Aries and Cancer Compatibility in Love & Life: A Caring Relationship


This combination brings together two very different personality types, so having a rocky relationship shouldn’t come as a surprise. Aries and Cancer are intense lovers, but also very emotional and reactive, so small inconveniences can easily build up tension and hostility between both partners.

Criteria Aries Cancer Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Strong ❤❤❤❤
Common values Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

When in love, especially in the beginning of a relationship, Aries are very assertive and overcome with burning desire. They tend to be the pursuer, even in the case of Aries women. While a male Cancer might be passive and distant, the female Aries will not find this as challenging or undesirable.

She loves flirting and using her charm to win him over. The Cancer man and woman will find this approach intriguing and exciting, at least in the first phase of their relationship. They should enjoy their time together.

While they can come off as casual and even distant at first sight, Cancers, men included, actually live to love and they place great value in emotional intimacy and closeness.

Cancer signs love to provide and act as protectors towards their lovers, and they especially love and are attracted to women who display feminine features and behaviours.

When These Two Fall in Love

Cancers are nurturing and motherly by nature, while Aries tend to be young-spirited and attention-craving, very much like children. There will be a lot of care-taking coming from a Cancer’s behalf, while an Aries will love to lead their lover around.

The compatibility between Aries and Cancer in an emotionally volatile one, but this is not necessarily bad. The two signs can help one another to live every moment to the full.

While their differences can make a relationship difficult in the beginning, both signs share having a competitive spirit.

A Cancer and Aries together will work on motivating and changing one another for the better. Both signs are also extremely loyal and appreciate sincerity and open discussions.

Their temperaments are quite different. An Aries is quick, explosive, spontaneous, while a Cancer is slow, shy, and easy-going.

If they learn how to work around each other’s differences, they can be a very complementing couple. If the timing is just right, the two will kick it off and keep their relationship alive for a long time.

However, if they aren’t both ready to understand them and put in the work, the differences could be a source of annoyance and a reason for separation.

Usually, an Aries and a Cancer, given their different inclinations, will meet one another in either a professional setting or at common gatherings, and less so in casual places. Their daily conversations might center around family or work life.

While Aries love winning no matter what, Cancers cares less about winning and more about having others to follow their instructions and always having it their way.

There should be a middle ground between the two signs’ needs and desires. Usually, being more sensible and empathetic, the Cancer will be the first one to try to compromise in order to please both sides. They are also extremely sensitive, so Aries should be mindful about how their emotional outburst can offend and hurt their Cancer partner.

Together, the introverted and sensible Cancer, and the extroverted and energetic Aries can help each other reach a balance. Both signs should feel useful and important in the relationship, without eclipsing the other.

Communication and openness will help the Aries and Cancer couple to strengthen their bond and overcome any difference, in order to keep their relationship going long into the future.

Aries and Cancer Relationship Key Facts

Cancers will want to settle down as soon as possible, which might go against an Aries’s independent and free-spirited nature. An Aries will try to get Cancer out of their comfort zone, while the Cancer will pull the Aries back to earth and help them take a step back to think things through before acting impulsively.

Aries might find Cancer too sacredly and overly-cautious, while Cancer think Aries are reckless. An Aries’s bluntness could be interpreted as confrontational by the gentle and soft Cancer who usually tends to avoid conflict and to protect others’ feelings.

When working together on projects, however, both signs like to collaborate and to consult one another to make sure that everything is okay. Given the many compromises that have to be made, they might change their plan of action multiple times before both parties are okay with it.

Others might find this frustrating and hard to understand, but changing plans together is a sign that both partners are working on making each other feel happy and listened to.

Both Aries and Cancer are prone to moodiness, and they understand this about each other. To the outside, this might seem like a tense atmosphere between the two, but luckily both sides find it easy to cheer up and to get over minor inconveniences.

Aries will have to tone down their ego and huge personality if they want to keep a relationship with a Cancer.

Cancers like being spoiled and they crave attention and intimacy pretty much constantly. They are also not selfish partners, as they will return your love a hundred times back.

Being a water sign, Cancers desire great closure and intimacy with their partner. They need loyalty, dedication, and deep romance from their relationship. An Aries’s independent spirit could make them an unsuitable partner for a Cancer, in this regard.

While both signs love arguing and feeling things deeply, Aries should never forget that a Cancer is extremely sensitive and easy to offend. They are moody and need to be pampered and loved around the clock, and an Aries should be ready to commit to this.

On the other side, a Cancer should also compromise. They have to learn to accept and respect their Aries partner’s independence and need for space. From their relationship, an Aries can learn to let go of their ego and to be more empathetic towards others, while Cancers can learn to be more self-assured and less clingy.

Aries and Cancer Marriage Compatibility

If they do stick together long enough to consider marriage, this means that most of their differences and arguments have already been settled out.

Cancers are family minded and want to settle down, so they will make sure that they go through the big topics such as having children, future careers, and so on, before making the big step.

As long as they learn how to find and maintain a middle ground, their marriage will be happy and uneventful. An Aries will still sometimes need some me-time to catch up with their group of friends or with their hobbies, while Cancers will need extra attention and time to unwind.

As parents, they complete each other perfectly, with Aries being the fun and permissive parent, while Cancer makes the role model, being responsible and quite strict.

Drawbacks of This Match

If the Cancer eases down and lets Aries do whatever they please, enabling their poor or selfish behavior, the relationship can go south fast.

Also, if Cancer is let to overthink and worry about things, they will enter into a depressive state which will also poison Aries’s mood. This can lead to tension and arguments.

In such moments, a calm discussion is not a realistic option, and the best idea would be spending some time apart until the waters calm down.

As long as you stick together through difficult moments and work on providing each other the encouragement and emotional security you need, things will always turn out well in the end.

Since spending some time apart from one another is a good idea, both signs should make sure to keep their own hobbies and interests, and to maintain their friendships outside their relationship.

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