September 17th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Virgo?


Virgo natives born on September 17th are very quick-witted and perceptive, with a good talent for expressing emotions and thoughts. These people are free and independent, intelligent and smart as a whip.

  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling body: Mercury
  • Representative color: Navy Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Chamomile
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Motto: I analyze!
  • Celebrities: Ken Kessey, Anne Bancroft, Baz Luhrmann, John Ritter, Edgar Mitchell, Kyle Chandler, Keith Flint and Anastacia.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

These Virgos are very funny to most people simply because they understand how humans work. Some will feel offended and hurt by their sly remarks but others will surely appreciate them.

They want to know things, to be motivated and inspired by new ideas, and to take all the opportunities presented. If they somehow end up becoming dubious or uncertain, their potential will drop as a consequence.

Natives with a September 17th zodiac love all things, especially luxury ones, which makes them quite eccentric and extravagant. In all seriousness, they aren’t very serious, at least not as much as they make it out to be. Comfort and relaxation, that’s all they ever wanted.

Imagination and creativity are two of the aspects that make this native a well-rounded one, though he/she isn’t one to work in a team. With extreme rationalism and doubtless logic, he/she likes to have clarity of thought, precise information, and that others accept their claims as the truth.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 6, 14, 25 and 31.

If they find the correct outlets to let their potential run free, they will be stimulated enough to increase their innovative drive. With logic and rationality, they will discern the good information from the deceits, respond quickly to opportunities and challenges, while also exerting patience.

However, they also want to be entertained, to move in a direction and satisfy their cravings. Changes are welcome at any time if it means changing a direction towards something good. All this spontaneous moving about makes them insecure and unsure of their future, and so a balance is needed if they are to be successful.

Virgos belonging to the September 17th zodiac know when something is right or wrong. Ethically, they defend their principles, and they fight for a sense of justice. When there are conflicts going about, Virgos are in the thick of it, struggling to gain a win.

Positive traits of September 17th zodiac

These natives are in deep connection to the increasingly dynamic energies of the world, understanding more and more of it. Such is their desire and want, to adventure throughout the world, to explore and unknowns, and to befriend interesting people.

A good affirmation for you to use is: Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

His/her friends believe that nothing is impossible when a Virgo is on the scene, making the moves.

In fact, this native does not believe it either that there is something he/she cannot do. Shortcuts become evident to a Virgo, innovative and simplistic solutions are clear, and everything seems to fit in the right place.

Negative traits of September 17th zodiac

When life has something to retort to their winning streaks, these natives end up depressed, psychologically strained, lacking the stability to base their confidence on. Their inner drive is lost to oblivion.

At times, Virgos become aggressive, unforgiving, and relentless in their passions. In fact, the reason for this is their intolerance for foolish and different ideas. They are certain that everything has a certain way of being, and that anything different is naïve.

Whoever says differently is clearly out of their mind, and they’ll enter a direct conflict with these Virgos. Something has to be wrong with these people’s minds to claim such stupidity.

Love Horoscope for the September 17th Virgo

They might be very keen and intelligent but this doesn’t mean that they open themselves to anyone. They are reserved with their feelings, in fact. With relationships, they want ambitious and relentless partners to know that a prosperous future is built through hard work and ingenuity. A balance must be struck in this case.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st.

People born under the September 17th zodiac are stressed out maximally when people overuse their emotional resilience. Most of the times, they are libertine and free to do as they see fit. Some relationships go wrong for so many reasons, and that’s why they find themselves overexerted.

If they find the right person, then they’ll devote totally to that relationship. They will become cozy, loving, and affectionate towards that person. For this, Virgos must regain their identity, learn to coexist with their selves in a harmonious bond.

Between their needs/wants and inspiration to achieve them, they need to balance out both energies. A perfect partner will help with this process, and clear out the fog enveloping Virgos.

Career and life purpose

These natives have hobbies, lots of them, especially in the field of sciences where they can fully exert their rational and logical perspectives. They care about the little things with a meticulous drive, able to discern, deduce, and extrapolate data from seemingly disconnected elements with ease.

They know how to do the right thing, and they always pursue their principles without giving in to temptations. Analytic and quick to realize the general course of events, Virgos will likely end up successful much earlier than others.

This is because their instincts are top notch, especially when applied to the world of business and entrepreneurial undertakings. September 17th zodiac natives simply need a purpose to follow, and a method of reducing stress. The rest is history.

Knowing how profound and analytic they are in their undertakings, Virgos are simply made to work in the field of science. Of course, they can also work in economy or finances, seeing their practicality and mathematical mindset.

Medicine, the law, writing or debating on a public scene, a literary critic, all of these occupations might be fitting for these natives. Should they have propensities in either of these fields, they should clearly follow that path.

September 17th zodiac final thoughts

He/she inwardly knows how the world works, the value of money and what one can achieve with it, as well as the overall value of goods. Financial independence is the end-goal in life.

A Virgo knows that money is merely the beginning, and only through intuition, imagination, and foresight could they possibly reach a level of happiness that’s on par with their expectations.

They will want to be left alone from time to time, only to digest everything they’ve learned in the meantime. Moreover, Virgos have to understand that different opinions aren’t inherently bad or wrong. And neither are their proponents dangerous foes that have to be vanquished.

At your best: Detail-oriented, prudent and decisive.
At your worst: Dishonest, careless and overemotional.

Analyzing people, knowing their motivations, and understanding why they’re saying something will make Virgos much more versatile and successful.

Professionally, they will get much more effective and responsible, as they grow older because they realize how important it is to be productive. Putting in the necessary effort in outlets that help one develop and reach happiness is entirely worthwhile in their view.

At the same time, a Virgo native should be diplomatic and calm when discussing with others, even when a contradiction arises. This is simply a first step towards gaining a reputation with others, one of a charismatic and charming person.

These people can even become the leaders of a generation, taking everyone to a new future, to the hopeful yearnings and goals that each member nurtures. If they simply manage to harness this potential, nothing else will matter.

This power right here, the one to lead people and act on their charismatic personality, it will make everyone motivated, inspired, and left in awe. Virgos are generally very idealistic, ambitious, and determined to reach those goals in this lifetime. However, they shouldn’t use this relentlessness to take advantage of others.

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