September 7th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Virgo?


Virgos born on September 7th are looking to have peace of mind in their lives. They’re optimistic, big intellectuals and always focused on the small details. At the same time, they want to have love in their life, not to mention they’re perfectionists.

  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling body: Mercury
  • Representative color: Navy Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Chamomile
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Motto: I analyze!
  • Celebrities: Grandma Moses, Elia Kazan, Eazy-E, Andy Hug, Gloria Gaynor, Toby Jones, Rachel Evan Wood and Hannah Herzsprung.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Beautiful on the inside, September 7th zodiac natives don’t want to seem skeptical or insecure, no matter what they may be doing. Looking to for beauty in all of its forms, they want to have balance between how their mind and body work together. The day in which they’re born indicates they’re practical and very intelligent, as well sensitive.

More than this, these natives want to have their life organized and a strong foundation for anything they may be doing. Paying great attention to their work, their financial rewards can come their way sooner than later.

Being very creative and knowing how to appreciate value, they can realize that when they’re investing all of their efforts into a project, they can really make things happen. Capricorn is the ruler of their decanate, also the sign that influences these natives to be methodical and to take care of matters while keeping their common sense.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 2, 19, 21 and 39.

These Virgos are usually very proud of their own work and struggle to reach perfection. At the same time, they’re dutiful and want to have control over any situation.

This means they’re responsible and can manage any task at hand, but their emotions need to be kept under control, especially if they don’t want to have moods or to become too stubborn in their seriousness.

Having high ideals and being sensitive, these people want to help others more than anything else. Because they’re talented when it comes to the business sector, they can be considered true realists. If they want to avoid being mentally stressed, they should reflect more on their own life, as well meditate.

Practical, intuitive and able to focus on their job, they’re famous for their many talents. Numerologists and astrologers are saying these natives can become even more successful when no longer hurrying and when learning how to delegate their work.

Therefore, the more they’re open to cooperate, the more they can gain. If things happen the way they want them to, they’re compassionate and loving. However, when nothing goes the way they desire, it’s easy for them to no longer have positive feelings.

If they don’t focus so much on being superior, they can truly work towards the interests of their group, ending up leaders one way or the other.

Virgos whose birthday is on September 7th are determined to succeed, so it’s normal for them to have an agitated life, as well to succeed and fail more often than others. When trying to become someone, they can come across different difficulties, so they shouldn’t expect to not face any obstacle in life.

Positive traits of September 7th zodiac

Able to easily express themselves, unique and fighting for their high ideals, people born on September 7th have original ideas and can come up with solutions others wouldn’t even think of. This means they don’t solve problems the normal way.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity.

Because they can see how things actually are and their ideas are most of the time realistic, it can be said these Virgos are the best allies.

In case they want to make a change in the world, it’s important that they have a plan and express themselves very clearly. More than this, they need to carefully choose their associates because their plans can’t succeed if they’re not working with the right people.

Negative traits of September 7th zodiac

A September 7th birthday individual can be quite hypocritical. Natives born on this day are usually doing the opposite of what they say, no matter if it’s about their personal life or their career.

At some point, they can end up no longer wanting to live by their own standards, which can be wrong for them. In case they want to impose their standards of living on others, they should be ready to live according to what they preach.

Sometimes very stressed and not knowing what society is imposing on them, they should still continue to talk about the truth they know, even if they can get lost in their own philosophies and end up not having faith. No matter what, these natives should think their knowledge is good enough to help them survive and make their dreams come true.

Love Horoscope for the September 7th Virgo

Practical and relying only on facts, people whose birthday is on September 7th usually hide their sensitivity and emotions. They can feel what others are feeling, so their relationships are usually productive. However, if they decide to hide under a tough shell and to not allow others in, they can end up isolated and moody.

Their love connections should be based on what others need from them. Most of the time ready to make friends and charming, these natives show how much they care about others by being helpful.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

September 7th zodiac natives are very loyal and don’t mind committing all of their time to the one who happens to be their lover. While not showing it, they’re passionate. It’s unlikely for them to get married with someone who doesn’t have the same interests as they do because they know such a union would end in a disaster.

It’s true for others that opposites attract, but not for them. It can be said the world doesn’t quickly understands them, especially when it comes to love. No matter what they may be doing, it’s important that these Virgos find their determination and strength, as well that they’re creative and lead others to accept their ideas.

When being accepted in a group, they usually start to look for their lover. When it comes to emotions, they may have some issues dealing with what they feel because they’re impatient to make changes in their love life.

It’s not like they want to be victims, they just don’t know exactly what they want from their romantic connections, neither where their passion resides.

Career and life purpose

As far as career goes, a native with the September 7th birthday has big dream and can sometimes make things happen. This is because people born on this day are spiritual and possess a strong intuition, even if they’re scared to fail.

As a matter of fact, they should avoid fearing failure because this can lead them to no longer achieve their objectives or reach their true potential. At the same time, these natives are passionate about the paranormal and want to solve any mystery, so their skills can’t be all the time explained.

Somehow, their intuition and inner feelings seem to guide them, no matter what they may be doing. Practical and able to perceive anything in their surroundings, these Virgos can become successful in any profession. Therefore, they could decide to be scientists, businesspeople or artists.

Because they’re methodical and focused, they always have a plan for what’s about to happen. Organized and very intelligent, they’re passionate about the world of commerce and can use their organizational talents to become the best.

Their bosses always appreciate them for working hard and being reliable, as well responsible. Communicative and ready to analyze anything, they should become writers or teachers.

When allowing their imagination to play more, they can come up with great art pieces and even compose music. Many of the people born under the September 7th zodiac are not so focused on making money because they want to more to be spiritual and to take care of their mind.

Therefore, they may decide to be religious gurus or philosophers. This is why their money may come their way later in life, as soon as they know how to value their ideas. It’s good the spotlight seems to want them and that others are attracted to their way of thinking.

September 7th zodiac final thoughts

While dependable and able to come up with the most desirable results, natives born on September 7th are still restless and want to explore as many adventures as possible. If they repress these urges of theirs, they can end up being unsatisfied and look to escape reality.

Luckily, they have a special magnetism and a charm that can help them fix any problem with others. When it comes to how these natives can achieve success, things are pretty clear.

They need to keep being themselves. In case they want to impose their own ideas on others, they should be sure that they master the subject they’re discussing. At the same time, they should be an example for others, as well bring to the table as much as they can.

At your best: Grounded, action oriented and charming.
At your worst: Interfering, stupid and unkind.

This is how they can become great leaders and convince others to fight for their causes. While looking for stability and security, people born under the September 7th zodiac are also scared of boredom.

They can end up being stuck in a rut when they don’t have variety, but also if situations aren’t smooth. The opportunities that reveal themselves to these natives are usually outside their everyday routine. It’s important for them to be patient and to find the harmony for their own soul.

At the same time, they shouldn’t be tied up to certain habits and activities because they need to feel free and to express their individuality. The more they try to meet the expectations of their friends and family and want to achieve perfection, the more unhappy they become.

More than this, these Virgos need to learn how to relax, especially if they want to identify any opportunity coming their way. Also, they should try and avoid working with the old methods because they have the ability to stay connected with a higher realm and to help the mankind evolve.

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