September 28th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Libra?


Libra people born on September 28th are all about principles, emotions, and a sense of beauty that pervades everything. These natives like giving it their all to succeed, to work hard for their goals, and to persist no matter what.

  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Rose
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Bronze
  • Birthstone: Opal
  • Motto: I balance!
  • Celebrities: Ed Sullivan, Naomi Watts, Dita Von Teese, Brigitte Bardot, Confucius, Mira Sorvino, Hilary Duff and Peter Finch.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

September 28th zodiac people see things that others can’t, and this perception sustains their prolonged efforts. The charismatic and entertaining personality attracts many successful people who want to impart their live advice.

These Libras care about people in a compassionate way, and they help those who want to help others. They can sure talk someone into doing something as if they were born to be this persuasive and diplomatic.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 9, 14, 29 and 33.

Social butterflies, this is what September 28th Libras are, essentially. They know how to treat people so that they have it easy when befriending them. The world of art winks at them from afar, a sign of the impending synergy of their talents.

These people know what they want to do and how to get it, to such an extent that their social interactions are weaved around this concept. They are charming and charismatic, emitting a certain kind of attractiveness that drives people crazy.

It’s not physical attractiveness, not necessarily. Though, they will make others surround them with a specific type of appeal. They will get what they want, even if it’s coming from others.

These people might also put their future in peril simply because they try too hard, using uncommon methods to get to a certain goal. They are driven to obsession and might even hurt others unwittingly in the meantime.

Libra natives might want to help others and to support their efforts but that stops when it interferes with their plans. Their mood is what matters in the end.

Monetarily speaking, Libras are all in, trying to reach success and gain a lot of money. Their instincts are in the right place as well, and with so much potential, there’s no way they can’t win out at life.

Balance is essential here, knowing how to equalize between work and fun, between personal life and profession. Intuition and instincts often determine the outcome. Spontaneity brings the much-needed dynamism.

He/she is driven by a lot of fiery dynamism, led by a spontaneous need to do what seems right at that specific moment. They are charismatic and volcanic, spontaneous and impulsive. Not too many people can truly appreciate their nature though.

Positive traits of September 28th zodiac

This birthdate talks a lot about the Libra belonging to the September 28th. It says that he/she is very charismatic and appealing to others. At the same time, they love the spotlight, being admired and respected.

A good affirmation for you to use is: Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.

When they make their appearance, people simply stop what they were doing and take a good look at him/her.

They might have too much enthusiasm and optimism sometimes but people still like this native. He/she makes everything so that people appreciate what he/she does. This isn’t that hard to achieve. With imagination and inventiveness, it’s easy to come up with good ideas to change the mood of an event.

These Libra natives are prepared, determined, and ambitious enough to do anything to get to his/her goals. No one can interfere with their desires and overcome their ambitions. Whoever needs help can come to Libras at any time. They will share their success recipe and offer aid whenever.

Negative traits of September 28th zodiac

One large negative aspect about the Libra born on September 28th is that he/she is impulsive and aggressive at times. Because of the innate inability to fully express his/her emotions, they swell up inside, only to explode later on.

The disaster is imminent with these natives. It can happen at any time, and by looking at their impulsive and impatient attitude, it’s easy to see why Libras are as entertaining as they are dangerous.

Love Horoscope for the September 28th Libra

Thanks to all the emotions, persuasiveness, and naturally charismatic nature, the Libra native with a September 28th zodiac is likable and appealing. He/she feels compassionate with friends and family.

Most of the times, his/her experiences with people are varied, impulsive and unexpected. A Libra person is empathetic and sensual though, able and willing to change for the nurturing of a relationship.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

Independence and freedom of thinking are still immensely important though. Indeed, tediousness and boredom aren’t welcome, not by a longshot. But a period of relaxation and comfort is just as needed. Only a like-minded partner who has approximately the same goals will understand their nature.

They are driven by passionate desires and sexual cravings. Of course, they will try to stop others from seeing their nature because of the embarrassment. With an understanding and compassionate partner who can empathize with their feelings, it’s much easier to share.

Still, the way they unconsciously close themselves down and become inflexible is worrying. It lets them transform into aggressive and irascible people who are strained by social interactions.

To find a perfect partner implies knowledge of the self. A Libra should first and foremost try to introspect his/her own psyche, find out what he/she wants from life. Solitude is necessary here.

Emotionally, this native needs to share the traumas of the past and to make sure that these events don’t influence his/her future dealings with people. If he/she accepts the tragedy and emotional vulnerability of his/her life, then it’ll all start to take on another turn.

They should only make friends that are willing to help and support them during these times. Past disappointments should be looked upon as experiences that they should learn from. A partner would understand their true nature.

Career and life purpose

Knowing that the Libra person with a September 28th zodiac is generous and altruistic, it’s incredibly easy to make the association between him/her and a doctor or a nurse. Working for the people, with the people.

This doesn’t mean they’ll server people willingly until exhaustion. They won’t let themselves be manipulated or used either.

The potential is immense in their case – Libras are strong enough to activate in the realm of art, increasing their literary or musical skills to a peak. Moreover, their intuitive and spiritual talents can be used for religious goals, to gather lost people and guide them forward.

They can see the true nature of things, much like the prophets of the past. They analyze and peer beyond the veil, and they’re pretty good at it as well. Deducing, analyzing, and giving out commandments as per the instructions of common sense is what they do best.

With great ideas come great responsibilities and great perseverance. Libras are idealistic people who can attract people under the same banner. They work for the people, helping and looking for a state of peace and balance in the world.

These people can become great journalists for a change because of their motivations – they believe in common-sense and noble goals, to change the world through knowledge. Creativity might lead them to the world of art as well.

September 28th zodiac final thoughts

Libra people with a September 28th zodiac are loving and compassionate toward intimate friends and family. They can love everyone with the same amount of love, actually.

At your best: Peaceful, motivating and friendly.
At your worst: Tactless, detached and vulgar.

In this sense, they need to be with themselves from time to time, to forget about people’s problems for once. They shouldn’t have to take on so much pressure. Simply let go and learn to be satisfied with themselves should do just fine.

Clearly, they want validation and confirmation but they can train themselves to be self-sufficient in this sense. They don’t actually need to satisfy people’s needs, not necessarily.

If they simply learn to be at ease with their own nature, with who they are and how they feel about things, the better they’ll feel overall. Confidence will grow exponentially.

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