Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility in Love & Life: An Uplifting Relationship


In a Scorpio and Pisces relationship, there is sure going to be a lot of emotion and passion. Scorpio is looking inward, trying to make sense of their own emotions, while Pisces reaches out to others, because they want to know more about people’s feelings.

Criteria Scorpio Pisces Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

While Scorpio can be harsher and quicker to get irritated, Pisces is soft and sensitive, and they know how to cheer their partner up when they need it. However, if Scorpio acts like that towards them, then they will get hurt and hide somewhere in a corner.

Scorpio has to pay attention to Pisces’ delicate feelings, and Pisces should try to not take everything so personally. If they get over this issue, they can certainly have a happy life together.

When These Two Fall in Love

Communication between them can be difficult, when taking into account how Pisces is overly-sensitive, and how Scorpio is rough and short-tempered. Pisces aren’t inclined to fight back, so their arguments will never escalate into something worse.

However, they can lead to this couple’s demise, if the root cause is left unresolved. Pisces should find their inner strength and to stand their own ground, while Scorpio should take a step back and try to understand Pisces’ perspective too. Pisces need gentleness and understanding more than any other sign.

The compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces is based on many things in common, as both of the partners are water signs. They have a deeper understanding of the world around them, especially about the things that to many remain unseen.

This need and search for the ultimate truth is something they recognize in one another, and they are drawn to each other like a magnet because of it.

They both enjoy conversations about obscure topics, but they can also entertain the mundane ones too. Apart from that, these two signs also filter everything through their emotions’ perspective.

They are knowledgeable when it comes to their own as well to others’ feelings, and so they can read each other like an open book. They each understand their partner’s needs and motivations without much of a hassle.

Not many people get Scorpio in the same way that Pisces does. Not everyone can comprehend or accept Scorpio’s intensity and the darkest depths of their heart and mind. But Pisces knows how to soothe Scorpio’s inner turmoil, how to light a fire in the dark.

They have a unique emotional connection and their compatibility is indisputable. This will keep their relationship going forward and strong, if they both value each other for what they have to offer—goods and bads.

Scorpio should continue to try and make sense of their emotions, while Pisces brings good cheer and tries to help Scorpio find a higher meaning in their life.

Scorpio and Pisces Relationship Key Facts

Like in any relationship, there will be positives and negatives, but because we’re dealing with two water signs here, expect everything to be 10 times as intense! Their attraction is strong and they become infatuated with one another very quickly.

There might be a lot of mystery in this relationship, even between them two. Many things will be left unsaid, and they might go a long-time keeping secrets from one another.

Scorpio and Pisces have many interests in common, and they can make an amazing duo in their artistic and academic endeavors, but they need to be open and honest with each other. The problem is that they might be too scared to share their deepest secrets with anyone in the world; they are too uncomfortable to admit certain truths even to themselves.

Their home life together will be nice and warm—they will want to invest their energy and affection in each other, as well as in other extra family members, maybe a child or a pet, or more.

When in a couple, a Scorpio and a Pisces might start off looking for a complete opposite personality in their partner. Scorpio, a sign under the rule of planet Mars, appreciates people who are strong and steady, while Pisces place higher value on sensitive and affectionate people.

Still, when they meet each other, they will feel an intense attraction that helps them get over any differences. Their emotional connection can be much stronger than it would with another partner, and they have many things in common which they can bond over.

They can still try to teach each other how to become better version of themselves. Scorpio can help Pisces to grow a backbone, while Pisces show Scorpio how to channel their gentle side.

Scorpio and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

They are emotionally, romantically, and mentally compatible, so marriage should not come as a surprise for anyone who knows they are a couple. While Scorpio tries to repress their sweet, romantic side, with a Pisces, these feelings are difficult to bottle up forever.

Pisces is also a hopeless romantic and they spend most of their day dreaming with their eyes open. A fairy-tale-like wedding is high on the list of priorities in their life. Both signs are extremely devoted as lovers. Scorpio especially will see the wedding as a way to ensure loyalty and to protect their relationship.

The home they’ll have together will be nothing short of nice, cozy, and welcoming. Scorpio will keep everything safe and secure, while Pisces will bring tranquillity and peace. They will prefer living in a quiet, secluded area, away from the metropolitan chaos.

This is especially important for the short-tempered Scorpio. For them, the less people they come into contact with on a daily basis, the better.

As a married couple, they will live a sweet, loving life next to each other. As they spend more and more time with each other, Scorpio will become more mellow and let their gentle side come through, but only when it comes to their Pisces partner!

What’s great about their relationship is that the passion will never die out. Scorpio is a sensual partner by nature, and Pisces will never lose their creative spark, no matter how many years fly by.

Drawbacks of This Match

Both Scorpio and Pisces are private, secretive signs. They should be careful not to keep any secrets from one another, because if that’s the case, the relationship is doomed from the start! They need to build trust, not to play pretend.

They should also not rely entirely on their perceived compatibility. They need more than some things in common to make a relationship truly bloom. Both partners should put some effort into their relationship, instead of letting things develop by themselves and hope for the best.

Scorpio should remember not to be harsh or mean-spirited with the overly-sensitive Pisces. Yes, Scorpio is strong and intimidating, demanding, and brutally honest, but these qualities have no place in this relationship. Pisces doesn’t take criticism well, and they need lots of patience and guidance, not orders.

Pisces should also make an effort to grow a thicker skin and realize when they need to make some changes to improve themselves. Sometimes, Scorpio’s frustration might arise for a good reason.

Highly sensitive and introverted Pisces needs time to recharge after heated arguments, but they might slip into an extreme and isolate themselves.

In fact, when something goes wrong in the Scorpio and Pisces match, both of these signs are inclined to turn cold and distant. This is a bad idea and will only create a deeper dent in their relationship, and it will build an environment where resentment and grudges will thrive.

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