Scorpio in 7th House: Intense and Unforgiving


Individuals born with Scorpio in 7th House attract people with influence and power. What they need to fear the most about themselves is their possessiveness and jealous attitude.

They need devoted and dependable partners who are ready to work hard by their side. Most of the time, they suppressing their feelings, so this can be noticed in the attitude they have towards their lover.

Scorpio on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Persuasive, ambitious and generous;
  • Negatives: Jealous and deceiving;
  • Advice: Avoid becoming too combative and possessive in your relationships;
  • Celebrities: Nikola Tesla, Taylor Lautner, Camila Cabello, Michael Schumacher, Vivien Leigh.

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An intense personality

A Scorpio in the Seventh House knows how to fight others by exploiting their emotions. However, they need to learn how to be perseverant and to adapt to any internal change happening to them.

The 7th House Scorpio individual needs to have a relationship to keep going in life because natives with this placement want to partner up, no matter if it’s in their personal or professional life.

They want to spend their time with influential and creative personalities, so they’re choosing a partner who has a lot of power and an active life. For them, their relationships represent challenges. This is because they tend to find with their partners when they’re too possessive and domineering.

These natives are fascinated by power and a good reputation. This is why they want to be with someone who’s energetic and has enough creativity to achieve anything he or she wants.

However, they should avoid being possessive, combative and jealous. Their need to regenerate in front of their partner and the public is usually coinciding with their need to be spiritually detached.

The Seventh House is the one of partnership, so the Scorpio here can make it about relationships with others, also about connections that are strong and very intimate.

People with this placement can even obsess over others. They’re so intense that they can overwhelm others and become controlling. This is when they’re scary, making their partner want to run away from them.

It can also happen that they’re with others like them and they get scared themselves. Regardless of how the situation is, they need to be aware that they’re treating their partnerships very seriously. They shouldn’t be intimate unless sure they’re with someone who thinks the same way they do.

Being so intense and having so much passion, 7th House Scorpios need to know themselves very well before positively impacting the world in their surroundings.

This is why they’re struggling when young. It’s very likely they’re not feeling good in their skin and therefore, around their loved ones. As soon as they’re familiar with both their dark and light traits, they can appreciate them in others.

People born with Scorpio in the 7th House want to be with someone who has a lot of power because they don’t like to control their other half too easily.

Because they need a partner, they’d do anything to have him or her. However, they can fight for control in the couple, so they need to learn how to treat their lover as equal. At least they’re loyal and think that being in a relationship can make them truly happy.

Not letting things go easily

Individuals born with Scorpio in Seventh House should be aware of the fact that their philosophy of life needs to be firm and to function constructively.

For them to be part of life, they need to identify themselves with it. When involved with someone, they’re usually looking for security, just like they do when it comes to other aspects of life as well.

When not having this security, they can become too possessive. However, they need to be aware of the fact that people can’t be possessed, as well they have to know that spirituality is what matters the most in life because things can be gone in a second.

This is teaching them how to let go, which can be very difficult for these natives to do. By direct reaction to the 1st House, they need to understand that their partnerships are supposed to be extroverted and not too conservative.

If it is for them to feel complete, they need to accept the fact that they’re intense and passionate, as well as profound and complex. Because of this, they’ll end up being with people like them, meaning their relationships can be very intense and at the same time controversial.

More than this, they can discover their shadows when being involved with someone. They must learn to love their shadow side and profoundness because these can teach them a lot about their power. Their emotions can bring a lot into discussions, especially when they’re meeting someone as emotional as they are.

The influence natives born with Scorpio in the Seventh House have over others can be of mystery and very profound. More than this, these natives feel more forceful when influencing anyone. However, they should look to heal rather than to be in control. The dynamic of their relationships is all about seduction and magic.

Not taking emotions lightly

When heartbroken, these natives can be truly dark. They can end up stalking, manipulating or ruining the life of their ex. Some decide to cut off the person who left them and to never call again. They must see heartbreak as a means for them to become wiser and to be more powerful.

For the Seventh House Scorpios to be happy, they need intimacy more than anything else. It’s difficult to please this placement because it gives a need for tenderness and affection, things that many usually dismiss.

People having it in their birth chart know their happiness comes according to what emotions the Moon is transmitting to them. They can love their Self more if they’re forgiving, forgetful and ready to make important changes in their life when it’s time.

As soon as they’re making a priority out of feeling satisfied, they can have a healthier connection with what’s happening in their lives and the decisions they’re making. But until this happens, they’re jealous and possessive, with their happiness somewhere in the distance.

They must deal with their inner need to destroy because they may upset people who can give them a hand in the future. More than this, they should avoid having extreme emotions and being suspicious or too angry.

Some of them are too manipulative and they need to stop. Some of their relationships need to sometimes stop and start again when the level is changed. The person born with Scorpio in the Seventh House needs to take care of his or her lover from the outer world, to make this person more responsible and mature.

When it comes to marriage, people born with Scorpio in 7th House are extremely jealous. Therefore, they can’t stand their lover having friends. Their spouses must understand they’re complex people who need to be intimate at the most profound level.

Besides, the person who’s with them should be humble and ready to build their relationship differently, each time. This can result in them having a long-term connection that’s based on love and mutual respect.

The 7th House Scorpio individual is constant and if he or she manages to find a partner who completes him or her, the relationship is sure to resist for quite a while. They want someone who’s spontaneous and loyal because they are this way themselves. They need to choose their soulmate in the most sensitive manner.

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