Taurus and Virgo Compatibility in Love & Life: A Harmonious Relationship


Taurus and Virgo will kick it off in the right direction, as they both generally view the world in a similar way. They can definitely stick together for the long term. Among the similarities, both of them are rather mellow and like to take things slowly. They need to know that their relationship is safe and not just a fling.

Criteria Taurus Virgo Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

When Taurus is in love, they are more likely to make the first move and pursue their partner, compared to Virgo.

They are extremely passionate lovers and not afraid to show it. Taurus also have a flair of leading, when they put their mind to it. In this relationship, they will be the most assertive of the two.

Virgo is softer and doesn’t mind to follow others, given that they see a merit to it. The Virgo sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which means they are good thinkers, orators, and conversation partners.

They live for those long-winded and thought-provoking conversations you might have at 3am in the morning, except that they’re in the mood for them all the time.

Virgo will use this to their advantage, striking many entertaining conversations with Taurus, trying to learn more about them. Sometimes though, Taurus people aren’t that interested in talking. They can read a person and learn about them from analyzing their actions, which to a Taurus, speak louder than words.

Taurus does best with non-verbal communication, and they will show their attraction and their intentions to start a relationship through the way they look at you, the way they treat you, and their little gestures of affection. Nothing a Taurus does is random.

When in a relationship, Taurus is intense and sensual, while Virgo likes to keep things discrete. Behind closed doors, Virgo feels more relaxed and affectionate, maybe even a little naughty if the mood is right.

When These Two Fall in Love

In the beginning, patience is a must, as neither of these two likes to jump right into it. They prefer to move slowly and to understand each other better first, which is always a good strategy.

Taurus are rather status-focused and they like showing off in order to impress their lover, so they will try to put on a show and shower Virgo with expensive gifts and exquisite dates in high-class locations.

Virgos, on the other hand, aren’t easy to impress, especially with grand gestures they might deem superficial. They prefer everything raw, organic, and ‘real’, so the Virgo might like to keep things cozy and simple.

Their date ideas fall more in line with going to the local park, a downtown café or pub, or maybe even a simple dinner night at home.

Their loving style is similar, as both are very touchy-feely. There will be lots of cuddling and handholding. They never grow tired of showing their affection towards one-another, and with both being generous lovers as they are, spoiling each other will be the daily norm.

Taurus will be the one to take the lead and to sketch out their general life plans, taking care of the most important things (money, their home, kids, and so on). Soft and homely Virgo enjoys following their lover and building a life together, so they will want to try and help Taurus make their vision come true.

Because both Taurus and Virgo are earth signs, they are rather traditional and they will be especially preoccupied with practical matters. They want to start a family, and they obviously want a serious, long-term relationship. They will invest a lot in order to see this happen.

Virgo’s strong points are their precision and analytical thinking. They like to analyze every detail and to make well-informed judgements and decisions.

On the downside, this also makes them overthink things and they are often plagued by anxious thoughts as a result.

They are grounded and make sweet and caring partners, but are also known to be nagging and extremely critical, so be careful! They want everything done perfectly, down to a T.

Virgo and Taurus might get into arguments when Taurus is too stubborn and disregards Virgo’s criticism. Virgos can also be modest and repressed when in new relationships, which might be interpreted as their being disinterested.

However, for the most part, their common traits outweigh their differences. Small arguments are not a source of relationship problems. However, Virgo should understand that they might be asking too much sometimes, and that Taurus is also perfectly aware of what they are doing.

A different way of doing things is not necessarily wrong and this is what the Taurus and Virgo compatibility is set out to prove.

Virgos might think they’re being helpful by teaching others how to establish an order into what they’re doing, but maybe they should learn not to give unsolicited criticism all the time.

Both of them crave stability and security, so commitment will be a non-issue. However, stable and grounded as they are, two earth signs together might easily fall into a boring and unsatisfying routine. Make sure to spice things up and try something exciting and fun every now and then.

Taurus and Virgo Relationship Key Facts

Their relationship is based on mutual respect and honesty. Health-freak Virgo will look after Taurus and make sure that they’re not getting out of shape, given Taurus’ love for good food and self-pampering.

Taurus can help Virgo recognize their OCD tendencies and overcome them. This way, Virgo will learn how to relax a little.

Together, they plan their entire future, from career evolution to children to their vacation home. They’re likely to be very active and a model-couple in their community too.

When in a couple, a Taurus and a Virgo will sometimes need some time off from each other. Maybe Virgo can focus on some personal projects to satisfy their inner control-freak, and Taurus gets some time off.

In non-romantic relationships, the two signs get along fine, since they share a lot of traits in common. They’re generous and love helping each other when in need.

They can also work well together in business if they share a common interest. In romance, they have blissful relationships as long as both sides are patient enough, because earth signs don’t take important steps and decisions quickly.

Children are a must as both signs are traditional, family oriented, and crave stability. They want to establish a strong bond and to build a future together, and for them, children are always part of the picture.

As parents, Taurus will be the easy-going and affectionate one, while Virgo will be the good-cop and bad-cop all in one.

Taurus and Virgo Marriage Compatibility

A pairing with better marriage prospects than Taurus and Virgo? Not a chance! The two are made for each other. When it comes to the household, Virgo generally has the last say, especially when it comes to decorating, but Taurus will find a way to add their personal touch too.

Their children will definitely get a lot of attention and love. Virgo might be a bit over-protective, so Taurus should try to help them relax a little and let their children enjoy themselves.

Drawbacks of This Match

They are on the same page on most issues, and their views about life are very similar. However, Virgo’s highly critical personality and Taurus’ hard-headed ways can stir some arguments sometimes.

Virgo’s a health-nut and a huge hypochondriac, so their constant anxiety and complaining on these subjects will quickly irritate and bore Taurus to death.

Taurus is very set in their own ways, but perfectionist and controlling Virgo is not easy to let go of their ideas either. Both of them need to exercise better patience and to learn how to compromise.

Virgo’s criticism will fall on deaf ears, but if Taurus learns to listen, he might discover that the advice is often times useful. Despite these small inconveniences with one another, the two will always eventually make up and find a way for the Taurus and Virgo match to prosper.

Virgo is constantly anxious due to their own high expectations and their desire to please others. All this stress builds up and tears them on the inside. Luckily, Taurus is more easy-going and their self-assurance and tranquil demeanor helps to calm down Virgo as well.

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