May 17th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Taurus?


The Taurus natives born on May 17th have great dreams, big ambitions, and they are determined enough to achieve all of these goals. Moreover, they are very friendly, cheerful, and likable.

  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Green
  • Characteristic flower: Poppy
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Copper
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Motto: I own!
  • Celebrities: Matthew McGrory, Dennis Hopper, Jean Gabin, Enya, Craig Ferguson, Erik Satie, Erik Satie and Nikki Reed.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

With such a social appeal and professional determination, there’s no reason to believe May 17th zodiac natives won’t achieve success. In fact, working with people is a latent talent that they only have to develop.

Financially speaking, these natives will always be on the safe side of things, and yet, they still worry about the tough times. However, their resilience and ambition are the guiding principles pushing them forward. If they want something, they will struggle to get it.

The Sun shines its rays on them, which makes these Taurus people willful, with accurate images of success in mind, knowing clearly what they have to do in order to develop their success rate.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 7, 14, 21 and 36.

He or she knows how to organize a plan, how to put emphasis on priorities, how to work with imagination at the forefront, and how to delegate the work to others if need be. It takes a lot of grit and hard work to reach the peak but this native will put in all the necessary effort.

This is because these natives are very practical, realistic, and pragmatic, working with a rational perspective, and seeking stability above all else. At the same time, there is an artistic sense deep within these people, making for quite a surprise for most people.

There are pros and cons to the ways in which they do things. It can lead to positive or negative outcomes. But when they’re doing things quietly, without disturbing anyone, it’ll go just right. Generally, though, they want to create waves, to surprise and impress the world. Only emotions stand in their way, as well as inhibitions.

The truth is, this native has everything it takes to get to success. There are few things that he or she is unhappy about. Emotions will have to be controlled strictly though, an iron discipline through and through.

Positive traits of May 17th zodiac

On the good side of things, this native knows when to take care of responsibilities and when to have fun. He or she is perfectly aware of the task at hand, the future goals, and also how fun it is to live.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I am a magnet for love.

Belonging to the May 17th zodiac, these Taureans are hard-working, ambitious, and focused on the results.

Reason trumps out everything in the end, and they can even lead people through sheer emotional example.

Negative traits of May 17th zodiac

On the bad side of things, these natives tend to overreact in certain situations or they’ll go on fight mode when they support a cause they like. It happens that they often fail in foreseeing the results of certain conflicts.

Moreover, they don’t trust the intuitive aspect of their being, the emotions that intrinsically tell them about the world. Stability and rationalism are good, indeed, to cover the outer layer.

As for the inner core, that has to run on emotional fuels. That is what drives everyone forward. It’s not something disadvantageous or suspicious, bad for the health or something like that.

Love Horoscope for the May 17th Taurus

These people are extremely determined and confident in the decisions they make until the very end. Professionally, at the very least, this is the truth. However, there are many romantic situations when they do the same.

And that’s not going to be of use to them. Disappointments and failed relationships aren’t something quite unique. They are casual and quite probable. If something doesn’t go the right way, they need to become aware of that and give up.

On the road to happiness, the May 17th zodiac native will dramatize everything, making use of these contexts to persuade, dissuade or manipulate people. Love matters are battlefields filled with carnage and collateral victims for them.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st.

Funny and cheerful people are best for them. They should be very rational and logical about the choice of a partner though. They need to check for honesty, pragmatism, trust, and devotion.

Socially, they have many friends and acquaintances. They care a lot about affectionate relationships with their loved ones, and that’s why they remain devoted for all the time being. They are mostly attracted to intellectual people with curious minds, people who have big dreams.

The most important is to look for comfort and peace in a relationship. Once it starts going downhill with arguments, that’s the moment when they should take a step back.

Career and life purpose

Taurus natives with a May 17th zodiac are progressive individuals who can do very well in modern workplaces, doing modern jobs. They love technology, copywriting, advertising products, and everything in-between.

Of course, he or she wants a realistic prospect for the future but one steeped in innovative aspects, imaginative methods of going about their job, and financial stability.

They are flexible and adaptable enough, willing to cause changes in the environment if need be. They will inspire and motivate other people to do their best as well. Ideally, they should be the one giving orders, leading but this doesn’t mean they can’t work in a team.

Essentially, they do a very good job in working with and for people, serving and offering them services. Advising, negotiating, mediating or teaching people.

In fact, they have a mean sense of business, so accurate and on point that everything seems easy to them. They make money out of thin air sometimes but the most enjoyable thing is still to work with people.

May 17th zodiac final thoughts

Despite the many ideas and plans they have in store, they still need to learn when to take a break and put some time into developing personally. This means enjoying hobbies, putting the artistic talent to good use or helping people. That can be a therapeutically effective method as well.

Being aware of the comings and goings of the inner self, with hopes, frustrations, desires, and thoughts, that is indeed a stage that they want to reach. The most important motivation for them is to have their efforts acknowledged and validates by others.

These people need to discipline themselves and their efforts first and foremost. This is because being organized and having a good management is paramount to success. Principles are just as important as well. They don’t have to cause collateral victims to get to the peak.

At your best: Intelligent, quick-witted and tough.
At your worst: Materialistic, pitiful and obsessive.

They need to take it slow, develop well-defined goals, think of a couple of strategies to get there, and put it all in practice, without rushing for the end results. That is what it means to be responsible.

And people born on May 17th under the Taurus zodiac are among the most responsible people out there. They like being social butterflies, befriending like-minded people, nurturing those relationships, and achieving success in this sense as well.

They want stability, safety, pride, and balance in their lives. By having a peaceful social life, they will achieve that unquestionably. Equilibrium is one of the most important things that they must aim towards.

That is going to bring them to the top of success because it basically means they will manage to equal out the emotional overtones of their personality, the aspects that are often uncontrollable and spontaneous, with the rational and logical mindset.

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