Cancer in 3rd House: A Different Communication Style


People born with Cancer in 3rd House are restless and have a rich imagination, meaning they’re also creative, but not so studious. They are likely the geniuses who got bored in school. They can grow tired and become frustrated when having to learn repetitively, so they should do what they feel comfortable with and follow their minds.

While this can help them be more creative, it can also generate problems because they may refuse to keep their minds busy. At least they have their sensitivity to help them overcome intellectual boredom, especially if they focus more on their emotions and less on facts.

Cancer on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Friendly, respectful and harmonious;
  • Negatives: Narrow-minded and devious;
  • Advice: Take some time to reflect whenever you feel overwhelmed with stress;
  • Celebrities: Azealia Banks, Virginia Woolf, Jessie J, Dua Lipa, Amy Adams, David Letterman.

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Balancing their emotions with their minds

The Third House in Cancer is indicating natives with this placement have inherited their intelligence. For example, they’ve been born in a family of intellectuals and have been educated by their parents and grandparents. However, they may have issues making a difference between their rational thoughts and their emotions, issues that are brought to them by their parents.

For this reason, they need to keep their personality strong and to look after their individuality, especially if they don’t want their mind to feel pressure anymore. The challenge for these natives is to express what they’re feeling in the most practical way that’s accepted by others.

As well, they need to find a balance between their logical mind and emotions. Their memory is simply incredible, so they can remember anything. They’re the easiest to keep in mind anything, especially when emotionally impacted.

These natives never forget what influence some emotions had on them, in different situations. While this helps them to be more understanding, it doesn’t help with their objectivity.

They may have had trouble learning as children, and it hasn’t become easier for them as adults either. Those of them with siblings have had these people playing a very important role in their life when they were little.

A 3rd House Cancer individual tends to intellectualize and be rational about his or her emotions, meaning he or she can’t properly express himself or herself.

What people with this placement feel about themselves is being noticed in their decisions, especially when they’re trying to communicate or to educate themselves. It’s unusual for these people to share their knowledge with people who don’t care about them.

They can easily be impressed by people with authority and who play a protective role in their life. As well, they can be sensitive about those who are encouraging them to exploit their creative side.

Reluctant in relationships

They are capable of identifying the moods of others. As said before, their memory is amazing, so they can gather a lot of information and still be relaxed.

However, this doesn’t mean they’ve been studious during childhood. At least they have their rational way of thinking and believe their family is what they need the most to be happy.

This last-mentioned matter is why they can communicate very efficiently with all of their relatives. Third House Cancers are people who know themselves very well and can efficiently communicate. They have a very developed sense of brotherhood. They tend to be sympathetic and to care a lot for their fellows, without expecting to be praised afterward.

When it comes to their relationships, they’re variable and ruling themselves according to their moods. As far as their relationships with others go, they’re diligent, polite and sensitive.

They don’t want that much to travel, so they may do it only in an emergency or when trying to solve a problem.

The person born with Cancer in Third House can be very affectionate with his or her dear ones. Natives with this placement rarely interact with strangers and only in extreme situations because, in their subconscious, they’re anxious and fearful.

When it comes to their relationships, they prefer to be careful because they don’t completely trust others. It’s very rare for them to open themselves in front of others.

If developed harmoniously, 3rd House Cancers can be very warm from a spiritual point of view. They’re paying a lot of attention to those they trust, not to mention they’re caring and polite as well.

When it comes to learning, they need to feel first. This is why they need to see things through their gut first, and after to use their logic to understand more.

At the same time, they love making people see the rational side of any mystery. However, this also means they can have the opposite side and become completely crazy for others when for themselves, everything seems logical.

If born with siblings, they’re more giving and caring, as well open to talk with them about their feelings. The introverts of them prefer to put their emotions in writing.

In case they don’t have any brother or sister, they may have been the advisor for all the other children in the neighborhood. As adults, they love having neighbors over and gossiping, which can make others think they’re nor trustworthy.

Communicating with ease

Any person influenced by Cancer needs to learn what objective communication means and no longer be so involved in everything because he or she can turn situations into crises and can bring negativity upon him or her.

Therefore, people born with Cancer in the Third House need to have an objective mind and to find solutions to any problem without being negative. More than this, they should communicate metaphysically by always keeping their calm. The Third House is the one of self-care and knowledge.

Those with Cancer here need to visualize how they’re transmitting their knowledge because they can be limited by their own emotions when it comes to this, as well when it comes to communication.

They wouldn’t be able to stand in front of a public and to speak or to recite poetry. When making decisions. They should reflect and be thoughtful because reacting suddenly doesn’t work for them.

Just like other natives in the zodiac, they have their weak points. In case they’re not developed harmoniously, they may be manipulative, selfish and untrustworthy. Those of them who are highly developed possess great insight and can understand their fellow man or woman.

Natives born with Cancer in Third House can learn anything because they’re very emotional and are interested in accumulating more knowledge of any kind. However, they may have problems understanding because they don’t want to let go of some beliefs of theirs.

Many of their opinions can be formed based on some complexes they’re having, but if approached from an emotional point of view, they can be very receptive. Their teachers need to know how to approach them in their group.

They’re the type to not care about colors and visual elements, neither of the vibe of their mentor.

When they are the ones teaching, they can turn their students into pets because they’re employing some sort of spiritual authority, under the influence of Capricorn. This is how they can learn about any rigid subject.

Ever since young, people born with Cancer in the 3rd House have been lazy and not paying attention. It’s good they possess an amazing memory and can remember things for a lifetime.

Being categorical, they may have issues developing healthy relationships. When it comes to how much they love their home, they still love spending time outdoors.

When traveling, they’re usually doing it because they need to take care of their business and to make money, not for pleasure.

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