Sun Sextile Saturn Natal and Transit: Appreciation for Authority

  • The natal Sun Saturn sextile is characteristic for ambitious and motivated individuals, who don’t take no for an answer easily.
  • As the Sun sextile Saturn transit takes place, it’s time for earning the respect of many, especially of those in positions of authority.
  • The Sun is linked to self-realization and the creative force behind our actions.
  • When two planets are in a sextile relationship, they are placed sixty degrees apart and balance each other’s effects.
  • The planet Saturn keeps us focused on meeting our potential and on respecting our promises and responsibilities.
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Karl Marx, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Winston Churchill, Mary Shelley, Queen Elizabeth I, MC Hammer, Meryl Streep, Patricia Routledge, Rupert Murdoch.
  • Transit dates: 19 March 2020, 19 November 2020, 31 March 2021, 30 November 2021, 12 April 2022, 12 December 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun sextile Saturn Natal

The Sun sextile Saturn in birth charts indicates people having it are more productive and focused than others, hardworking and successful when it comes to everyday life. The influence of this aspect is calming, profound and the foundation for a properly guided life.

Those having the Sun sextile Saturn in their birth chart are able to display the most expressive force of Saturn.

All sextiles are about communication and expressing one’s individuality through leadership, meaning natives with the one between the Sun and Saturn in their birth chart are responsible and interested in gaining the recognition of others.

It’s very likely they’ll be helped by their parents when young, their father being the person to offer them everything.

People born during this transit are ambitious and most of the time focusing on how they could accomplish their long-term goals.

More than this, they’re productive, more rapid and enterprising, which means this aspect is meant for reaping the benefits of some past efforts and very positive.

They’re more self-reliant than others and the fact that they have a sound judgment is often giving them roles of big responsibilities.

They may get along very well with people who are more mature than them because they’re wise and very interested in what their elders have to say.

They don’t mind being advised from a professional point of view, meaning others can criticize and encourage them at the same time. Usually conservative and disciplined, they’re more focused on working with traditions and bringing their contribution to society.

They won’t have anything uncommon happening in their life, which means they’re planning their path towards success more efficiently than others.

The sextile between the Sun and Saturn seems to help people born during it understand things more profoundly and to be more communicative.

Others may see them as reserved, when in fact they’d just not want to make a big deal of themselves. When children, they may have displayed the timidity and loneliness of planet Saturn, but as adults, their good sense of humor would help them gain all the attention of others.

Giving a lot of importance to family, natives born during the Sun sextile Saturn are conservative and practical. They want to be surrounded by serious individuals and even to work on their own.

Having strong ethics, being patient and persevering will make others respect them a lot, not to mention they’ll be recognized for their efforts. Many will count on them to get any job done properly, and their organizing talents will always be appreciated.

The aspect between the Sun and Saturn is making people with this transit in their natal chart more serious and decisive.

These natives will forever be remembered as temperate, disciplined and for having a strong backbone. They’ll build only on strong foundations and be serious about it.

When the Sun is in sextile position from Saturn in birth charts, it helps the natives decide on taking the right paths in life and be both sensible and cautious. They’ll be offered good occasions to handle situations in an efficient manner and be helped by the men in their life with some valuable advice.

These people are sincere, pragmatic and very organized. They seem to possess a clear mind and to focus on precision rather than on dealing lightly with things.

They’ll achieve success by being hardworking and patient, not to mention many of them will decide to become politicians. They may have more responsibilities than others, but won’t mind assuming and completing them.

Being conservative, they’ll manage to obtain long-term results from their endeavors, especially due to the fact that they’ll avoid as much as possible to take risks. These people are loyal and a little bit dull, but at least their morals are strong.

Women with the Sun sextile Saturn in their birth chart may have a very successful father or husband. The more they’ll grow old, the more interested in social issues they’ll become, also in political ones.

When it comes to their relationships, they want to be with people who think just like them and who wouldn’t challenge their opinions.

Sun sextile Saturn Transit

The Sun sextile Saturn transit is beneficial for taking care of serious and complicated business. Many may prove their leadership skills during it, whereas the younger ones will look for advice from their older coworkers.

During the Sun sextile Saturn transit, people are more patient, ethical and persevering. This will come with an increased sense of duty, meaning many will be able to reach their goals for as long as the Sun is in sextile with Saturn.

Everyone will be more practical and determined to not make a single mistake for the entire period of it.

This is a good time for earning the respect of many, especially of those in positions of authority, such as their managers and even parents. Others will get promoted and recognized for their skills at work, not to mention they’ll work harder than usual because partying would only seem pointless to them.

The way they perform and their patience will get recognized and they’ll collaborate very well with more mature individuals who are experimented in completing projects and obtaining good results, no matter what they may be trying.

Their slow and precise methods will bring them a lot of success. This aspect is also beneficial for gardening and coming up with good plans for the future. It is a week in which everything works just fine because many are focusing all of their energy on making their dreams come true, no matter if they’d want to just lose some weight or to climb the Everest.

Many will be more successful working all alone, but this doesn’t mean the sextile between the Sun and Saturn won’t help them when having to collaborate because they’d still be pragmatic and sensible.

These qualities will get noticed and be appreciated by authority figures and those more able to concentrate will stay focused for longer times, not to mention they’ll establish their priorities in a very clear manner.

As far as work goes, they’ll make important decisions regarding their own long-term plans. For this to happen, they’ll need to put onto paper all of their objectives and dreams because this piece of paper will establish the patterns they’re going to follow and how they’ll organize in the future.

No one will be interested in trivial things for as long the Sun is in sextile with Saturn, so people shouldn’t push themselves to be all smiles or too friendly.

They could just keep things moving gradually and focus on their plans for the future because they’ll manage to catch up with their friends the next week.

The Sun sextile Saturn transit is known to help people focus and more open to deal with details, even those ones they don’t like in particularly. They’ll enjoy being instructed by others and be more efficient when respecting the rules.

The day of the Sun sextile Saturn aspect is good for addressing serious responsibilities and completing tasks that have been postponed.

Commitments made during this transit will last for a lifetime, whereas the assumed responsibilities will strengthen many characters.

This transit is considered very positive because it eases the mind and shapes characters into becoming more considerate and assertive. Many will come across different opportunities for some steady and important responsibilities.

Those who have worked hard will receive a lot of recognition for having strong morals and being more resilient from a physical point of view.

Many will meet with older friends who have always been sincere with them, not to mention they’ll receive a lot of help from these people, for a long period of time. Minds will be steadier and more focused, whereas people will persevere when it comes to deeper matters regarding their inner nature.

The strong influence of the Sun will help them build a strong reputation for themselves, so they should do everything they can in order to remain trustful and sure of their future. If they’ll be more self-disciplined and have a lot of patience, the Universe will send them what they need in order to make it on their way to success.

This is a time in which many are feeling more disciplined, focused and aware of their priorities.

All natives in the zodiac will try and achieve their most practical objectives, so they shouldn’t hesitate to prepare themselves for a great future and good results will come from their projects.

It’s a beneficial time for doing things all alone and advancing at work because everyone is more sensitive and pragmatic.

Therefore, all natives should take advantage of this transit and develop long-term plans for themselves and not forget to take things easily. Their decisions and objectives should have strong documentation because they’ll focus on them for many months after the aspect has passed.

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