May 1st Zodiac: What’s Special About You Taurus?


People born on May 1st know how to be practical and very productive, as well as of help. They give a lot of importance to their reputation, which means they’re trying as much as possible to avoid any controversial situation.

  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Green
  • Characteristic flower: Poppy
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Copper
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Motto: I own!
  • Celebrities: Julie Benz, Wes Anderson, Judy Collins, Glenn Ford, Calamity Jane, Judy Collins, Tim McGraw and Emilia Clarke.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Belonging to a sign of the Earth element, May 1st zodiac natives composed and pragmatic, not to mention easy to approach. Moreover, these natives believe in high ideals.

Being positive all the time, they can easily make money. Many people count on them because they’re reliable, productive and trustworthy. More than this, they’re known sociable and always ready to exchange pleasantries, meaning they get along well with others, for the most part of the time.

Because they’re patient, people can’t anger them that easily. Most of the time, it takes a while for them to become upset, so they’re loved by their family and colleagues.

Their emotions are strong, so they can receive all the love in the world. This is why they need to express their feelings in an efficient way and not insist on their money-making pursuits.

When simply drifting, they can become emotionally dramatic about what’s happening to others because they’re very sensitive. Wanting organization and being methodical, they can achieve many great things, but they need a plan in order for them to use their true potential.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 1, 15, 27 and 36.

Because they’re birthday is on the 1st, they’re independent and wish for freedom, also very good at getting things done on their own. More than this, they can impress with their ideas.

The best observers, they can have a grasp over their surroundings and can share their opinions regarding what they’ve experienced. Their values are strong, so they can build a strong foundation when it comes to their future.

Because they’re diligent, they can make all of their dreams come true, meaning they can find opportunities every step of the way, not to mention they can be offered what they need the most.

At the same time, they’re persevering and can succeed at many things in life, so it’s easy for them to attain success. Keeping everything steady in their life, they can work with their impatient nature and obtain the gratification they so much need.

It’s important for them to combine professional and personal success because they need both in order to feel happy. They should be as diverse as possible because if not, they can end up being unsatisfied and can lack the joy of variety in their everyday routine.

It’s easy for them to succeed at this, not to mention their entire life is about observing. Their analytical ways are unique. Belonging to the Taurus sign, they’re stable and work very hard with their observations.

At the same time, they don’t like talking that much, but when they do, everyone is ready to listen. Their stories usually attract anyone because they know what to say and when to.

Because they’re practical and in the same time ready to analyse, also because they have strong emotions and a sensitive soul, there’s a lot for others to know about them.

Because they’re practical and can analyze issues in an objective manner, also sensitive, there are many things interesting in their personality, not to mention they can achieve many important things.

They should be careful to not end up being discouraged and distracted from fulfilling their ideals by overindulging and having the desire to live the good life.

Positive traits of May 1st zodiac

Being practical and at the same time efficient, as well down-to-earth, they’re the strong people on which other are relying and their guidance. As parents, they’re extraordinary.

A good affirmation for you to use is: Success is in my future.

At the same time, they have respect for everything and care about others, are stable and ready to share love with everyone in their life. These natives are expert when it comes to money.

They’re productive, dependable and the ones others can trust. When it comes to their social life, they have what it takes because they’re courteous and always sharing pleasantries.

It’s not easy to make them like someone, but at least this isn’t because they have moods. Anyone can rely on them to be tempered and to get things done in a fair manner.

If motivated enough and having the knowledge they need, it’s possible for them to take care of any issue and project, from the beginning. While this doesn’t indicate they have speed doing things, their work is most of the time of high quality.

Negative traits of May 1st zodiac

Headstrong and often being happy with less, people born under the May 1st zodiac are too rational and can go against their heart. They have the tendency to attract people who want to take advantage of their good nature and use their emotions without offering anything back.

Their most negative trait is about how they focus only on the materialistic side of life and are too stubborn to get what they want. This and the fact that they’re bullies can make them seem egotistical, not to mention miserable.

Their main weakness is about how they remain fixed on certain ideas when it comes to their surroundings. This means they can sometimes completely lack empathy. So fixed in their ways, it can become impossible for them to move around and to take action when required to.

Love Horoscope for the May 1st Taurus

The person born on May 1st is criticizing and always ready to make an effort when having to take care for others’ problems. However, when having to use this ability of theirs to choose a partner, they can’t do it.

This means it’s difficult for them to make the right choices, not to mention that in relationships, they try to project their own ideas of what romance means, but things may not be like they think them at all.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

On the other hand, they’re loving and the best friends anyone could have. It doesn’t matter how shy they are, these natives are open and know when someone wants anything of them.

May 1st zodiac natives don’t mind giving a hand and cooperating, so they’re always inviting people over their place and at the same time are good at it, so their romances usually start with strong friendships.

Some of them can be possessive, but not because they are like this, more because they’re too loyal. They enjoy being with the ones they love and these enjoy spending time with them because they’re very fun.

Those who want someone sensual and caring should be with them because they are like this and in the same time, they’re truly funny. The company of those born in May can be a true blast.

Career and life purpose

Natives born on May 1st are clever and have the most unique ways of analyzing things. All this can be used with their romances and also in their professional life. These people are very good at acquiring information and using it.

They know how to profile individuals, so they’re good as police and HR officers. On the other hand, they’re typical Tauruses, so they love feeling secure and benefiting from the materialistic side of life. When it comes to their work, they belong to the same Earth element.

The May 1st zodiac people enjoy any work that’s about traveling and having fun, consuming and cooking food. More than this, they need to have their freedom is there is for them to be happy.

However, they need to be physically satisfied if it is for them to enjoy life. Therefore, they like luxury and to feel relaxed. This means they work in an environment they truly enjoy, even if this has them doing something tedious. In their free time, they’re hedonistic and fun.

May 1st zodiac final thoughts

May 1st Tauruses have what it takes in order to succeed in life, even if they’re sometimes lazy and can become complacent.

At your best: Brave, intellectual and emotional.
At your worst: Bossy, aggressive and secretive.

Getting passionate about something can do them only good because this means they’re no longer settling for less and can enjoy every opportunity this world has to give them.

These people have all it takes in order to make their dreams come true. If they want this, they only need to no longer be stuck in their ways.

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