September 22nd Zodiac: What’s Special About You Virgo?


September 22nd people are so close to the zodiac of the Libra that they actually share some traits with this sign too. Pragmatic, persistent, and attentive to the details, Virgos with this birthdate challenge the world and never back off.

  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling body: Mercury
  • Representative color: Navy Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Chamomile
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Motto: I analyze!
  • Celebrities: Andrea Bocelli, Rosamunde Pilcher, Dean Reed, Billie Piper, Michael Faraday, Tom Felton, Nick Cave and Miroslav Smotlacha.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Most likely, these natives will appreciate beauty when they see it. They emanate it at all times, as a matter of fact. Intuitive and perceptive, Virgos notice things that others don’t, though they can criticize a little too much.

They have their own ideas which they implement, and they always enjoy speaking to people. Diplomacy is something they should capitalize on. Curious, intelligent, and an avid learner, this native is versatile and eclectic in his/her tastes and interests. With friends, he/she knows how to have fun, how to make jokes and puns, bring entertainment to the table.

Being born on the September 22nd zodiac means that they are highly knowledgeable of what makes people tick. They are analytic and careful of their friends. This is the reason for their small yet intimate group of friends.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 2, 11, 29 and 39.

Unfortunately, Virgos aren’t very grounded or stable as other natives of this zodiac. The disrupted equilibrium will create problems later on, to such an extent that most problems will have this aspect in common.

Isolation and expressionless living are not exactly the healthiest of ways to cope with a tough situation. Virgos need to become open-minded, calm, and patient in their interactions with others. They have to work around their aggressive impulses, to express their emotions in a healthy and peaceful way.

These natives care about appearances and how people see them. And so, they try to look and behave their best. They love having their ideas appreciated by others, which tells them of the importance of intuition in decision-making.

Positive traits of September 22nd zodiac

Profound emotions of love and affection animate this Virgo with a September 22nd zodiac. They are expressive, open-minded, and sensitive. Whoever needs help can call on them to be there. With enough motivation, they will do anything it takes.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I endeavor to be the best that I can be.

One of the reasons why they’re often so successful in sales is because of this great persistence and empathy. They are actually incredibly talents in this respect, which earns them the respect and admiration of people.

Evidently, there’s going to be some shaping up necessary at the beginning of it all. But then again, who was born perfect and knowledgeable?

Negative traits of September 22nd zodiac

They have the tendency to ignore the delineation of their emotional and rational sides of their personality. Virgos can overexert themselves with emotional instability. No barriers means that anyone can affect them. Concentration is wasted and lost as a consequence.

With relationships, these Virgos have little success in the beginning. They are egotistic and selfish most of the times, not realizing that they also have to offer something in return.

Compromises, sacrifices on both sides, these aspects are integral for a successful relationship. However, some things are just not meant to be. Successful cooperation of partners will lead to happiness and success in the end.

Love Horoscope for the September 22nd Virgo

With emotions and love, Virgos belonging to the September 22nd zodiac are impulsive, unstable, and very fleeting. This means that anything influences them. Rationality tends to have no effect on their decisions.

Obviously, they’ll have to suffer disappointments, disillusionment, even betrayals because of this aspect. Unless they manage to understand their desires, shortcomings, and personality, that is. They should learn to reject the manipulative people.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 8th, 10th, 17th, 19th, 26th and 28th.

Power struggles will become casual even in their relationships. Everyone will lose control, judgments will be thrown here and there, and disappointments will ensue. The ideal partner is grounded, sensitive, and understanding. Someone who is actually in synch with their own emotional world.

Despite their powerful convictions and beliefs, Virgo people care a lot about relationships and love. They want to be with someone, which is why they try their best to maintain that partnership when it appears. Diplomatic, extroverted and expressive, these people want a permanent relationship.

They will be devoted, loyal, and understanding towards their partner. At the same time, they shouldn’t become jealous or possessive simply because they don’t receive the attention they believe they deserve.

Career and life purpose

There are three possible fields he/she can activate in – working with words, writing or teaching others; working in PR with people, interacting with different kinds of individuals, selling products or promoting them; in commerce, emphasizing their leadership propensities. They can take on great undertakings and still come out on top.

They are organized and systematic with how they resolve tasks which can recommend them for a similar work prospect. Generous, altruistic, and compassionate, these Virgos will also spend their time raising funds for the disadvantaged or achieving humanitarian goals.

A Virgo native with a September 22nd zodiac birthday is quite unsure and uncertain of his/her ability to succeed. It takes great willpower and persistence to get there, and this native is doubtful whether he/she possesses such skills or not.

They need to be confident, to trust in their own talents and potential. Moreover, one needs a clear definition of success, a concrete goal in mind, and also enough ambition to follow that goal indefinitely.

Despite their self-derision tendencies and self-criticizing propensities, Virgos are capable of overcoming this. Namely, by being honest to themselves, striving to be tolerant, open, and flexible.

September 22nd zodiac final thoughts

They are very receptive and welcoming of affection and well-intended people who have good reasons to be there. In turn, they offer the same generosity and kindness, doubling it.

If someone dares to challenge their views or deride their efforts, pride will take over, and they will respond in kind. They are easily irritated and annoyed by such attempts, even if someone only contradicts them.

With such sensitivity, it’s not a surprise that they often lose contact with people. However, intuition helps them focus on a certain goal as if their whole lives depended on it. Persistence, great ambitions, and immense perseverance point them in the right direction all the time.

At your best: Realistic, generous and determined.
At your worst: Stingy, silly and untidy.

Being self-aware and uncovering their true motivations, seeing what makes them tick. Virgos will eventually manage to become more functional. Moreover, they will be able to convert this into a professional interest. They can become excellent psychologists. People will be inspired and motivated by such determination.

Becoming selfless and kind starts from one single step – knowing how to make fun of oneself. Mistakes and failures are indeed serious but one doesn’t need to become depressive or psychologically scarred either.

Virgos born on September 22nd have to learn to take it easy. They need to become easy-going, relaxed, comfortable with their own mistakes and failures.

There are two sides to this native – either a benevolent, successful and empathetic person who brings a company on the cusp of success. Or the impulsive and uncontrollable partner who dominates and abuses of the partner’s emotions.

This all comes down to how exactly he/she decides to develop from a point forward. Accountability, mental maturity, awareness, all of these hinge on one single aspect – realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around him/her.

Understanding and assimilating that as the truth is integral to happiness in their case. They need to change their tune in all aspects of their life. Only by doing that will they truly enact a change.

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