October 16th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Libra?


Because of their bold approach to life and society, October 16th Libras are seen like troublemakers, but these natives simply cannot accept anything that is unjust. More often than not, they will shed light on subjects that society simply tends to ignore or consider as forbidden.

  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Rose
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Bronze
  • Birthstone: Opal
  • Motto: I balance!
  • Celebrities: Tim Robbins, Noah Webster, Suzanne Somers, Angela Lansbury, Oscar Wilde, Robert Urquhart, Charles Dolan and Suzanne Somers.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

October 16th zodiac natives, being under Venus, tend to have quite the astonishing streak for righteousness. They simply cannot stand by while others are in perilous situations, and will fight for those in need of help.

Because of their overall demeanor, they give off a rather pompous and self-absorbed vibe and while it’s understandable since they do judge others quite often, in reality they mean no offense.

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They simply wish to make others aware of their shortcomings and issue so that they can better themselves. Either way, they don’t use any sort of primitive or unreasonable methods when unmasking evil, they simply, politely and factually point out to the list of wrongs that others simply ignore.

The October 16th born Libra has a strict line of faith they must abide by. This also helps them in making educated, precise and crucial decisions in other areas of life as well, such as their career choices, but in their interpersonal relationships.

While it might seem that they are constricted by their ideology, this native is in fact rather versatile and flexible. As long as the subject brought to them has potential, they’ll find a way to integrate it in their lifestyle. If there is anything else they despise as much as injustice, it would be fake people, those that to not keep their promises or simply lie abundantly.

Positive traits of October 16th zodiac

These euphonious, affectionate and enthusiastic individuals are the mediators of society, always in search for the happiness of the world and the inner truth of humanity.

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Being in unison with one’s spirituality will bring forth a refreshing wave of joy and fulfillment that will inspire determination and diligence.

It’s truly remarkable how composed these folks can stay, even in the most perilous of circumstances. Their mental prowess is simply outstanding and it emanates reliability and dignity. Because of this, people look up to them when in need of a role model and leader.

Negative traits of October 16th zodiac

Sadly, because of their bold, honest nature, some people see this Libra as detached and insensitive, when in reality, they simply want what’s best for the people.

Due to dawdling on certain issues far too long and being concentrated on mostly personal issues in some periods of their life, they might actually neglect those around them, including the ones they hold dear. It would be wise to observe their surroundings during such situations so that they can realize others are going through turmoil as well.

Because of issues such as these, they tend to lose sight of their true purpose in life. Once the waters settle, they rise back up with sharpened wits and adaptability, enabling them to shine brighter than before.

Love Horoscope for the October 16th Libra

It comes with no surprise how intensely these people can love, seeing as how intense, inventive and passionate their nature is. It’s rather easy for this native to oscillate between a gentle, loving person, to an overbearing and assertive demeanor.

With such a magnetic personality, individuals of the same type of originality and ambition might feel attracted to this Libra, creating nurturing bonds in the process. Similarly, seeing as how this native is known for the inquisitive mind, they might feel drawn to people whom have a similar if not superior intellect than theirs.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

Affection, love and companionship go hand in hand for this October 16th zodiac bearers. So much so that it is paramount towards their success that they have someone close to them to nurture and motivate this native.

Otherwise, their overall progress towards growth and development takes a rather detrimental turn. Even so, they never waste a breath in trying to accomplish their dreams. Regardless of the situation and the disadvantages, they always stay determined.

Their imagination flourishes most when they’re in touch with their spirituality and their affection reaches its peak, as such, resorting to logic too often will actually dull this person’s originality.

The perfect match for an October 16th Libra is someone with great mental and physical prowess that can care for them and encourage their dynamic affection.

A person that will err on the side of caution, yet still provide support towards the realization of this sign bearer’s true calling. Their sincerity and compassion will assure a loving and affectionate future in the romantic department.

Career and life purpose

Words are somewhat of a fascination for this individual, as such it comes with no surprise that they’d take interest and even excel in fields that involve writing. What might start as a past time activity, might end up in a successful career.

It is crucial that they become able to grasp their own worth as quickly as possible. While this is a person of great aptitude and skill, more often than not, they are bling to their potential. Become aware of their inner self and understanding that they’re worth more than they give themselves credit to be, will play an important role in their success.

Sadly, pragmatism isn’t something they take to heart and they also have a tendency to lay around, postponing any form of effort until it is absolutely necessary. While others might criticize them for this sort of behavior, they still believe it’s okay to keep doing things at their own pace.

Although highly skilled and inspired, with great potential for anything artistic, October 16th zodiac bearers usually stay away from the spotlight, and will prefer a role behind the scenes where they can do their work freely without being bothered.

Being blessed with a dramatic streak, they make for great singers, sculptors, creators and designers. Having great people skills and being empathetic also enables them to dabble in the domain of psychology, becoming menders, healers, shrinks and spiritual guides for those that have lost their way.

Keeping a confident outlook on life will come great ways towards keeping their composure and staying focused on the road ahead.

October 16th zodiac final thoughts

Teamwork is a crucial aspect of this Libra’s life. It plays a major role, especially since it enables them to use their communicative and analytical skills freely in order to solve certain situations. Although most of the time they have no issues regarding monetary matters since they manage their finances quite efficiently, in certain periods of time they can become rather paranoid. In such scenarios, they start thinking irrationally and panic that their funds won’t suffice for what they have planned.

At your best: Supportive, loyal and cooperating.
At your worst: Vague, obsessive and pessimistic.

Usually, these individuals are seen as composed and thoughtful, but once personal issues start appearing, ones that might even affect their loved ones, they adopt a more assertive, raw and forceful approach to solving such issues. It even offers quite adequate results too.

Their enthusiasm regarding life is solely dependent on how motivated they feel. As such, they require a purpose to drive them, one that will always keep them interested and determined.

While efficient, their habit of staying collected and rational may come off as simply being cold and detached, insensitive even. Taking some time to show a little bit of affection and compassion won’t harm them and it will even increase their levels of happiness and fulfillment. Those that gather around them as well as their loved ones will greatly benefit from such a change in behavior as well.

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