Sagittarius in 8th House: Trusting One’s Instincts


Natives born with Sagittarius in 8th House can have many legal activities about others’ money happening in their life, from testaments to insurance policies. Many of them are benefiting from inheritance.

Their partner usually has his or her own money, so they don’t have to stress about supporting someone else. When important changes are taking place in their life, these natives are enthusiastic and no scared of the new challenges, even if they’re superficial when assessing and regretful afterward.

These people’s fate can sometimes be cruel, especially when they have to deal with some transformations. However, they don’t feel extreme circumstances very intensely, so they need to learn how to no longer be so vain.

Sagittarius on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Purposeful, efficient and rational;
  • Negatives: Hypocritical and prejudiced;
  • Advice: Protect yourself from too much stress by taking special time off to relax;
  • Celebrities: Nikola Tesla, Dave Gahan, Camila Cabello, Cate Blanchett, Gigi Hadid, Dakota Fanning.

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Generous and optimistic

People born with Sagittarius in the Eighth House are especially interested in philosophy and religion, as well as death and sex. No matter what, these natives still believe there are good people in the world, meaning they bring a lot of good luck wherever they’re going.

When it comes to money, they may have rich relatives to leave them a significant inheritance. They can manage finances without stressing too much because they’re talented with business, not to mention they have a lot of good luck.

An 8th House Sagittarius individual can deal with large sums of money without stressing too much. More than this, because he or she is optimistic, only good things can happen to him or her in terms of finances.

The generosity and optimism of natives with this aspect are bringing them everything they want in life.

They are always looking for new adventures when trying to study the psyche of others. This is why they’re being profound and wise, also always looking to learn about the passions of others.

These natives are exploring other people in an almost strategic way, so they’re asking questions about what they’re eating and even whom they’ve had sex with.

However, they can be blamed for later on using the information they gathered against them. This means they’re manipulative, especially if they want to teach some of the people they know a few lessons.

These natives have the determination to show others they’re big intellectuals and that no one can be smarter than them. They need to admit that they’re often using their intelligence to protect their emotions.

It’s normal for them to want to prove they’re superior, especially when they want to no longer seem vulnerable, or when wanting to not become manipulated from a financial, even sexual point of view.

According to what other signs and planets are in their birth chart, Jupiter can influence them to have the perfect intuition when it comes to money and being lucky.

The same planet of abundance here is also suggesting natives having it in the Eighth House rely a lot on good fortune and have a special charisma on which they’re building in life.

When it comes to lovemaking, they’re strongly driven to do it, so their romantic relationships are usually healthy.

If feeling emotionally wounded, they need to heal by feeling free and having a lot of faith. It’s possible they went through something painful in life, an event that prevented them from doing what they wanted. This could have resulted in them having a dark side, but one that’s keeping them focused on doing what they’re supposed to do.

When this side of them comes to the surface, they can make excesses and hurt other people because they don’t know when to stop with anything they may be doing. The inheritance they’re passing on themselves is centered on their addiction to take risks. These people may not care about who’s falling with them when they’re falling.

Their physicality matters for them

People born with Sagittarius in Eighth House need to address their emotional problems if they don’t want to become too gullible or uncaring. While working on their issues, they should stop for a while and realize they have problems.

If not, they can become too compulsive and take unnecessary risks. However, this attitude of theirs can be turned into amazing faith because it makes them heal themselves, not to mention it helps them realize that what doesn’t kill them makes their heart stronger.

The inner resources they have can bring them a lot of good luck, not to mention their emotional distress can become something positive for them. When in intimacy, they’re not stopping their enthusiasm and want to feel free.

A little bit hurried to study all the complex aspects of their romantic relationship, they may seem like they’re healing sexual problems and almost through magic.

At least they have a strong sexual drive and want more from each connection they’re sharing with a lover. Loving to travel to far away places, it’s very likely for them to die in a faraway land when their body can no longer go on.

Because Sagittarius is also the sign of sport, they should pay attention when doing something athletic or after they got injured exercising.

Returning to their physicality, they should protect themselves from too much stress and not allow their negative emotions to become too much. Besides, they should be extra careful when traveling and driving their car.

Having an agile mind, 8th House Sagittariuses can feel relieved when it comes to the search for the Absolute Truth this House is known to rule over.

When pursuing what truly matters, these natives can be very selective and look for things that are pleasing or put an emphasis on what they believe in. Therefore, they need support to have their beliefs implemented.

Sagittarius in the Eighth House is indicating people with this placement like new ways of thinking as far as the Truth goes. Metaphysical theories are teaching that Truth will always prevail.

Being ruled by Jupiter, these people play an important role when it comes to adapting what they know to what’s in trend and what is going on in their surroundings. Scorpio’s presence can make them more profound when it comes to investigating. Sagittarius in the 8th House, just as in the 12th, it’s influencing people to be more spiritual.

While realizing different concepts can make these natives regenerate, they should consume the Fire of the Archer to regenerate themselves and to heal. The main idea for these people is to be focused not on their enthusiasm, but more on logic and concentration.

When it comes to their psychological issues, these can be very intense if caused by factors coming from their environment.

At the same time, Eighth House Sagittariuses need to fix their problems through transformation and by interacting with vibrations coming from higher planes of existence. In this situation, the entire world and its teachings can be transferred to them.

Trusting their instincts

When it comes to them living in society, there are extreme situations that can happen. For example, they can identify themselves too much with the collective and become fanatics who no longer have any personal form of ethics. Also, they can be too individualistic and express their opinions too loudly, hurting people in their surroundings.

Individuals born with Sagittarius in 8th House can obtain property by inheritance. It doesn’t matter how much they’re fascinated about sex, they tend to focus more on matters of the mind.

They may all the time need to be assisted by others, but at least they could have a good career as politicians. It’s easy for them to become successful after they have borrowed some money and placed finances into circulation.

Their instincts for discovering the best financial opportunities are incredible because they can anticipate what’s going to happen with funds, not to mention they’re good at sorting out wills and closing contracts.

Many of them can become successful if they’re working at banks or in insurance. Some can inherit wealth. Their business partners are usually dependable and nice, so they can healthily grow their income.

An Eighth House Sagittarius individual can be strange when it comes to his or her convictions. Their way of anticipating is always useful because the Universe is ready to teach them something about relativity.

While protected from any danger because Jupiter is in their birth chart, they can also have problems dealing with the philosophy of this planet and what it has to teach. These people need to feel like they have a greater purpose in life because this is what makes them feel good about themselves.

However, they can forget about this because they want to all the time change what they’re doing and to make different choices, which can change their direction in life.

What’s negative in their life can be their blessing and what’s making things for them to take a good turn. When having to understand their life is not working properly, they need to stay far away from society and to realize they’re different. More than anything, 8th House Sagittariuses need to have faith.

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