Pisces in 11th House: Relentless and Devoted


People born with Pisces in 11th House are compassionate and always giving with their loved ones. However, if they’re not choosing their friends wisely, they can end up disillusioned.

They are extremely devoted to everyone they love, like the only partner or a soulmate can be. When friends with someone, these natives give themselves completely, regardless of what they need to sacrifice.

Pisces on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Pioneering, subtle and vivacious;
  • Negatives: Cruel and compulsive;
  • Advice: No need to always make a move, be more patient with yourself;
  • Celebrities: Will Smith, Pamela Anderson, Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher, Salman Khan.

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A real charmer

When it comes to what gives those born with Pisces in the Eleventh House inner strength, this is love and their relationships. These are the things that simply get them out of the most difficult situations.

They can combine wisdom with emotions in the most balanced manner. More than this, when deciding where to reside, they prefer to listen to their intuition and what their emotions are saying. For this reason, they can interact only with those who have a harmonious connection with them.

It can sometimes be difficult to take them off the pedestal where they’ve put themselves. Just like they would have Neptune in their Eleventh House, natives with Pisces in 11th House tend to prepare themselves for disillusion before making a new friend.

In any case, they know how to idealize anyone and to make others feel like they’re perfect, which is also giving them a good disposition, but at the same time, it causes extreme pain if they happen to be betrayed. While they can’t forget betrayals, they’re never allowing for anything nasty to happen again.

Those with Neptune in the 11th House must always set the proper limits for themselves because they can idealize their loved ones, not to mention they can have others telling them who to be friends with.

If they keep being conservative and adopt their views, it’s possible for them to no longer have to deal with situations they wouldn’t like.

These natives should be careful to not have others taking advantage of them, as well they should take good care of their belongings, but at the same time not see these as everything they have. They should be careful around those who can suck their energy because appearances can misguide them.

Individuals born with Pisces in 11th House or with Neptune tend to abandon their friends when these no longer have money, especially if this planet is in square with another one in the 2nd House or the ruler here. In case they’re making any mistake or offend someone, they can be stressed for a long period.

If someone is disappointing them, they can reproach themselves from that person. In case they don’t care that much about how they’re developing from a spiritual point of view, they can become parasites and use others to accomplish their goals, no matter their mood.

These people would do just about anything for their loved ones, but they need to be seen as who they are, as well as accepted. They’re giving and want to offer more than they have. Besides, they dream of helping in the most incredible ways. Their friendships are blurred because they don’t easily trust others with their problems.

In case they believe in spreading their love and not expect anything in return, their soulmates from previous lifetimes can come their way.

When it comes to what makes their relationships stronger, this is innocence, changes, and rebirth. When a relationship ends for them, they’re being pushed to always take the right path.

Devoted and friendly

Not too intimate, 11th House Pisces prefer to keep people at a distance. What they need to do the most is letting themselves sink in their connections with others, as well as not fear they’re going to get betrayed at some point. When their friends are at sea or somewhere in a different land, they can still share their emotions.

Looking at things from different perspectives than the already mentioned ones, natives born with Pisces in 11th House are attracted to deeply spiritual groups.

If their birth chart is well aspected, they may want to take part in everything meant to make their consciousness expand.

These groups can be focused on humanitarian activities and have very altruistic members. The friends of these natives can all the time disappoint them because they want to be called all the time, and given attention.

The same Eleventh House Pisces may start to ask themselves why they are never making the first move or aren’t too interested in what’s going on around them. It’s not that they’re uncaring and ready to make calls, they’re just sensitive to everything related to friendship.

More than this, they’re very devoted and giving with their friends, not minding to sacrifice themselves in difficult situations. There are times when they’re staying in friendships more than they’re supposed to and they no longer can enjoy it as much as it lasts.

Their friends are important for their emotional life as well, but not when they’re feeling guilty and forced to do good for them. This is because these Pisces tend to feel pity for too long and too intensely. Because they’re gullible, there’s the risk for them to end up abused by their loved ones.

For this reason, they should make friends from all areas of life and not be interested in those who don’t have the best intentions with them. More than this, they shouldn’t be around those who are asking them to make any sacrifice or who are vengeful.

Relentless in achieving their goals

Individuals born with Pisces in 11th House don’t mind sacrificing themselves for others, and some of them can do it most healthily.

For some of them, friendship means absolutely nothing, these being the ones who are always looking to make new friends and aren’t in any way responsible for their associates. These are also the ones who can identify the best opportunities in life.

However, they can hurt others when trying to achieve their goals. In case natives born with Pisces in Eleventh House can’t be too strong to develop, they can ask for help and decide to work in teams that can offer them solutions. No matter what’s happening to them, they’re forever optimistic. It’s only rare that some of them suffer from anxiety and are interested in conflicts.

When it comes to their friendships, it can be said these are relaxed because they always find time to help their buddies in the most difficult situations. However, they should learn how to make more compromises and give time to their connections.

When collaborating, an 11th House Pisces individual is compassionate and can understand what’s going on with his or her intuition. When working in teams, natives with this placement can feel what others are going through.

This can be truly overwhelming for them because they can end up not setting limits with their loved ones.

On the same note, they seem to be telepathic and able to become who they want to while interacting with their friends. When they want to win in a situation, these people are taking up different social roles and become elusive.

The more they’re giving their best to see things more clearly, the more they’re becoming puzzled. Therefore, they should only accept who they are because this way, their imagination can be activated and they can become the brilliant persons that they are.

Original artists who are always ready to experiment, individuals born with Pisces in Eleventh House can understand others very well, and they don’t have any idea how.

When it comes to technology, they don’t have a clear perception and instructions are only bothering them. This is because they’re psychics who need to deal with technology through a certain sixth sense.

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