Aries Woman in Relationships: Quite the Boss Lady


Energetic and very strong, the Aries woman is also innocent as a child, so many men find her attractive. Her nature is sensual and passionate, but she sometimes doubts her own femininity, which means she needs her man to make her feel like a woman.

Relationships and the Aries Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s passionate, magnetic and very charming when she wants to;
  • Negatives: She is a little childish and selfish at times;
  • Perfect relationship: Someone who will be loyal and devoted to her no matter what;
  • Advice: She needs to learn to be less of a savior in her relationship and let her partner cope with his own challenges.

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Since she falls in love very fast, it’s a problem for her to be in long-term relationships. Her passion and determination know no limits. If she happens to be in love with a man, he will surely know about it because she really likes chasing him, all while enjoying being chased herself.

A Fiery Lady that Commands Respect

The lady born in Aries has the strongest feelings that she doesn’t hesitate to talk about. Being very independent, she can easily hurt her partner.

The fact that she’s ruled by Mars, the planet of War, doesn’t make her the type to look for a fight, but she definitely has a lot of energy to invest in whatever she thinks is important, especially her relationships.

While seeming capable and wise, she’s just a child on the inside. Just like all the other signs belonging to the Fire element, she’s honest and straightforward, expecting her partner to be just the same.

In case she loves deeply, no one is better than her at being caring and bringing home the bread, even if she can be very bossy from time to time.

What she wants from her man is for him to tell her what he feels and to mean what he says. When it comes to what she can’t stand, this is lying and betrayal.

In case things between she and her man aren’t really working out the way she wants them to, the Aries woman won’t hesitate to make the decision to just move on and to engage in another relationship in order to compensate.

While she can’t win all the time, she surely knows how to do it very often, because she’s very intense and straight to the point. Life with her is usually full of excitement, but she needs a mand who can handle her need for independence and power. Besides, she’s very passionate and has a tendency to act harshly.

She’s also a lover who needs someone to turn her on. As far as relationships go, she usually gets exactly what she wants from them. Many men find her irresistible and immediately give in into her charm.

If she’s very attracted to someone, the Aries lady will do everything in her power to capture that person’s attention. Her peak moments as far as affairs go are those when she’s stalking her man because the challenge of chasing fascinates her, not to mention she always wants what she can’t have.

It’s not easy to be in a relationship with the Aries lady because she wants to be independent while enjoying commitment to the maximum. Furthermore, she needs to be loved more than other women, but at least she has a lot to offer herself.

Her man will never be the one ruling her, as she’s the type to go for equality. He just needs to be honest and she will be very kind. It’s very noticeable how domineering she is, so she needs someone to accept her.

A strong man would have to make many compromises in order to be with this girl. He will notice that slowly but steadily, she’s turning him into what she wants.

He also doesn’t have to be interested in many things because she wants him all to herself. This can also be noted in the way she gets jealous.

To put it more simply, she doesn’t get jealous because she feels insecure like other people, but because she needs to be first and the most important. Long-term relationships make her happy, not to mention she’s always ready to share everything with her other half.

Passion in Abundance

Magnetic, affectionate and sexual, she can be very dramatic in the bedroom. When it comes to other aspects of life, she’s always by her man’s side and ready to fight for him no matter what.

If she feels neglected and unappreciated, she becomes demanding and bitter. This is because she can’t tolerate feeling like a shadow. In her mind, love is all about herself being understood and praised for her wonderful qualities, so she needs to be admired all the time, even when she’s not doing so well.

It can also be said that she’s wild and very stubborn. However, she can keep her partner on his toes because she has a lot of energy and is very honest, not to mention funny and witty.

No matter what, she needs to feel like her partner’s equal. The man who will talk down to her or be unjust will be out of her life sooner than later.

When it comes to fights, she always wins because she knows what to say. Being so innocent, she gives herself a lot and with passion. At the same time, she’s very fun and quite creative in bed. She can be trusted in a relationship, but only for as long as she isn’t given a reason to wander off. After all, she does have a wandering eye for sexy bodies.

She’s Up Front and Direct

As soon as in love, the Aries woman start to be the most attractive woman this world has ever seen. While sometimes insensitive, she still is a girl and reveals her emotions when flirting, mostly because she doesn’t have enough patience to keep them hidden.

She wants for the man she likes to make the first move, so she doesn’t hesitate to reveal her sexuality in a direct manner when in love. This means she puts on provocative makeup and wears the sexiest clothes, all while still looking decent.

Her partner will be very happy to have a such a supportive and faithful woman by his side. Her energy is more than enough for both, but it can also be her main problem because she doesn’t allow him to learn his lesson by himself. She just needs to be the savior all the time, as she has an incredible force and thinks her solutions to problems are the best.

When no longer in love with her partner, her moods start to become volatile and very intense. Being independent, she won’t hesitate to break up with her partner as soon as he gives her a sign that he may need her to be more affectionate.

She has a strong sexual drive, but not in inappropriate moments. The man of her focus will know she’s attracted to him, but she won’t say anything to anyone about how she imagines him in bed.

It can’t be said she’s a typical woman as far sex goes because, while not having too many emotions when it comes to physicality, she also possesses the strongest sexual instincts. One thing about her is for sure: if her sexual needs are not being met; she can’t be with this man.

When she has fallen for someone, she gives herself completely, but not in a romantic way, more in a committed and passionate one. Furthermore, she’s very straightforward and doesn’t hesitate to talk about what makes her happy.

Since she can’t sit still for one moment, she needs to be with someone as energetic as her, a person who’s ready to go hiking right after breakfast and without further notice.

Because her sign is the first in the Zodiac, she’s a natural born leader who needs to be in control. At the same time, she wants a partner who can stand by what she says. It’s true she may fight with him often, but that’s the usual with any Fire sign. The Aries lady is never scared of challenges and has new ideas every other minute.

The man who wants to be with her needs to get ready to play hard before anything else. She will never be happy staying at home and watching Netflix, which means she has to be taken on exciting dates.

Even if in a long-term relationship, she can’t stay at home and have a quiet night in all the time because this would make her bored very fast. It’s important to not smother her either, as she’s free spirited and doesn’t like needy people whatsoever. While ready to make commitments, her freedom still needs to be kept intact.

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