Taurus and Pisces Compatibility in Love & Life: A Fun Relationship


Sweet and affectionate, this couple is all above their love for one another. Taurus might initially try to play it cool, because they’re a bit freaked out about just how intense their feelings are. They don’t usually get lovestruck like that.

Criteria Taurus Pisces Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Strong ❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤

Add to that the fact that they are possessive and hyper-protective, and that makes them act very unlike themselves around the gentle and sweet Pisces.

The reserved and private Taurus might become an active pursuer, and they’ll enjoy the challenge of charming the slippery and mysterious Pisces. When in love, Pisces is walking on clouds, in a completely separate reality.

Taurus is under the influence of Venus, planet named after the goddess of love. Pisces is under the rule of Neptune, which is known as the higher octave of Venus, and also pushing for unconditional love. All this being said, these two signs just love the idea of love, of loving, and of being loved.

Lovestruck Taurus is hard-headed, intense, and sensual. Both signs like cozy and quiet or intimate dates and spaces. Their first date might take place during the late evening hours, either at the cinema, in a local park, or at a small restaurant by the candlelight.

When These Two Fall in Love

When they fall in love, Pisces people don’t play hard to get or revert to mind-games and little tests. Their love is real and it runs deep, so all they want to do is open up and jump in your arms.

This makes things very easy, but maybe that’s also a source of annoyance for Taurus, who likes to put in the work and actually feel like they’re building a relationship with all their effort.

In this relationship, Pisces is dreamy and constantly cheerful. They view life positively, all things seeming sweet and dandy.  Taurus, while highly passionate and sensual themselves, is also down to earth and practical, so they will always be the one to have things planned in advance for both of them.

Together, the Taurus and Pisces couple can be very sweet, but they will also struggle to maintain a sense of direction. Taurus is static and afraid to try out new things, and Pisces is all over the place and too chaotic to come up with new plans.

Methodical Taurus likes to keep tabs on everything and to them, starting a relationship is something that can be analyzed and planed in advance. They might have their entire strategy laid out to make the relationship progress, but then messy and whimsical

Pisces comes along to confuse them with their disorganized approach. And when Taurus doesn’t have everything going as according to plan, they can feel uneasy and anxious.

Taurus is fixed and methodical, but Pisces is a mutable sign. They just go with the flow and can act on a random whim they get at the moment.

They can be forgetful and don’t follow instructions very well, so Taurus should not be surprised if Pisces forgets the time or location of their date, or if they show up dressed down for an event.

Taurus will initially swing a lot between cheerfulness and annoyance when getting to know Pisces better, until the two get accommodated with each other. Pisces are very communicative and sensible to other people’s emotions and moods.

They are very in touch with their inner self, and they believe the subconscious is a real driving force in our daily lives. Taurus on the other hand is very matter-of-fact and they don’t spend much time thinking about abstract ideas. To them, seeing is believing.

Taurus deals with the material and the concrete—money, property, marriage, family. However, these differences are in no way deal-breakers.

Both partners are sweet and understanding with each other; this way, they can have the best of both worlds and learn something from each other’s unique point of view.

Taurus teaches Pisces how to be more organized and tempered, so they will be more productive and their emotions will not control them anymore.

Pisces teaches Taurus to get in touch with their inner self and to understand their own emotions better, instead of repressing them.

Taurus and Pisces Relationship Key Facts

Pisces is passionate and lives with their head up in the clouds. They are ever-changing, easily distracted, and often stray off track. This will annoy Taurus to no end, but the earth sign will not be blameless either.

Taurus people tend to have strong personalities and they are very steadfast in their ways, so the Pisces might feel intimidated by this and they will try to walk out of the relationship without a warning.

Drama is a daily occurrence. These two cannot reach a common ground without fighting first. Taurus should learn to overcome their trust issues and give Pisces some space to be themselves, to dream and explore sometimes.

Pisces can teach Taurus to be more open-minded and flexible. With these two, their relationship starts and is cemented on a common interest or desire, maybe family, career, beliefs, and so on.

After they’ve settled most of their differences, things will be steady and peaceful in the Taurus and Pisces relationship. They will be able to relax after the storm.

From then on, their relationship will be stable and they will enjoy their happily-ever-after. Taurus will try to teach Pisces about the importance of money saving and investing, but that’s just not what Pisces cares about in the least.

When discussing difficult matters or when in contradiction with someone, Pisces are elusive and tend to back down when things get heated.

Taurus sticks out until the end, until they have proven their point, or until the other person waves a white flag. Together, they fill in the missing pieces that the other needs, using their strong traits to help each other become better versions of themselves.

Taurus and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

Both are homely and not likely to treat each other’s trust, but surprisingly, they might avoid getting married. They will not be sure if their relationship will face the test of time, but if their family insists, they might make the big step eventually.

Career wise, Taurus is determined and has a career-advancing plan under their belt, while Pisces changes paths as the wind blows, when something no longer seems suitable for them. Children are desired by both signs, albeit for different reasons.

Pisces wants to give them all their love, while Taurus wants to start a family to ensure they will have a legacy and to uphold tradition. As parents, Taurus will be all about rules and order, while playful Pisces will try to get the kids out of trouble when they do something bad.

In platonic and family relations, these two sings have a good time with one another, proving mutual respect and admiration. They know how to make each other chuckle and get their mind off of stressful stuff.

In business, the two make a surprisingly good work if each sticks to their strength. Pisces handles creative work, while Taurus deals with finances and official matters.

In romantic relationships, things are interesting and sweet, with each sign completing the other. They make their differences into an advantage, providing the missing pieces for their partner.

They both make good, loving, and generous parents, so children are another thing for the two to bond over.

Drawbacks of This Match

Pisces are soft and sensitive. Taurus might sometimes be too insistent and stubborn to get things done, and especially to have it their way.

Taurus is practical and wants to accumulate material possessions, while Pisces upholds lofty ideas such as spiritual growth and self-expression. Taurus should not judge them too hard, but instead show them a way to transpose their dreams in reality.

Both signs are scared of being abandoned, but unknowingly turn to self-sabotage. Pisces might cheat because they are not receiving enough attention, and if Taurus is unsatisfied, they will overindulge in food and other even addictive substances.

When under the influence, Taurus becomes volcanic and Pisces mood is down in the gutters.

They should try to keep calm when disagreements or problems arise. Taurus can dish out very hurtful words for the soft Pisces, while Pisces will exhaust Taurus emotionally. Some scars could be hard to heal, so the two should not go there, if possible.

Co-dependency could be a big issue in the Taurus and Pisces match, so if the two need some time off from one another to clear their thoughts, they should be able to have it without worrying about their relationship status.

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