August 3rd Zodiac: What’s Special About You Leo?


Wanting success and having many ambitions, as well as boldness, Leos born on August 3rd seem to have a lot of good luck, also because they’re optimistic and know how to do business or to handle different money-making techniques.

  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling body: the Sun
  • Representative color: Orange
  • Characteristic flower: Sunflower
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Gold
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Motto: I want!
  • Celebrities: James Hetfield, Evangeline Lilly, Martin Sheen, Michael Ealy, Martha Stewart, Tom Brady, Karlie Kloss and Ernie Pyle.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Their birthday is indication that August 3rd zodiac natives love adventure and that they have many talents as well a need to achieve great things, just like any Leo. However, if not feeling inspired and not expressing themselves patiently, they can have many of their dreams remaining made into reality.

Because they know everything about business, these natives can make smart investments and can obtain more when speculating. Their decanate ruler is Sagittarius, so the subinfluence of t is all about not being so optimistic, to the point of not having realistic dreams.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 4, 17, 27 and 32.

More than often, these people believe they can have all the answers if they’re financially stable. While focusing on the materialistic side of life, they can lose their insight on what truly matters.

Practical and at the same time having high ideals, natives born on August 3rd have visionary thoughts and can lead in any situation. It would be a good idea for them to promote their abilities in order to make money.

It doesn’t matter what they do for a living, these people’s dreams are big. At the same time, they want to expand, so they’re restless and always unhappy with the situation they’re in, meaning they can be pushed to advance in life.

It’s very likely women will help them in their pursuit for wealth. While disciplined and ready to work hard, they also have expensive tastes and are interested in buying as many things as possible.

More courageous than others, honorable and generous, they’re at the same time cheerful and relaxed. It’s easy for them to combine their dynamism with their need to be a part of everything, to enjoy life and to make new friends. At the same time, they’re always looking to improve and have no prejudices, so they’re liked by many.

It can be said these natives are unusual and true geniuses who can come up with ideas or solutions to problems even from before they started to worry about something. If it’s for them to be happy, they need to communicate with people they love and who are being active.

Positive traits of August 3rd zodiac

People whose birthday is on August 3rd are determined to succeed and could easily be the bosses because they love to work hard and to lead. This doesn’t mean the sometimes don’t like to allow others to be in charge, but most of the time, they’re the ones to manage things.

A good affirmation for you to use is: Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.

During these moments, they’re supportive and helpful. As a matter of fact, they’re even ready to sacrifice their own good in order to make sure their loved ones are alright. Their birthday suggests they can’t wait to hey to work and that this can be seen in everything they’re doing.

On the other hand, if it’s party time, they’re always in the center of attention. Being Leos, they can understand everything and love helping others to find solutions to their issues.

Mysterious and confident in their own forces, they tend to attract members of the opposite sex in no time, without having to show off. Those who know them appreciate these natives for their talents. It’s important they learn how to more efficiently spend their money.

Negative traits of August 3rd zodiac

When it comes to their negative traits, people whose birthday is on August 3rd don’t want to ever make a compromise and are arrogant, as well rude.

When looking for their soulmate, they only want to date very beautiful people, so they should think more that true beauty comes from inside. Stubborn to chase the most unrealistic dreams, they can end up being disappointed too many times, because their efforts aren’t paying off.

Wanting too much to stay on the middle ground, these Leos can be indecisive, especially when having to deal with evil. In other words, they should call things just evil because they can be.

It’s not good that they want too much balance and are very tolerant because they can’t see how some situation are truly bad and some people really mean.

Love Horoscope for the August 3rd Leo

People born under the August 3rd zodiac can’t fall in love quick, yet if it happens, they can have a difficult time because they may not know what got them.

It would be a good idea for them to only share their love with those who really deserve all of their attention because not anyone is worthy of their good nature. If things don’t happen this way, there can be many regrets from both sides involved in the relationship.

You are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

When it comes to August 3rd natives to be lovers, they can endure a lot because they understand how much work a relationship involves and that no one is perfect. More than this, they expect any romantic connections of theirs to alternate between good and bad.

They expect their others half to at some point hurt them, so they don’t mind that much when this happens. They’re mature and can help their partner be the same. However, it would be a good idea for them to no longer carry their emotional wounds with them, in each relationship they have.

It’s easy to recognize these people because they have a special smile. Because they care for their future partner, they’re appreciated among members of the opposite sex and can have a lot of success when it comes to love.

When they smile, the other person can be sure that they’re in love because otherwise, they wouldn’t do it so much. They want their other half to be happy and pay great attention to what he or she wants.

At the same time, they’re the best friends anyone could have. What makes them attractive is the fact that they struggle to be noble and have high ideals of justice. Moral and charming, they can also be jealous and hide it very well.

Career and life purpose

Leos born on August 3rd can seem a little bit dull when thinking all the time about their ambitions and leadership skills, or when being proud. In the same they’re very creative and resourceful. It’s easy for them to come up with something out of nothing at all, and they love to show this talent of theirs to others.

While creativity is often associated with delicate and feminine people, they’re not this type. Their imagination can help them connect with others in the most creative way.

As artists, these Leos don’t necessarily want to express their inner world because they’re rather inventive. At their job, they can use their creative mind in many ways. They’re also good as public speakers and salespeople because they can convince anyone of anything.

At the same time, August 3rd zodiac natives know how to litigate. For some of them, it would be a good idea to become actors. While they may think that making their dreams come true can have them more satisfied, what they need the most is to express themselves.

When being creative at work, they can accomplish their goals, as for them, the journey is more important than the destination.

It’s important for them to keep this in mind when they’re focusing on the materialistic side of life because they may sometimes feel like their hard work is not being rewarded. The main idea is for them to acquire more knowledge and to stay true to their passions.

August 3rd zodiac final thoughts

People whose birthday is on August 3rd always have purpose and meaning to their life, even if their emotions can sometimes overwhelm them. The Sabian symbols for these natives reveal how they need order in their life.

Their experiences are meant to reveal them how they can find their balance between what they have and what their ancestors left in their life, making their world more stable.

At your best: Honest, frank and dependable.
At your worst: Jealous, deceitful and indecisive.

These natives should be one with others and respect them. they’re optimistic and others can see that in them. People can rest comfortable and be sure that they’re always going to be encouraging and make any situation more stable.

What they should do is understanding that they can stand up for things in life, as well that they can confront what they find to be evil or oppressive. Very intelligent and able to come up with the most inventive ideas, these Leos are usually ahead of their times.

Noble and original, they can shine as leaders. By judging characters in a shrewd manner, they can easily assess any circumstance or person.

Because they’re good organizers, they can have others being involved in their plans. Insightful and very convincing, they can convince anyone to stand by their opinions. Most of the time giving with their time and efforts, they’re very efficient at helping.

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