Moon Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: Intuition at Its Highest

  • With a sextile between the Moon and Neptune in the natal chart, you are likely to be very charming and have this innate kindness.
  • The Moon sextile Neptune transit has a subtle and pleasant energy, making people more sensitive and generous.
  • The Moon represents our subconscious world, our perception of our feelings and the love we are capable to feel in this lifetime.
  • The sextile aspect points towards the areas in which the individual should consume their energy in order to lead a fulfilled existence.
  • Neptune is responsible with our dreams and imagination, how we reflect our inner world in our future plans.
  • Celebrities: Shirley Temple, David Spade, Jules Verne, Henry Ford, Julie Andrews, Brian Edwards, Edith Piaf, Johnny Depp, Johnny Cash, Florence Griffith-Joyner.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon sextile Neptune Natal

People having the Moon sextile Neptune transit in their birth chart are creatures of feeling who love being touched. When connecting with the emotions of others, they can become truly alluring.

Others will simply adore them for being smooth and gentle. It seems many celebrities seem to have this aspect in their birth chart, which means natives with such placement are more likely to become famous and popular in their career.

These people’s emotions are interacting with the unconscious, so they can enter other realms without having to focus that much. Neptune is the ruler of imagination and can awaken psychic abilities in many.

Those born during the Moon sextile Neptune transit can overcome any boundary and are usually very good at discovering things meant to put their unconscious mind in relation to the conscious one.

They have no problems understanding how emotionally vast the unconscious is, but only when not influenced by hard planetary aspects. These natives seem to immediately respond to matters of the collective, also to those that are beyond the mundane, not to mention they can have sympathies for many other individuals.

Because the Moon sextile Neptune transit is all about emotions, its natives may be attracted to social work, to heal others or to join charitable organizations.

Having a great need to help those in need and possessing a good heart, many who are misunderstood will turn to them.

When these people are being sincerely sympathetic with others, they become able to heal old wounds and to take away sufferings.

Their soul seems to be hidden in a higher dimension of their own being, not to mention they’re responsive, tolerant, compassionate and non-judgmental.

From time to time, they may retreat and cleanse all of their negative emotions so that they can recover their strength. Having a magnetic personality and being attractive, their popularity will never fade away.

Their morals are strong and they’re very honest about everything, from their relationships to their habits. However, many may want to take advantage of their giving and kind nature. This risk won’t be that big because they seem to only attract good people by their side.

Those with the Moon sextile Neptune transit in their birth chart seem to have psychic abilities and a deeper level of understanding spirituality. They tend to devote themselves to a certain cause, also to sacrifice their comfort for the good of the sick, the incapacitated and disadvantaged.

The Moon sextile Neptune transit gives people subtle psychic abilities and a rich imagination, which means they’re introverted, sensitive and living in a fantasy world.

This aspect in their chart should be expressed through openness towards religious and spiritual concepts. While curious about these subjects, it’s easy for them to become obsessive about these things and to feel trapped.

Therefore, if they’ll be moderate about spiritual matters, they’ll get to discover new mystic territories inside their mind, also their capacity for emotional insight.

Being inspired to become more creative by the sextile between the Moon and Neptune, they’re also able to truly appreciate any artwork.

People with a strong imagination and vivid dreams can possess a lot of creativity and the talent for writing poetry, for dancing, acting and any other activity related to the arts.

They love spending their time with others and interacting with their admirers. However, they also need to sometimes retreat in silence and to dream about their future projects. Besides from being great artists, they’re also good at helping others, which means they should work with charities or the public.

They seem to absorb feelings just like a sponge does water, but their psyche is unable to filter the thoughts and emotions of others, so they may end up feeling pessimistic for no reason.

They’re lucky it’s easy to dismiss the confusing energies of Neptune and to bring the light back into the places this planet has darkened. Their ideals seem to be centered around their creativity and need to help others.

These natives have an inner world that has to be given meaning and to never be pushed to deal with the mundane.

People with the Moon sextile Neptune transit in their birth chart are interested in spirituality and making the world a better place.

Moon sextile Neptune Transit

The Moon sextile Neptune transit is insisting to get things done perfectly, this being the reason why it is such a surreal aspect whose demands can’t survive too much in the real world.

The Moon sextile Neptune transit is famous for making people very intuitive, even to the point of them becoming psychics.

This period is ideal for those who want to create beautiful artwork because they’re dreamier and can only remember the positive things that happened to them.

Being more empathetic and giving during this aspect, they’ll manage to engage with others on a deeper level.

Many may become more interested in occult rituals and mysticism, not to mention they’ll be able to discover the greatest secrets hidden in the deepest corners of their mind.

The energy of this transit is subtle and very pleasant, but only those who are more sensitive will be able to notice and make use of it. Since the intuition of people is heightened during this celestial aspect, the atmosphere everywhere gets to be dreamy and warm. Individuals will be more compassionate and inclined to give to the poor, to take a puppy from the shelter or to pay more attention to those having problems.

The Moon sextile Neptune transit is not beneficial for practical activities because people would be daydreaming too much. When it comes to its influence over physicality, it’s suggested for all natives to stay hydrated.

This planetary aspect makes everyone more sensitive and focused on their emotions, which means people will be more aware of each other’s feelings and their own surroundings.

Negative energies will get to feel more intensely, even if this transit is encouraging as far as interaction between people is going.

During this period, natives will possess a stronger intuition and some very accurate psychic abilities, not to mention their imagination will be richer and their dreams more vivid.

For this reason, the Moon sextile Neptune transit should be used for activities like lucid dreaming, meditation, introspection, pursuits of the paranormal or the occult realms, and for anything that makes people be more spiritual.

“Sweetness” is the word of the day for when the Moon sextile Neptune transit is happening, but the “psychic” one seems to be very present as well.

This means everyone is more in tune with their surroundings, not to mention many will get to feel kinder and more compassionate.

This is why the period of this aspect should be spent with loved ones and people who have been trusted for a long time as negative individuals would only spoil such a beautiful day.

Since the emotions of any human being come to the surface during the Moon sextile Neptune transit, people will be more sensitive to others’ feelings. If they’ll stay with those they love the most, their day will be truly enjoyable.

Their intuition will be to its maximum, so if someone will come to them with a problem, they’ll be able to fix it in a very original manner.

This aspect makes people more caring, this being the reason why the word “sweetness” has been used to describe it. Many will fantasize and daydream, so if they have a creative hobby, they shouldn’t hesitate to enjoy it as much as possible.

It’s very likely for them to make their fantasies and dreams come true. This is a good transit for all the artists and people who are working with their imagination because they get to feel everything in a more intense way, not to mention how elevated their senses are during it.

Dancers and musicians will do a much better job because they’d have a better ear and an increased ability to feel the rhythm of music. This is a period in which people are more compassionate, loyal and trusting.

Their mystical air will make them more attractive, so their relationships can grow to be more positively impacted by the Moon in sextile with Neptune. Many will connect at an emotional level with their family and friends, so it’s a good time for social gatherings and partying.

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