August 10th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Leo?


Leos born on August 10th seem to possess great intelligence but this doesn’t mean they don’t rely on their feelings. Their purpose in life is to progress because they crave change.

  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling body: the Sun
  • Representative color: Orange
  • Characteristic flower: Sunflower
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Gold
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Motto: I want!
  • Celebrities: Brenton Thwaites, Ian Anderson, Antonio Banderas, Lucas Till, Suzanne Collins, Kylie Jenner, Angie Harmon and Herbert Hoover.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

August 10th zodiac individuals can focus on what they think and their actions, not to mention they’re self-aware and can find meaning for their own life, while looking to become famous.

Wanting to be seen as worldly individuals who can understand anything, this is in fact what they’re fighting for, even if this has to have them working hard and sticking to some of their virtues.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 1, 15, 28 and 30.

People whose birthday is on August 10th can be motivated by implementing the new into their surroundings, so they don’t want to deal with the old. More than often, others see them as unusual and more evolved and they really are all this, even if on the inside, things can be different for them.

They know how to keep things proportionate and feel that if they’re properly guided, they can succeed, no matter what team they may be a part of. When focused, they can make any of their dreams come true, which makes them very attractive to others. As a matter of fact, this is what gives them their charisma and optimism.

While others see the empty side of a glass, they’re more focused on what can work in their advantage, meaning they’re very popular among their friends. When it comes to feelings, people whose birthday is on August 10th are impulsive and can act in unexpected ways. At the same time, their spirit is agitated and can end up being involved in conflicts or fight with others for no reason.

These Leos have what it takes to become winners and to be great leaders. However, they shouldn’t act bossy and think there’s no one better than them. The more they learn to let others rule, the more they can bring out only what’s best in others.

Positive traits of August 10th zodiac

Being very intense and possessing a lot of energy, a native with the August 10th birthday is like a magician who can turn the most burdening tasks into something truly beautiful. When being able to do all this, natives born during this day can find their purpose in life and become a true force.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I will accept nothing but the best.

They want to be the leaders in any situation. Most of the time, when interacting with their group, they’re the ones to dominate the scene and to give orders. Recognizing the contribution of others, they are truly appreciated by everyone in their surroundings and can always end up in win-win situations.

As far as family goes, even their older brothers and sisters may come to them for some advice. In general, the person born on August 10th is full of life, eager to take action and active, so life with him or her can be very exciting.

Negative traits of August 10th zodiac

People whose birthday is on August 10th can be very agitated and want as much variety as possible into their life. However, all this means they’re anxious and can only see the big picture. They don’t like to waste their time when it comes to work and want to be of help for others.

Thinking there’s nothing they can’t do, these Leos may become exhausted, especially if they don’t know their own physical limits. In case they don’t have enough energy and become lost, they can turn out to be destructive, too possessive and so extreme that they put themselves in danger.

Their tendency to be bossy is always present in them. Feeling like the most optimistic people at a gathering, they know what to do in order for their group to be happy. As it can be imagined, some people may think of them they’re not sincere.

Most of the time, they have common objectives with others, but they may need to step on some toes in order to make their dreams come true. By making friends and organizing people’s lives, they can have a broader vision in life.

Love Horoscope for the August 10th Leo

When it comes to love, people born on August 10th don’t care that much and prefer to be casual. Therefore, they’re not the ones to seduce, but those to be seduced. When meeting a potential lover, they don’t like to feel like they’re being trapped into love by that person, but they still keep things running smoothly.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

What they want is for them to succeed in their romantic endeavors because if not, they can lose their self-esteem for a more or less long time period. It’s easy to recognize these natives because they’re being quiet when liking a person. More than this, they would do anything to not let their true intentions be revealed, neither how much they like a person.

If breaking up with someone, they’re doing it without offering any explanation, so they can be quiet in the most painful way. Since they like drama, they can do some things on purpose and make everything look more tragic.

Regarded by others as calculated, August 10th zodiac natives need someone to teach them how to follow their own ideas and to rely on what they think. This is the reason why they look for a partner as educated as they are, a person who doesn’t have different opinion than theirs and who has the same need to be free.

Career and life purpose

The date of August 10th has a lot of potential, giving its natives a sort of magic that can’t be easily explained. Natives with this birthday can be amazing magicians or fortune tellers, not to mention they know how to practice yoga and to meditate.

If having a more destructive behavior, they can decide to be criminals, whereas if rational, they may want to become scientists. Because they have what it takes to succeed as criminals, Pluto is still present in their planetary row and gives them exactly what they’ve paid for.

Therefore, August 10th zodiac natives should find ways in which they can focus on how to connect with others in a profound manner, especially if they don’t want their Karma to affect them during this lifetime. Their ideal job is the one in which they need to plan a lot because they’re really good at organizing, not to mention they know how to make their ideas a reality.

These Leos can coordinate teams and identify what makes others strong. The more they work with their strengths and let go of vulnerabilities., the more they can make their dreams come true. Their success can come if they have enough patience with others.

No matter what, it’s important they keep in mind things are meant to progress, no matter how late in life they may bloom. When dealing with others who have obvious skills and can’t express them, they should take their time to be encouraging.

August 10th zodiac final thoughts

The life purpose of natives born on August 10th can be found in the planet Neptune. Those who are born during this day need to see that their actions are serving higher purposes, also that they need to search for the Absolute Truth.

It’s important they keep their faith and work with their real talents because this can have them truly productive. The struggle inside them can lead them to feel the Divine Love, so no matter how dark they may be feeling, they should know that as soon as fixing their problems, they can be the best version of who they are.

At your best: Charming, supportive and ambitious.
At your worst: Uptight, untrustworthy and greedy.

In case they decide to no longer be creative in order to have more material gains, they can make more money they ever imagined.  Sometimes, they may fear losing what they have so much that they want to take the safer path, even if it’s not so interesting.

This suggests they may not want to make important changes or take any risk. Their insecurities can be overcome when they acknowledge that what they accomplished is also making them happy.

Wanting to live a peaceful life and to have balance on the inside, they can be great artists or the perfect family heads.

Responsible and wanting to express themselves, these natives have high ideals and are dedicated to their dreams, especially when fighting for a cause they believe in. They can express their love through art, not to mention many of them are great musicians.

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