Libra in 6th House: Looking for a Peaceful Existence


When Libra is in the 6th House, people are more eager to cooperate. More than this, they seem to have a lot of tact and to be diplomatic at their workplace. They like to rule and if things aren’t going the way they want them to, they can no longer perform as they used to. This is why they usually are the heads of unions and can make plead for others.

When mentally strained, they can get physically sick. When not having a proper diet or exercising enough, they can also get all kinds of diseases. Therefore, they should be careful when it comes to these matters.

Libra on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Kind, confident and affable;
  • Negatives: Reckless and forgetful;
  • Advice: Pay attention to your general health, especially during lengthy stressful periods of time;
  • Celebrities: Martin Luther King, Gordon Ramsay, Cate Blanchett, Vivien Leigh, George Washington.

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Looking for a peaceful life

Sixth House Libras are looking to have balanced relationships with their colleagues, this being the reason why they have so much success with their money. When bosses, these natives treat their employees as their equals.

Many of them are the ones who mediate conflicts at work. They’re very good at collaborating and function best when having a partner. If there’s no harmony in their work surroundings, they can become sick.

In other words, the 6th House Libras need balance to be healthy. Some of them can decide to work as beauticians or artists, others may want to become lawyers or judges. Regardless of what they are doing for a living, they need to have a companion because their success depends a lot on this.

These natives can cope with what the collective is doing, so they’re most of the time achieving success when supported by others. This is why they’re the best at teamwork.

Most of the time, they can’t have the money they need without receiving help from their partners. Being connected with others and interacting with them is what they’re doing every day, so their personal life is usually brought into the mundane. These people like to have romances and friendships that aren’t exciting or happening on the spot.

They love a dull life because they think this is what’s helping people develop good relationships. However, they can plan too much the lives of others, so they need to let their loved ones so space to breathe. Sometimes, they can pay more attention to the health of others than to their own.

They want to also make sure their partner is keeping up a good diet and exercise. Because they’re paying so much attention, they can see what diseases others may be suffering from. At the same time, they feel all the positive vibes of the ones who surround them. They want to have their other half joining them in having a healthy life.

People born with Libra in the Sixth House are healthy when everything in their surroundings is balanced because this is what the Scales is influencing them to be like. They like to study what’s keeping them healthy, so they’re responsible for their body, not to mention they can adapt to any new environment.

Approaching relationships intelligently

They may encounter problems when it comes to relationships because they want to get married too much. More than this, the Sixth House is influencing them to want perfection and to turn anything that’s continuously changing into something fixed, so they may always work on this.

Because the Sixth House is the one of work, cleanliness and of making things work again, people with Libra here may choose to have partners who don’t like to clean or are somehow unable to fix anything.

While they’re approaching relationships intelligently, they can’t be satisfied when someone doesn’t understand they deserve to be loved and to have a lot of love in their life. Sixth House Libras are usually successful because they’re diplomatic and refined.

When reaching a high position at work, they don’t start to be unfair and are treating everyone objectively, regardless of their rank. Big gourmands, these natives still prefer to have a nice-looking plate than ingredients of high quality.

Represented by the Scales, the Libra is the sign of balance between work and life. A Sixth House Libra individual feels like him or her needs to be dedicated to working while having some time for his or her hobbies.

However, people with this placement are puzzled when seeing someone is a workaholic and as well when hearing people are complaining about their job. When it comes to their happiness, this comes to them when feeling balanced.

Venus in the Sixth House is a placement of serenity and patience, which is influencing people to be healthy and to have success, no matter what they’re trying to do. Not that people having in their birth chart are very ambitious, they’re just happy with what they need to do in life, even with tasks that others find boring.

Therefore, Sixth House Libras don’t mind the mundane and doing what others hate the most. They’re also a lot about partnering up with others, and this can be seen in them very often because they want to make sure their partner is doing something he or she is happy about.

Also, they want this person in their life to be healthy and to have everything he or she needs. Another way in which they’re making sure their life is taken care of through their partnership is by doing everything with their other half.

Sharing responsibilities is something they love doing because this makes them feel like their life is going smoothly and is simple. Many of them are working from home with their partner or perhaps own a business with the love of their life.

Standing their ground no matter what

Paying attention to beauty, they’re trying to put it a lot in their work. This is why so many of them are artists or designers. No matter what they’re doing, people born with Libra in the Sixth House are most of the time in intellectual environments, so they can be friends with pretentious individuals.

Having a lot of grace and being elegant, they’re involving this in what they are doing, so their everyday work can seem easy for them. As said before, they feel happy and healthy when nothing is disturbing their balance.

If feeling like they’re not obeying the accepted rules and norms, they can be very upset and nervous. The Sixth House is determining what types of bosses they are. Since it’s being ruled by Virgo, natives born with this sign here are paying a lot of attention to every little detail when it comes to the life aspects of this House.

They’re mindful and always interested in how their everyday life is affecting their health, also their personal and professional life. The Sixth House is also one of the pets, these beautiful creatures who are influencing people and their feelings.

When an important planet is transiting the Sixth House, the natives may have changes happening in their careers and regarding their health. These changes don’t have to be negative. For example, they can decide to do something about their diet or to exercise more.

When it comes to mental health, all people need to be accepted by society or they’re starting to become desperate. Some fresh air and beauty can help them in this direction. When a person doesn’t like his or her body or can’t achieve some ideals, he or she can get sick with psychosomatic diseases.

This is usually happening with Sixth House Libras. These natives need to realize they have their bodies as instruments they need to use beautifully, not that they need to the most beautiful persons in the world.

When things at their workplace aren’t going the way they want them to, these natives aren’t looking to reshape their relationships with their colleagues, no matter how many benefits such an action would bring them.

Always happy to give a hand and to work hard, these natives need to do what’s pleasurable because only this way, they can feel fulfilled with their successes. However, they need to avoid routine because this can make their life dull. They’re creative and need to express themselves through writing or by doing art. When it comes to their health, they should pay a lot of attention to their kidneys.

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