October 12th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Libra?


An October 12th born Libra has its life revolve around the duality of their nature. While part of their personality thrives on goodwill and compassion, the other one can be a tad bit egotistic.

  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Rose
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Bronze
  • Birthstone: Opal
  • Motto: I balance!
  • Celebrities: Marion Jones, Hugh Jackman, Jeffrey MacDonald, Josh Hutcherson, Luciano Pavarotti, Richard Alan Meier, Wolfgang Fortner and August Horch.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Nothing is really set in stone for the October 12th zodiac native. Whether it’s life choices, career paths or interpersonal relationships, everything can change on a whim. This is somewhat of a double-edged sword. While it can be refreshing to experiment with a multitude of aspects in life, it can create the bad habit of letting go too easily, becoming shallow and unable to bring a plan to fruition.

One of their biggest downfalls is their rather selfish demeanor. While it can be rewarding to prioritize one’s self, disregarding the needs and desires of others completely is nothing short of insensitive. Ignoring what others wish or require is something they most of the time can’t avoid. Even when they feel they should embrace compassion, they still don’t.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 9, 16, 21 and 31.

The October 12th native has an innate talent for bringing comedy wherever they go. Their nature exudes hilarity, and it can be noticed in all aspects of their life, whether it’s with work, love or socializing. This actually enhances their interpersonal relationships, especially the romantic ones and even during sexually oriented activities.

What could easily be described as their true calling, even if it really isn’t, but given their love for it, it might as well be, would be drama. They exude it, and wherever they can, it follows.

Positive traits of October 12th zodiac

Balance is paramount towards reaching tranquility. Whenever there is conflict, this Libra will be there to solve it. Throughout life, while attempting to find their own purpose, they inspire others and motivate them towards a similar fate.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My mind is open and I am flexible about all things.

It brings this native great joy to simply see others succeed and feel fulfilled in life, as such, they help them however they can.

Socializing is their favorite past time activity, so it’s safe to assume they enjoy being around other people, communicating their feelings and simply having fun. With such a magnetic and charismatic aura, it’s no surprise they’re always surrounding by people. Straightforward and bold, there are few circumstances that would discourage the October 12th Libra.

Negative traits of October 12th zodiac

The drawbacks of this native’s nature far outweighs its benefits. While it’s true they can gather a great deal of friends to their cause, most of them are shallow at best. It’s rather difficult for these people to find someone that is truly worthy of their time and efforts, a person that can be called a true friend.

Their egotistical side takes precedence whenever there is some sort of internal conflict in their heart. In such situations, they have a tendency to become highly anxious and paranoid about their surroundings.

Love Horoscope for the October 12th Libra

Having been blessed with mental brilliance, they enjoy communication that arouses their interest and stimulates their intellect. As such, a partner able to bring out their inquisitive mind is quite the suitable match for them. Maintaining a light and relaxed demeanor is highly advised since they have the habit of becoming volatile, assertive or even forceful rather quickly.

The strongest attraction they usually feel is towards those that brim with determination and strength. However, there will be an inner conflict between self-sufficiency and he desire for an intimate relation which will make taking decisions rather difficult.

While the yearning for communication tends to be strong among Libras, this particular one doesn’t feel such a strong pull towards this aspect of socializing.

You are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

October 12th zodiac natives prefer a more meaningful, serene bond that isn’t dependent on words, but on action and the tranquil environment it creates. Intimacy is also crucial, which subsequently involves a deep and intense sexual bond between them and their partner.

The flow of affection gets disturbed by outside factors, mainly due to the intervention of people that have a negative impact on this Libra. Having vague and intense goals doesn’t do their emotional compass that much good either.

Someone that can get a good grasp of all their traits and downfalls without being critical about it would make a good match for this native.

While reticent due to insecurities, once they do find the bravery to invest time in matters of spirituality and affection, their relationships will take a turn for the best. Being bold and jumping into the fray will bring more rewards than one could anticipate!

Career and life purpose

The October 12th zodiac sign bearers have an innate talent for solving conflict and mediating arguments, as such it’s only natural that they’d be successful in a career that involves, for example, law.

They do wonders when it comes to mending the strain between different parties and always bring balance, regardless of the nature of an issue. Being so emotionally aware enables them to empathize with those they encounter, which makes them the perfect fit for becoming menders, shrinks, psychologists, that help others keep the mental turmoil at bay.

When it comes to picking a field to excel at, their choices tend to revolve around a more dramatic environment since they have a knack and attraction for this aspect of life. Being rather creatively volatile and dynamic enables them to easily get involved in acting.

Their brilliant intellect and inquisitive mind help them get deeply involved in more scientific areas as well. Engineering oriented careers aren’t that farfetched and they can even be successful in such domains.

Being rather prideful of their achievements and methods, they expect the same sort of opinion from those around them. They yearn for the recognition they believe they deserve. This is also transposed in their pay check expectations, seeing as how they want a pay that equals their efforts and results.

The October 12th Libra are highly adaptable, with a great appreciation for the artistic aspect of life and a brilliant, analytical mind. They can efficiently and practically achieve success and amass wealth, enough to do with it whatever they desire.

October 12th zodiac final thoughts

While it can be refreshing and joyful to create connections with a multitude of different people, it’s highly advised that one should create a stable environment where they can thrive, as such, settling down is something this Libra ought to give serious thought to. In order to avoid superficial bonds, they should focus on those that are worthy of their time and effort, people that have a more realistic and deep understanding of the world.

Their most redeeming quality and ability is their perception. Even their apprehensive and understanding nature enables them to quickly adapt to their surroundings. However, paying more attention to the inner world rather than the outer one will grant them even more insight into the mysteries of the universe.

At your best: Graceful, loyal and adaptable.
At your worst: Obsessive, panicky and bewildered.

It is paramount to leave superficial bonds behind and find people to create more deep and meaningful connections with, otherwise there will be a great deal of emotional turmoil that awaits this native.

Most of their accomplishments are based off of their refreshing, inventive and efficient ideals and methods. Being as determined and diligent as they are, there are few goals they cannot achieve.

They take great pride in their sincerity and place utter importance on it. Being highly motivated acts as a beacon of inspiration for others to gather around, amassing followers that will evolve by the example of this Libra.

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