May 19th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Taurus?


As much of a leader the May 19th zodiac native is, he or she is also strongly determined and ambitious to strike out through personal efforts.

  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Green
  • Characteristic flower: Poppy
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Copper
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Motto: I own!
  • Celebrities: Enrico Mainardi, Nora Ephron, Natalia Oreiro, Malcom X, Filippo Galli, Jane Brody, Ferdinand Magellan and Andre the Giant.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Like never before, resilience and determination fill up the potential of this native thanks to the energy that the Sun sends towards them. May 19th zodiac people are willful, clear on their goals, and incredibly ambitious as well.

They aren’t deterred by immediate gratification because they know the future holds a lot of unfulfilled potential. One thing can be said – that they are very tenacious and quite undying when it comes to reaching success.

Taurus natives born on May 19th are truly intrigued and interested by people, sincerely hoping they can help or aid those in need. They don’t deceive themselves, and they only have pure motivations.

With a progressive and modern outlook, they want to come up with life-saving ideas, to put forward incredible ideas for the future, if only they wouldn’t try to impose them forcefully.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 6, 12, 20 and 38.

They do love a good discussion though because it can make anyone happy and content. It’s quite easy to devolve into egocentrism and disinterest for anyone else’s arguments, so caution is required.

One needs to be extremely educated and principled in order to properly choose the correct approach in social contexts. Usually, people are inspired and motivated by their actions.

Belonging to the 19th May Taurus zodiac, this individual is firm on his or her feet, practical and pragmatic in all aspects of life. Financially, especially, this person is completely aware of how hard it is to make money, and thus he or she is extremely careful about how money is spent.

On the other hand, they also love having fun, entertaining themselves for as much as they can, and putting the F in fun wherever they go. Responsible and serious on one side, happy and childlike on the other.

These Taureans have some of the traits that Gemini people are known for. That duplicitous and enigmatic personality, the confounding character of their actions, and the unpredictability factor as well.

He or she will often engage in interesting things simply because they are enjoyable, and most people won’t expect this turnover in his or her life. This attitude also invited a person to become more tolerant and open to new aspects of life.

Positive traits of May 19th zodiac

Humanitarian in scope, the Taurus people will support an ethical cause with every ounce of their strength.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.

As we said before, these people have great dreams that they actively try to enforce and support.

There are a couple of things that make this Taurus individual a good person but only one separates him or her from other similar signs.

This one is a little bit more mysterious and unexpected, with a varied perspective, an open-minded approach, and an imaginative way of doing things.

Negative traits of May 19th zodiac

Going down the rabbit hole, we’ll stumble upon the things this native is bad at – like discerning between truth and falsity. They are often annoyed and confused about things that people tell them.

One more thing they have to watch out for is their natural tendency to be suspicious of the innate unpredictability. That Gemini trait is nothing but good for them in the long run, spicing things up, and making it more interesting along the way.

Love Horoscope for the May 19th Taurus

With family and friends, they are like protective wolves defending their pack from anything dangerous. They want comfort, relaxation, peace and balance in their love lives. That comes before relationships.

Still, even they are so generous and kind, it happens that they devolve to arrogance, egocentrism, and agitation. Becoming boring and tedious is also an issue.

People born on May 19th under the Taurus sign are authentic and original in love matters, looking for comfort and people who can appreciate them. In fact, only like-minded people could get in the love radar of these individuals. Being in the spotlight feels quite good.

They care about their relationships and loved ones. With affection, intensity, and passion, they only stumble upon short-time relationships, sadly. In fact, they are very loyal to each of their partners, so they are simply unlucky most of the times. Happiness can be found in any place though.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

These people born under the May 19th zodiac care a lot about emotions, love, feelings. In fact, they’ve been dreaming all their lives about living in a relationship with a loving and caring partner. It might be called idealism but it also pushes them forward, to aspire for more and more each time.

With a practical attitude, they will eventually achieve exactly that. There will be a lot to take in before they finally find a long-standing relationship. A partner wants to be free in some ways, to have his or her private space, and they tend to neglect that.

Evidently, this is why they go through many failing relationships, each of them becoming the light of their eyes for the time being.

Love tends to make them forget all about rationality and logic, which makes them lose themselves in idealistic images. Physical love is just as important as emotional one but they fail to see that.

Career and life purpose

Belonging to the 19th May Taurus zodiac, this person is one of the most spiritual and intuitive natives around. In this sense, they could try on the mantle of the priest or the preacher.

If these don’t work, then they need to turn towards the world of art. This potential of theirs has to be developed, evolved, to be invested in an outlet. Learning is one of the most important things in life, and these natives recognize its importance.

Being hard-working, determined, and a good leader for people makes the May 19th Taurus become a very brilliant actor on any scene. Success is elusive for most people but not for this native. With a rich imagination, and a firm practicality, their innovative ideas will be put into practice, and the benefits will come by themselves.

Career choices include – science, teaching for a living, or simply writing books about the nature of the world, pondering on the underlying aspects of existence, the elusive principles that safeguard the world itself.

They could also choose to be a humanitarian, raising funds for poor people, fighting for noble causes, raising the spiritual awareness of others. The acting and pretending skills might recommend them for the role of an actor, while the natural loquacity would show a propensity towards self-expressive fields.

May 19th zodiac final thoughts

With such prime leading abilities, his or her coworkers will simply cheer him or her up even if some things fail. Teamwork will become one of the founding pillars of this native’s life. Reliability is very respected by people, and they are exactly the types of people who are strong on their feet, determined about their decisions, and always diplomatic.

Since they are very responsible and aware of the potential ways in which something might go down, they’re willing to shoulder everything. Without being forceful, ideally.

In any case, they will never leave something unfinished because that’s not how they do things.

At your best: Powerful, fair-minded and warmhearted.
At your worst: Clinging, obnoxious and helpless.

Serious on the outside, at least until all the projects are finished and there’s nothing left to be done, this Taurus native is very emotional as well.

Their main goal in this life is to achieve unity, to equalize their professional determination with the emotional overtones of their heart.

Venus inflicts many changes upon them, giving them a hidden sensuality, and in love, these natives will try to do what’s right in order to preserve a sense of beauty.

However, they don’t succeed in many cases, and that’s why they should first try to find the fitting partner. He or she is going to give them lots of self-confidence.

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