Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love & Life: A Lustful Relationship


When it comes to attraction and compatibility, Taurus and Sagittarius make for a steamy match. Both passionate and physical in their own ways, their nights will be long and full of pleasure. Romance-wise things are a little more complicated.

Criteria Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

There’s not much balance between these two signs, and if they don’t find a way to reconcile their differences, they’re in for some personality clashes.

Taurus is conservative and wants to settle down; to them, it’s all about stability and commitment, and maybe even starting a family. Nothing could be further from a Sagittarius’ forward-thinking, detached, and freedom-loving personality.

Fire signs like Sagittarius are quick and always moving, while earth signs like Taurus like being grounded and taking things slowly.

However, there’s things they have in common too. They’re hot-blooded, lustful, and they love life. They both know how to kick back, relax, and treat themselves when they feel the need to. Traditional and family-minded Taurus will look for something more in this relationship.

Free-spirited Sagittarius, who always loves new experiences in life, is on board with anything as long as they get to keep their independence. It’s the Sagittarius who should be more mature for this relationship to work.

They should not be afraid of commitment, and they should learn to think about their partner too, not just about their own wishes and desires.

When These Two Fall in Love

Earth sign Taurus likes their peace and quiet. They want order, stability, and they want to plan everything in advance. To them, a relationship is a huge investment and shouldn’t be treated casually. Fire sign Sagittarius naturally pushes against everything that Taurus stands for.

Sagittarius people love exploring the world and entering ‘no-strings-attached’ kind of relationships. Above all, they want freedom to experiment and try out new things and ideas. Being tied down would be one of their worst nightmares.

If these differences are somehow not deal-breakers to any of the two parties, then there’s good that can come out of this relationship too. Sagittarius can help Taurus get over their fear of trying new things.

They will motivate Taurus to get out of their comfort zone and take some risks they otherwise would shy away from. On the other hand, Taurus can show Sagittarius that commitment and family aren’t the big scary monsters that Sagittarius made them out to be.

If these two do end up having children, the little ones will certainly get the best of both worlds. Taurus will be the responsible one, albeit they’re a bit of a tiger-parent.

Sagittarius will make things nice, fun, and exciting for their kids growing up. Either way, both signs value education and self-development for their children.

Taurus has a naughty side and they sure know how to keep the flame alive in the bedroom, in case the aloof Sagittarius forgets what brought them together in the first place. Sagittarius is a jokester and likes getting under Taurus’ skin, so they’ll have a good time together.

Taurus will even learn to relax and take a joke, thanks to their Sagittarius partner. On the other hand, there are strong opinions that Sagittarius will never be able to change in Taurus.

In this case, the only thing left to do is at least consider the Taurus’ point of view, since they’re so sure about their opinions.

Taurus might secretly enjoy Sagittarius’ polarizing personality—exciting, fresh, and adventurous. However, if the Sagittarius adventures too far, Taurus will push back and feel uneasy about the lack of stability in the relationship.

Sagittarius is too dreamy and with their mind all over the place. Luckily, they will have grounded Taurus by their side, to bring them back to planet Earth, when they get too excited about something and lose sight of everything else.

Sagittarius does however bring a dose of spice and a breath of fresh air to this relationship. They can convince Taurus to be more detached and to enjoy life to the full, not holding back.

Business wise, Sagittarius might not be into putting the long hours needed to make great things happen, but these two can definitely do well with speculating for ways to invest money, such as in the stock market.

Taurus and Sagittarius Relationship Key Facts

The two might often be separated due to their career choices. Taurus is more likely to be close to home and to keep everything up and running, while Sagittarius is away working in a different city or maybe even another country.

This might make security-loving Taurus feel anxious about their relationship, so Sagittarius should be extra responsible and always let them know that everything will be okay.

Taurus is a fixed sign, so they’re not open to changing their opinion or trying new things, and Sagittarius needs to understand and respect this. Mutable Sagittarius is the polar opposite—they prefer to try things out and learn from past mistakes.

Taurus should allow them to stick their toes into new waters sometimes; who knows, maybe something great will come out of these experiments.

Serious and meticulous Taurus keeps everything in check and they bring a sense of stability and direction to the relationship. Fun-loving Sagittarius, while not as traditional and methodical as Taurus, they will always keep it real, which is a big plus in Taurus’ book.

When in a couple, a Taurus and a Sagittarius might clash their worldviews sometimes, but in the end, they can both learn a lot from one another. Their biggest advantage could lay in these differences.

Sagittarius moves the relationship forward, towards uncharted territories, while Taurus keeps everything together and finely-tuned.

Since Taurus craves commitment and Sagittarius is very detached, it will be the earth sign putting in the hard work to pursue and always take things to the next level. Sagittarius is luckily softer than other fire signs, so they are receptive and understanding.

They should be open to communicate with their partner about what they feel ready or not ready to do. However, beware! Taurus is generally very stubborn and dead-set on obtaining what they want.

Taurus and Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is one thing Sagittarius are completely clueless about. Taurus will be the one to ask the big questions, and if Sagittarius says ‘yes’, they should definitely take the time to make sure they’re both on the same page when it comes to future life plans together.

Sagittarius doesn’t really want children, so Taurus should be prepared to take all the responsibility for them, if they insist to start a family.

Sagittarius would much rather remain forever blissful and childlike themselves, and taking care of another child would ruin their free time. They’d rather dedicate their energy to their interests and passions.

Both signs are big dreamers and even Taurus can sometimes be a bit idealistic. They love admiring beauty wherever they find it. They might have a lot of fun spending time together, sharing their opinions and ideas about the world.

If these two don’t pay attention, they can lose themselves in a fantasy land in the Taurus and Sagittarius match. When reality hits, Taurus will be the first to wake up and get things back in line.

Drawbacks of This Match

Sagittarius might grow bored and annoyed with Taurus’ need for stability and micro-managing. On the rare occasion that Sagittarius loses their cool, their judgmental side might peek through. Contrary to appearances, Sagittarius can also sometimes be very stubborn about certain opinions they hold.

However, Taurus is the most stubborn of the two. Sagittarius will grow tired of this side of their Taurus partner. Sometimes, compromise feels very one-sided for the poor Sagittarius.

Sagittarius’ affinity for comedy and cracking jokes even in the most inappropriate moments, such as when discussing serious matters, might leave Taurus with a bitter taste in their mouth. Taurus people hate fakeness and for them, Sagittarius’ jokester nature can be wrongly interpreted as such.

Their relationship doesn’t seem likely to last for the long term. Sagittarius is seemingly emotionally immature and uninvested, according to Taurus’ impression at least.

Taurus can get very possessive and they feel the need to guard their partner and to keep them close. This will not sit well with the Sagittarius, obviously. In the end, when both signs run out of patience, things will not be so rosy anymore.

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