Saturn Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit: Unconscious Beliefs

  • With an opposition between Saturn and Neptune in the natal chart, one is prone to taking a little too many responsibilities.
  • When the Saturn opposite Neptune transit is in full action, people can feel unsure of themselves and self-judgmental.
  • In astrology, Saturn is keeping us grounded and focused on our goals, attentive to our responsibilities and punctual.
  • When two planets form an opposition, there is an underlying tension between them, and as they are facing each other at a 180 degrees angle, so are their energies.
  • The planet Neptune governs the different expressions of our desires to escape reality, whether through dreaming or other means.
  • Celebrities: Elon Musk, Pope Francis I, Jennifer Garner, Vanessa Redgrave, Jules Verne, Dwayne Johnson, Julian Assange, Vladimir Nabokov, William Blake.
  • Transit dates: 06 January 2042, 09 March 2042, 29 October 2042, 29 June 2043, 15 August 2043.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Saturn opposite Neptune Natal

The Saturn opposite Neptune aspect is one of the most important ones and occurring each time after 36 years have passed. People who were born between the month of May, 1971 and the same month, 1972, as well those born between 2006 and 2007, August and July, have this aspect in their birth chart.

People born during the Saturn opposite Neptune aspect can cause confusion when it comes to relationships and as well in their personal connection with nature and the world surrounding them.

They can have all kind of problems and become abusive because they don’t really understand the principles of human rights.

In this situation and the one in which they’re having too many responsibilities or they can’t understand what’s happening, they’re simply becoming self-doubtful and pessimistic. These natives can also have the feeling others aren’t happy with their work, which can cause them to be sad and scared.

They’re most of the time not trusting anyone, but their anxiety and reservation can make their friends and loved ones, even strangers, think they’re in fact suspicious. When emotionally pressured, inhibited and disappointed more than once, they’re becoming dark and grumpy. More than this, they seem to be all the time subjected to unexplained fears coming from their unconsciousness and memories, a thing that’s coloring their attitude.

It’s possible they have some psychological issues that are deeply rooted in their mind, difficult to identify by any doctor or to cure, meaning they can end up institutionalized. When paranoid, they’re hiding in their own shell and can start to martyrize themselves.

These natives can be manipulative and deceiving, as well the victims of others with such an attitude, not to mention they can cheat when badly wanting to succeed.

What’s happening when the opposition between Saturn and Neptune is taking place, is that attitudes coming from within are being projected, and life or the surrounding environment is starting to reflect it.

When this is happening, everything can become distorted, whereas Saturn and Neptune are starting to bring about all sorts of fears that everything may be failing, suspicions regarding others’ motives, misjudgment, manipulative ways, cautiousness and doubt.

This is happening because the energies of these two planets are being blocked and people can’t understand everything that’s happening is only mirroring their own attitude or attitudes. For this reason, they should take another look at themselves and notice if the world is reflecting what they believe in.

In case they’re having pessimistic thoughts and they’re feeling dangerous, or perhaps overprotective with themselves, they should analyse and see how genuine these fears of theirs actually are because it can all happen according to their environment or it can be an illusion and a world they’ve created in their imagination.

Fearing failure more than anything else, they can become inhibited to a point, not to mention it’s very likely for them to withdraw from competitions, especially if feeling inadequate or when imagining someone is conspiring against them in big secrecy.

People born during the Saturn opposite Neptune natal really don’t trust others and they’re communicating this in an intangible way, so the vicious circle they’re creating around themselves in this situation is getting to be perpetuated.

These natives can project all of their fears and anxiety on others, which can make them very nervous and obviously scared of everyone, as well everything. When feeling suspicious, they can attract individuals and situations they’re really afraid of, meaning they need to learn how to trust others and themselves.

If not, they can start trusting the wrong people and suspect the good ones of mean attitudes, which is a negative way of thinking that can cause a lot of disappointment. People born during the Saturn opposite Neptune aspect must try and be frank and close dealings of importance.

They can be involved in all kind of public scandals, not to mention how strong their will is, even if they’re lacking motivation.

It’s easy for them to close deals in finances and the arts, but the projects they’re joining can sometimes be too big or not practical. When it comes to the everyday dealings, they usually don’t have enough patience, so they prefer to go alone rather than settle with someone they don’t really like.

For this reason, they should decide what to do: be responsible or escape a situation of love. More than this, they should keep in mind that relying on themselves and being disciplined comes with trust, as well as accept what the teachers coming into their life are saying.

This is why they should try and be as spiritual as possible and make their life simple. Too much responsibility can scare and confuse them.

More vulnerable than others when deceived, there are many psychic energies surrounding them, but they can protect themselves against it by being honest and avoiding anything that can cause dependency.

Saturn opposite Neptune Transit

During the Saturn opposite Neptune transit, natives of all signs are starting to have doubts and to be confused, a thing that can impact their relationships in a negative way.

They can become confused when it comes to responsibilities and what people are expecting of them. As a matter of fact, they can go through difficulties when trying to work out the expectations they’re having from themselves.

The ideal approach is for them to not have too many expectations from themselves because this is making them unrealistic and therefore, less proficient.

For as long as Saturn is in opposition with Neptune, people can feel unsure of themselves and self-judgmental because they’re fearful, depressed, more pessimistic and paranoid.

It would be better for them to not depend on other people because they can end up being more disappointed.

More than this, they shouldn’t make any important commitment or debts because they won’t be able to live up to their obligations and therefore, others will no longer expect anything of them.

In case they’re failing or things for them are starting to become more complicated, they need to be completely honest as secrets can only harm them. During this period, many may feel like there’s a gap between reality and imagination.

This transit is usually making illusions seem real and taking people off the right direction. More than this, it brings about correctitude when it comes to what’s in the distance, but many can turn out to be aware they’re no longer doing the right thing.

When noticing things are being done the wrong way, they can put themselves back on the right track. It would be a good idea for them to go with the flow and to not fight the currents.

No longer being impeded and bothered is indicating they should examine themselves closely and have accurate perceptions, whereas their intentions should always be honest.

In the eventuality in which they’re misleading others on purpose, they should face the consequences of their actions. Those who are ingenuous can still wake up from some misleading dreams.

This transit is known for settling different aspects of people’s lives, aspects that haven’t been given too much attention. As a matter of fact, there are some small issues that can become larger during it, especially for those who haven’t paid enough attention to them.

Waking up to the surrounding reality is the best thing they could do because problems that have been avoided can now be addressed.

Some specific fears can turn out to be acute for as long as Saturn is in opposition with Neptune because natives of all signs may be forced to face and resolve all of their issues or at least make them seem less dangerous.

It wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone to become uncomfortable with hiding from the truth because this will always show itself. When it comes to insecurities, these are unlikely to be ignored and confronted, but at least strengths can be easily recognized.

From time to time, some problems may appear, especially when people are judging and there are many inadequacies. Others can be criticized for no reason, not to mention their weaknesses can be probed.

Some situations can make people vulnerable, especially the most sensitive ones. While wanting to close themselves up and to protect themselves, many should be open and think of the fact that there’s no point in putting limits to their imagination.

This cycle is testing natives of all signs to accept things without making exclusions. However, this doesn’t mean everyone should blindly accept and tolerate anything.

It’s important for them to be only wise and to make choices, especially if they’re not interested in any result. When wanting to control the results of their actions, they can end up being extremely disappointed.

It’s very likely many are having bad dreams during this period, also experiencing the supernatural, which can make them question what’s real and not.

The Saturn opposite Neptune transit can be manifested through the dark fears that can be compared with the REM state of mind.

During this period, some mistakes people have made can catch them up. These mistakes are usually related to what happened to them during their past lives, others may get to experience the negative forces of some enemies that are in fact secret.

All this is making things harder to be understood, no matter if they’re just feeling guilty or they’re the victims of psychic attacks.

It wouldn’t be at all a good idea for them to respond in the same way, so they should avoid taking drugs or being defensive from a spiritual point of view or when interacting with some groups.

Those who are feeling like they have no orientation in life need to look for answers at witches, psychics and those who are practicing with the occult. More than this, they should stay away from cults, not gamble their money and avoid believing in conspiracies.

They should protect themselves from being limited in their responsibilities and keep the basics intact as this will no longer bring about any disappointment, scandals, embarrassing moments and even loss.

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