Taurus and Leo Compatibility in Love & Life: A Remarkable Relationship


An earth sign and a fire sign together, while initially strange looking, is actually not so unfathomable in the case of Taurus and Leo. Luckily, both signs are fixed, so they already share something in common: their need for stability and loyalty. They also share the same stubbornness, so clashes and conflict might not be unheard of in their couple.

Criteria Taurus Leo Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Below average ❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤

On first dates, Taurus will give many little expensive presents, while Leo will kick back and enjoy being the main attraction. In return, Leo gets under Taurus’ skin and helps them to relax and drop the icy façade.

Both signs like getting physical and enjoying themselves, so they will get along just fine in the sheets.

Leo might sometimes surprise Taurus with their grand gestures and their love for showing off. Whatever they do, they do it big, whether we’re talking a romantic dinner, a Valentine’s day present, or a proposal.

They know how to kick back, relax, and have fun. However, of the two, Taurus is more likely to be active when it comes to building something in their relationship. Their dedication will motivate Leo to also work harder towards their goals and desires.

When These Two Fall in Love

They will want to shine and show off. Expect a total make-over, as well as expensive dates, invitations to art galleries or opera concerts, maybe even private VIP events! However, Leo has a big ego, so they might still feel the need to prove something to the world.

Early in the relationship, the Leo might play it cool in order to convince others that they’re not attached and soft. Taurus will notice but wait it out for the Leo to realize how silly their behavior is.

When they will be ready to come out as a couple, they will be the center of everyone’s attention. Strong personalities and refined taste make them stick out from a mile away, as “that” couple, the cool and shiny pair that probably walked out from a magazine cover.

Family oriented as they both are, they will not hesitate to start a family as soon as they are ready. Their children will have the best of both worlds, with art-loving Leo investing in their creativity and helping them discover hidden talents, while Taurus deals with the concrete things such as discipline and daily life skills.

Of the two, Taurus will be the one managing both of their incomes, as earth signs are the best when it comes to dealing with money and finances.

At first, Leo might be too busy walking with their nose up in the air. They will overlook Taurus because they will be too focused on themselves. But patient and down-to-earth Taurus waits it out until they finally get the chance to approach Leo. That’s when the mutual attraction will happen.

The Taurus and Leo compatibility seems to start off on the right path, as both signs are naturally enthusiastic and warm-hearted. After discovering more about one-another, they will bond over their common dreams and wishes. They will be happy to work together to fulfil these desires together.

Leo can sometimes get a bit too bossy, but Taurus is patient and wants to invest in this relationship for the long term, so they will go along with it. On the flip side, Leo can also be very generous and they love pampering their lover with their affection.

Both signs are family-people and they offer and crave loyalty. They are warm and protective of one another, and this is especially good for Taurus, who craves security and affection.

As they grow closer, they might find each other often disagreeing over small topics. But with time, they will learn more and understand each other better, so the arguments will stop eventually.

Taurus and Leo Relationship Key Facts

Put two fixed signs like these together and you will sometimes get heated arguments, as they will clash over who is right or who shall have it their way. They are also very territorial and can easily get jealous, even when the feeling is not justified.

Their shared love for luxury can lead to excess and overconsumption, if none of them decides to say “Stop, this is enough!”.

Together, they will build the house of their dreams. Both are lovers of beauty and refinement, so they will get along just fine when it comes to the final design. Again, things might easily become excessive, and the couple will end up with a negative balance on their bank accounts. Be mindful of your spending together!

Remember that Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, so neither is very receptive or flexible. They also happen to have very big egos and strong personalities.

Apart from their common points as fixed signs, there are also major differences between them, which might be hard to understand and overcome.

These signs are both very straight-forward, and not as intuitive as water or air signs. When in a relationship, a Taurus and a Leo prefer action over words and want to deal with the concrete reality. The former needs to be able to relate, to see and understand the thing they are dealing with.

Leo wants to see the real, tangible result of their hard work. In other words, they are practical and they both want to get things started and moving, and to see their goals accomplished.

The two are highly intelligent and love deeply and dearly. They will cherish each other every day they are together.

Taurus and Leo Marriage Compatibility

If they got over their small hang-ups and both are ready to make the big step, their marriage will be very happy and stable.

However, neither of them should be pressured into marriage, because then the future prospects might not be as good. It is Leo who should be ready and willing by their own accord.

Their wedding will be nothing short of celebrity-status and extravagant. Their home will also scream “expensive” and “upper-class”, as neither of the two status-conscious signs would settle for less.

Children will be a no-question issue, as both signs want to build a family and a legacy. They might even think about their children’s lives before they’re even born—posh names, private school, career paths, and so on.

However, instead of leading their children with an iron fist, they should try to kick back and let them think for themselves.

Drawbacks of This Match

Both Taurus and Leo are stubborn in their ways and not likely to compromise without first putting out a fight. If Taurus fails to give Leo the constant attention and admiration they need, then the Leo might feel tense and bitter.

Out of the two, Leo is generally drawn to the corporate or high-end jobs, like lawyer or businessman/woman. Taurus likes jobs that bring them closer to nature, think maybe vet, zoologist, and the like.

Because of this, competitive Leo might belittle Taurus for their poorly-paid job. But the two should remember that their relationship is not a competition, and that to some people, a job means more than just the monthly pay.

Career-focused and social-climber Leo might not be ready to settle down just yet, when security-craving Taurus feels the need to tie the knot once and for all.

Because of this, Taurus will need to exercise some patience and not forget how important it is for Leo to achieve their professional goals.

While Taurus loves giving compliments and flattering their partner, Leo will never grow tired of them. Au contraire, they might want to hear them more, and more often.

Poor Taurus might eventually grow tired of this, but if they fail to provide, Leo will star to wonder whether they are no longer good enough or if they are no longer loved. No easy way out of this one!

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