May 6th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Taurus?


It would be a good idea to not cross people born on May 6th because they don’t like being offended and don’t give in to disagreements.

  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Green
  • Characteristic flower: Poppy
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Copper
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Motto: I own!
  • Celebrities: Christian Clavier, Leslie Hope, Naomi Scott, Rudolph Valentino, Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles, Tony Blair and George Clooney.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Even if contradicted, May 6th zodiac natives are still appreciated for their power and the way they remain resilient. While the most powerful when it comes to conflicts, they prefer to be in a calm environment and to have peace of mind.

Charming and intelligent, these Tauruses are quite attractive to those around them. Their spirit is strong, as well what’s keeping them close to others. If something disastrous is about to happen for their loved ones as a result of unexpected events, they can put up with the storm and resist opposition.

Natives born on May 6th love having control in their relationships, no matter if these are of love or friendship. They can communicate in a forceful manner, so they need to take their time in order to listen to what others have to say.

Accepting other people’s opinions, they can make many things happen for them and the ones they love. When creative, a May 6th birthday individual allows his or her intelligence to combine with insightfulness, this way reflecting what’s being shown to them in a subtle way that seems in the same time challenging.

Being interested in the human nature, these natives can establish long-lasting friendships and be more humanitarian, especially when it comes to an important cause.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 7, 13, 28 and 30.

This means they may be fighters for causes and freedom, as well not longer be agitated. If they don’t do this, it’s possible they end up no longer trusting their own abilities and being indecisive when it comes to the choices they need to make.

Doubting themselves, they can play a secondary part and no longer use all the power they have in order to succeed. Because they love being encouraged, their motivation may come from what they’re reading about their mentors.

This way, they can end up fulfilling their dreams and inspire other people. It’s as well important that they inspire others and don’t criticize. The person born on May 6th learns by experiencing with life and going through difficulties.

Natives with this birthday are resilient and can move on in life with this attitude. They can be really happy about their home and family after they got a little bit older and seeing that compromise is essential in order for relationships to remain healthy. This is the only way for them to enjoy a peaceful environment.

While looking for satisfaction, these natives have different ways of evoking their need for happiness and for their feeling of belonging to a home. Sometimes, these people return to their roots when old because they find their purpose in life in the place where they have been born.

Also, they can become free by forming a family in the image of the one that’s in their Soul. Their years of upbringing have taught them many things about how they should feel.

It’s sure that people born under the May 6th zodiac will leave their mark in the world. They’re meant to succeed, no matter if it’s about their personal or professional life. However, this doesn’t mean success will easily come their way, even if they may never be impeded from achieving it.

Positive traits of May 6th zodiac

Affectionate, imaginative, good parents, energetic and positive, people born on May 6th really enjoy life. They have a good sense of humor and smile most of the time, but this doesn’t mean they’re not down-to-earth.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I endeavor to be the best that I can be.

Looking for people with whom they can easily connect, they’re also very dependable. As a matter of fact, their reliability can sometimes turn into something negative for them when it comes to their comfort. It’s important for them to understand that things shouldn’t be taken for granted, as well that peace of mind isn’t easily achieved.

These natives are predictable and want to keep their word no matter what, so no one can lead them. They want to do things themselves because this is the only way they make sure everything has been done perfectly.

There’s no wonder others are so drawn to them. Even if not too attractive, they can still have many friends and acquaintances who simply adore their ways.

Negative traits of May 6th zodiac

Not seeing the big picture and focusing on issues only after they become aware of their existence, people born on May 6th can become obsessive and too negative. Because they’re looking for pleasure, they’re superficial, especially if their heart is not open for engaging in relationships.

One thing they need to change about themselves is their extreme stubbornness. As a matter of fact, it’s important they keep this in mind because when following a path in life, they can end up being the most logical, which is not necessarily too positive for them. There are many other ways that can be efficient and more effective for them.

There are times when the road doesn’t have to be too difficult. These Tauruses may think they have everything they need in order to get things done. This is good, but they need to pay attention to not become blind to the real efficiency because they’re too proud.

Love Horoscope for the May 6th Taurus

People born under the May 6th zodiac can sense the feelings of their other half but aren’t too spontaneous when it comes to romance. They can’t make strategies and at the same time act stupid around their lovers.

Different from other Tauruses, they’re creative. In the same time, their endurance is just like the one of other Bulls. It doesn’t matter if their life has been traumatic, their attitude towards love is always fresh. However, they’re a little bit reserved and sometimes aggressive. Others only live to love.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 24th and 27th.

As a matter of fact, most of them are in the second category because the planet Venus is ruling them. This influence is also known to bring about a special magnetism to natives, making them all about the beauty of life, sensuality, forgiveness and nurture.

Inside their heart, natives born on May 6th are still Tauruses, so they want to have stability. As well, they’re jealous and don’t want to lose their other half, no matter what may happen to them.

When breaking up, they want to remain friends with their exes. Even if loving, this doesn’t mean they can tolerate anything. It doesn’t matter how in love, these natives will always fight to make their dreams come true. These goals can be about them being loved and giving their love.

Career and life purpose

Determined and willing to learn, people born on May 6th can easily become someone important at work. They have strong values that make them stand out from the crowd and help with their early advancement. Being perfectionists, these natives pay attention to details. As a matter of fact, this and the fact that they want excellency makes them valuable employees.

Not liking change, they can stay in the same company for years, no matter if bothered by something or not. May 6th zodiac natives can do what’s being asked of them in order to advance in their professional life, not to mention they have high standards for themselves and all of their colleagues.

Their managers appreciate them and that’s why they usually get promoted. At the same time, their colleagues respect them for being tenacious and skilled. The best careers for these natives are in finance, real estate and even law. They’re attracted to having a balance between their personal and professional lives.

May 6th zodiac final thoughts

The person born on May 6th should try and no longer be stubborn and use this in his or her advantage when having to deal with difficulties. Moreover, natives with this birthday should be open to what others say and feel.

At your best: Energetic, hard-working and diplomatic.
At your worst: Tactless, gullible and sarcastic.

These Bulls have their own beliefs that can’t be shaken, so they can be pretty close-minded. They don’t want to compromise because they think their ways are the only good ones. They’re wise and have an intuition that’s making them good psychics.

However, no one can be right all the time, so they need to think of different alternatives when looking for a solution to a problem or trying to learn new things. Besides, it’s important they’re as flexible as possible.

While talented at dealing with difficulties and escaping them, they can also make their life easier when they’re using their approaches to an issue. It can be hard for them to accept that others have defects and can fail because they expect a lot from themselves and others.

When disappointed, they feel like the entire world is falling on them, but never express what’s in their heart. This is why they should communicate and say out loud what they want to say about their emotions, no matter who they may offend. At the same time, they shouldn’t hold a grudge after arguing with someone.

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