Taurus in 1st House: Precise and Composed


People born with Taurus in the 1st House are all about pleasure, looking for love and to obtain satisfaction. When it comes to the difficulties the Taurus, the planet Venus (Taurus’ governing planet) or the First House are posing, these are about enjoying life from all points of view and employing the senses.

The aforementioned natives are physical, but most of the time inactive. They can easily gain weight because they’re consuming a lot of foods and are neglecting their bodies when indulging in pleasure.

Taurus on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Quick-witted, thorough and independent;
  • Negatives: Oversensitive and overcritical;
  • Advice: Be more open to others and less drastic in your judgments before you get to know someone;
  • Celebrities: Donatella Versace, Liza Minnelli, Amelia Earhart, Gabriel García Márquez, Gary Cooper.

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Ready to take action

Others see those born with Taurus in the First House as dependable, constant and patient. These people don’t want to be hurried, especially when in public.

They have to listen to what their senses have to say and possess incredible sensuality. It’s easy for them to stick to their beliefs and to take charge when it comes to their own decisions, regardless of how much they’re being forced not to.

They aren’t the ones to do what others are saying. More than this, they’re practical and many are looking their way when everything is no longer stable or properly working. This is also because they’re constant, reliable and devoted.

Individuals born with Taurus in First House love food, to interact and to live in luxury, as they think life should be lived to the maximum, on every occasion.

Usually composed, they’re becoming raging bulls if someone is challenging them. Not known to act on impulse, they’re planning and thinking of what they’re supposed to do, long before they need to take action. Since they believe only in their principles, it’s difficult for them to finish projects.

When taking action, the person born with Taurus in the First House is never hurrying. More than this, he or she is tolerant because Venus, his or her ruling planet, is also the ruler of elegance, beauty, and love. These people are as well sometimes lazy.

People having a lot of Taurus in their birth chart can be easily convinced, but never pushed to do something. They give a lot of importance to what they possess, from their loved ones to money.

When looking to make everything develop, they can’t be rushed because they want to be involved and to see how their hard work is paying off. More than this, they seem to be experts when it comes to finishing projects started by others.

They’re usually obtaining successful by being persisting and having a strong will. Loving sweets and expensive foods, they can easily gain weight.

When it comes to the way they’re conducting themselves, they should be more open and less drastic, as well as less jealous and possessive. There’s no one to fear diseases more than individuals born with Taurus in 1st House.

Helping others with their problems

The sensitivity of natives born with Taurus in First House can’t be seen in others. But it’s more emotional because their body is strong, seeing they’re greatly connected with their surroundings and the planet Earth.

When Taurus is in the 1st House, people are investing all of their resources in everything that can bring them many gains. These natives are trying to create cozy and beautiful environments with their imagination. More than this, they’re very interested in their security and want to live a comfortable life.

When it comes to relationships, they want to have the above with people how are intelligent and decent. Serious when things are personal, they’re worrying about how strong they’re appearing in the eyes of others, as well about how their businesses are going.

The person born with Taurus in the 1st House loves to give a hand and to handle different problems, so they’re easily taking care of any issue. However, they can act harshly, but never without being decent. The main idea for them is to not discuss what’s bothering them when it comes to their security and finances.

No matter what they may be doing, natives born with Taurus in First House are struggling to build a cozy future for themselves, in an orderly manner.

They’re working hard to achieve their objectives, but calmly and stably, even if they may not sometimes finish projects. When it comes to their character, they’re tough and logical, as well as trusting only their own experiences.

This side of their personality develops more when they have the proper conditions for safety and when they’re reliable enough to make their dreams come true. As mentioned earlier, individuals born with Taurus in the 1st House have Venus ruling in their chart.

This planet of love and beauty plays a very important role in their life, not to mention it’s connected with the body, the physical and energy and the way they’re looking.

Taurus in the First House is like Venus in the same placement. These natives’ body is reacting slowly, but at least they have a lot of stamina. When it comes to their face, their expressions are slow and they can put on a poker face, no matter the situation.

These people are never rushing with their reactions, so they’re stalling when something from outside is influencing them. Because the second sign in the zodiac is Earthly and about pleasure, those having it present a lot in their birth chart aren’t too fit. They’re the full-figure type.

All natives of this placement possess a strong body and are rigid in their movements because they represent the animal in their symbol very well. Just like the bull, they have strong necks and thick skin, also wide eyes. Besides, their voice is pleasant and deep.

Better not to cross their path

When it comes to the character of the person born with Taurus in First House, this is reliable, slow-paced and very strong. Therefore, natives of this placement don’t like change that much.

They’re trying to find logic in everything they’re doing, love plans and creating. As far as their affairs are going, they’re responsible and always looking for the most rational results, even if they’re sometimes too lazy to act.

More than this, they think they must act in a significant manner. When expressing themselves, they’re only saying what’s bothering them. It would be better to not cross their way because they can hurt with their words, not to mention they can threaten with their words.

The Taurus is a fixed sign belonging to the Earth element. When in the First House, it brings about stability, cautiousness, and determination. Natives with this position can’t be impeded from getting what they want in life, but at least they don’t have too extravagant desires.

They want to be around their loved ones and to enjoy physical security rather than conquering. They’re known for being practical and for looking for happiness or success in the present, not in changes.

More than this, they give more importance to how their relationships are evolving, meaning they’re putting a lot of their energy in having harmonious connections with others.

For this reason, they’re people of family and others love being in their presence. In case they don’t have enough confidence in their abilities, they’re staying quiet and prefer to not discuss what’s troubling them because they perceive and express themselves in a limited manner.

While having difficulties learning, they’re at least obtaining knowledge in a very efficient manner and possess a good memory.

Individuals born with Taurus in First House can be called dogmatic when they’re focusing to deal with their enemies. This is indicating they’re not paying too much attention to the way they perceive, as well to the pace at which their brain is functioning.

More than this, the person born with Taurus in 1st House has some issues with self-expression, no matter what these may be about. They need to be less materialistic or naively realistic when trying to say something. Many see them as these composed and silent personalities.

They need time to accept different things. However, when learning something new, they can’t easily forget about it. They don’t like praising others or passing hurried judgments. A First House Taurus individual knows how much money is worth and doesn’t want to spend superficially. He or she can all the time be looking to understand things about the meaning of life. What they’re learning can haunt them for a very long time.

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