset them. At the same time, they have the calm and soothing qualities of Leos. However, if someone forces them to defend their reputation and challenges their peaceful nature, they aren’t very kind. Most of the time, they believe in themselves and defend their own opinions.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My life is growing, expanding, and thriving.

Looking at the August 5th day, it can be said those with this birthday want a partner who’s as smart and loyal as themselves. At the same time, this ideal person could be someone who isn’t constant.

The personality of August 5th zodiac natives is indicating these people have strong emotions and can help others be the same, with their magnetism. Their generous ways can have their Karma turning only good things to them.

Because they’re focused on having a name and eventually seeing the light at the end of every tunnel, this is on what they’re focusing. No matter what their enemies or competitors are trying to do against them, they can always be the victorious ones.

Negative traits of August 5th zodiac

Just like any other sign in the zodiac, Leos with their birthday on August 5th have their negative traits as well. They may think that everything revolved around their life.

The more they’re like this, the more they become egoistic. This is why they have to think of others more. Aggressive with everything they do, they don’t have tact when talking and can take everything personally.

Also, they’re pushy and are focusing only on themselves, so they don’t want to allow things to just happen, not to mention how much they hate change.

While dependable and having what they need in order to achieve success, they most of the time end up sacrificing a lot for no good reason. They can as well have the most wrong goals in life. This is most of the time happening when they allow others to love their dreams.

Love Horoscope for the August 5th Leo

Different from other Leos, those of them who are born on August 5th are only about beauty. However, when they look for the perfect partner, these people don’t necessarily want to be with someone who’s very appealing because they focus on other things, like how the connection is going and how charming the person is.

No matter how rational they may be with their everyday life, or how much they may reveal their vulnerabilities, they can end up feeling ashamed or too negative if they don’t decide to follow their heart all the time.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

It’s important for them to talk about their feelings and to go for the relationships that make them feel happy and like children, in their heart. At the same time, it’s important for them to trust their partner and to be free in their relationships, as well not to judge. This can have them forming the healthiest connections and using their own potential to the maximum.

When rushing to get too many things at once done, they can end up having more than one relationship, especially when young. Possessing a great spirit and being passionate, they can end up in situations that make them belong to a certain group.

If able to take in more than they can get, they should slow things done and be sensitive because this way, they can be happy with someone. Ready to make new friends, it’s important they allow themselves to listen to others.

Being more understanding is also a good idea for August 5th zodiac natives. Having high expectations from the ones they love, they expect to be retuned exactly what they’re offering, when it comes to home and family.

Therefore, they can put their partner under pressure and have some demands that can have them often unsatisfied. As said before, these natives are passionate and devoted to their loved ones, so it can be said they have a lot to offer when it comes to romance.

Career and life purpose

Being Leos, people whose birthday is on August 5th love to be in charge and are proud. It can be difficult for them to admit that others have succeeded because they can be very proud.

However, they seem to be the perfect leaders because they have necessary skills. Wanting to take control when others seem to back down out of a situation, they’re also able to delegate others to do things for them. Being Leos, they’re always positive and beautiful inside.

Wanting to be at the center of attention, they’re amazing as actors, motivational and public speakers, or in sales. As a matter of fact, they can surprise others with the way they sell.

No matter what they decide to do for a living, it’s important they interact with others, as well that they’re bold and independent. Having natural leadership abilities, they’re amazing managers and CEOs.

Those of them who like to work alone are the best entrepreneurs. It’s important they’re in the spotlight and that others admire them as much as possible. As scientists or doctors, they still need to be bosses and to run departments.

Some of them are good surgeon and can teach their students how to perform at their job. Other professions they may have success in are the ones of programming and design of any kind, as well directing. If they’re the ones to make decisions and come up with all kind of ideas, they can choose a job in which they should do all this.

August 5th zodiac final thoughts

Practical and determined to succeed, loving to learn and intelligent, Leos with the August 5th birthday can deal with any stressful situation. When facing challenges, they’re sceptical and can doubt anything. In case they no longer trust themselves and their abilities, they can become cold and isolate themselves.

The more they’re bold and spontaneous, they more they start to challenge themselves to have a dynamic life and power. Looking at the planetary tow and the number in their date of birth, it can be seen Saturn is ruing them, also that it gives them their need to move and to feel restricted.

At your best: Friendly, direct and adaptable.
At your worst: Harsh, sneaky and fierce.

If this planet is sending them some difficulties, they can start to develop their leadership abilities. At the same time, they need to have faith and to trust they can overcome any harsh situation.

While sometimes very worried about their material situation, they need to be wise and spiritual in order to overcome challenges.

Being strong and able to stand by their opinions, they should resist playing power games in order to have things done their way. The more they trust their intuition, the more their confidence gets built and they have faith that their dreams can come true.

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