Mars Sextile Saturn Natal and Transit: Looking for Admiration

  • If the natal chart contains a Mars Saturn sextile, then this person is very focused on practical outcomes and is precise and dependable in their work.
  • During the Mars sextile Saturn transit, people are more likely to take risks and try their hand at new activities.
  • In astrology, Mars is a strong symbol of unchangeable fate and karma and dictates how we use our energy, how assertive and impulsive we are.
  • In astrology, the sextile aspect is considered a balancing and harmonious one, since the two planets complement each other’s energies.
  • Saturn is the planet of precision and responsibility, promoting punctuality and conformism, as well as one’s search for their purpose.
  • Celebrities: Elena Ford, Pablo Picasso, Freddie Prinze Jr., Catherine the Great, Thomas Edison, Princess Beatrice of the UK, Michael Moore Katy Perry, Billy Bean, Camilla Parker-Bowles.
  • Transit dates: 19 December 2019, 28 June 2020, 29 December 2021, 27 June 2022, 09 January 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars sextile Saturn Natal

The Mars sextile Saturn transit in birth charts is giving people a lot of drive, not to mention it provides their famous endurance. They’re patient and somehow careful nature can hide their vigorous drive and urgency to achieve their goals in the long run.

Regardless of how much time it has passed, they’re determined to always to only see what’s best. These people can gain the respect of others, as well the admiration of their superiors as their ethic is strong and they’re trustworthy.

Since they’re so reliable and powerful, they’d do a perfect job in any career, but they need to be paid for their efforts.

They’re focused on obtaining practical outcomes, meaning they’re business-oriented and perfect for a career in the military, in sports, construction work and engineering. The respect they’re earning from others, as well the precision and dependability of their work are giving them a good self-image.

When it comes to relationships, they’re exactly the same and always interested in something long-term.

On the other hand, being all the time careful and reliable when it comes to work, giving them a good self-image.

When it comes to taking any risk, this can’t pose any danger for them. When not being stimulated by other planets such as the Sun, Uranus, and Venus, they may have problems acting spontaneously and expressing all of their passions.

They know how to establish their goals because they’re constant, patient and insisting for things to always progress.

People born during the Mars sextile Saturn are practical when it comes to obtaining the final results of their efforts.

They’re incredibly good at making plans for the future and sticking by them. Their projects and their lives are built on a strong foundation and they don’t like taking risks.

Disciplined, patient, hardworking and possessing sound judgment, all these traits they’re having can make them seem very lucky. Others can come to them for security and a safe shoulder to cry on.

They can act as mentors and protectors for the youngest and weak. Their strength and reliability are indicating their leadership qualities are indeed professional, so they don’t need to prove themselves that much.

They must at least try and get fairly recognized and promoted in life. They have enough endurance and can persevere, also a willingness to invest all of their hard work and achieve their goals in a very serious way.

They’re naturally disciplined, and they have to understand creative success is only a little bit of inspiration and the rest is perspiration. They’re picking the most practical and reachable goals and pursuing them in an orderly manner.

The Mars sextile Saturn likes to focus on things, one after the other, meaning they’re good at doing a steady job. These natives like working all alone, feeling their maximum can be reached when they’re only by themselves.

They may discover that any transformation in their life is never helping them to settle down. However, they have enough endurance to last in the long run. Their domestic life and the respect they’re having for others is very important for them.

They have enough courage, resistance, sound judgment and are very pragmatic. These people are using their energy in a constructive and efficient manner, not to mention they’re the happiest when having to work hard and when their exercise regimen is carefully planned.

They’re energetic and very willful when it comes to business, as well as strong engineering abilities and great precision when it comes to craftsmanship. They can achieve great success, the more their life is advancing.

They’re organized and their Spartan attitude can make them appear detached and cold. These people are usually getting involved with everything that’s having a strong impact on others.

They know when to sit still and when to fight, meaning they can defeat any strategy. Discipline is coming naturally to them and their instincts are focused on creativity, meaning they can be among the most practical and pragmatic people who are pursuing their goals in an organized manner.

They love taking things gradually and to always do their best. They’re better when working alone and feel like their greatest work gets done when no one is helping them.

Mars sextile Saturn Transit

The Mars sextile Saturn transit is good for people to define themselves and find a meaning for their life, regardless of how small. They should take the lead when it matters the most.

During the Mars sextile Saturn aspect, people’s energy is regulated, whereas their drive is more about determination and resistance. They can plan anything in a methodical manner and come up with the greatest solutions to problems.

Ethical and attentive to every little detail, they can attack any difficult matter in a very interesting approach.

During the Mars sextile Saturn, manual work is being favored, so these people make up the best engineers and mechanics.

On the other hand, they’re also patient and ambitious, meaning they can succeed at everything in life, especially if they’re being passionate about it.

While they may not concentrate on taking risks, it would be excellent for them to take advantage of this time and do something dangerously as they have a sensitive and careful nature.

They could even do kitchen work, around heavy machinery meant for making the dough, sharp knives and other sharp objects meant for sculpting.

As well, the Mars sextile Saturn is perfect for making progress when it comes to long-term projects.

When it comes to relationships, they’ll attract by their side only loyal people who are searching for the same thing in others, as well as strength. Any new relationship is possible for them anytime, but their evolution is questionable.

Being in love can make room for many practicalities into their life, but the long-term result can end up good for them. This is how a day in their life would look like: they’d plan for each and every of their day in a careful manner.

They’ll take care of every detail in their life, exactly when the time will be right. When checking what they’ve done the last time, they’ll keep having a positive attitude and return home from whatever they were doing, truly happy about happened to them.

In case some of them find this as too silly, they just need to wait a little bit for things to happen in such a manner.

Everybody knows being productive can dilute any depression, so the year following Mars sextile Saturn can be quite happy for them.

Their energies will always be directed towards being responsible and dedicated to their work. Nothing will get finished for them if they won’t give their best, and they’ll have high demands from themselves more than all the time.

While all this may sound tedious for many, they’ll be ideal for them. They really are happy when their plans are working out as they’ve thought of them, if not sometimes better. And luckily for them, their superiors will always feel the same about them.

While the year following this aspect may not the best for them as far as relationships are going, they can shine in the most impressive and colorful manner, no matter what they may be doing for a living.

This time should be taken advantage of, especially if they want to advance their career as far as they can go. Such a transit is as well good for acquiring information and teaching practicalities, also many adventures and soliciting physical activities.

Their work projects can go very smoothly as they combine patience and discipline, at the same time being confident and courageous.

Their energy may feel a little bit low, which will help them take care of any little detail they’re supposed to take care of.

The conversations they’ll have with others will always be grave and profound, so they should use them to deal with all of the responsibilities they’re having at that moment.

They can be clear and direct, and they can express themselves in an authoritative manner. It’s possible for them to go through strenuous physical activities during this time, but they’d be stronger, more coordinated and resistant.

The Mars sextile Saturn transit is favorable, but these planets are evil in nature and if the aspect is beneficial, extremes are starting to blend in the most beautiful manner.

It’s quite difficult for the two natures of these planets’ influences to blend, but for those who are looking to balance their will and wish to live their life freely is giving them a forceful character and a directive conduit.

During the Mars sextile Saturn, natives will be more courageous than usually, as well more adventurous, but if capable enough, they’ll blend all of their desires and action-taking initiative in ways that are making them more decisive and able, sticking with all their plans until they’re becoming more successful in foreseeing different issues.

They can be constant and clear in the head and possess enough force or tact that’s enabling them to accomplish many great things.

However, a lot depends on the aspects of the Moon, so if these are favorable, they’ll go through a great period of time, not to mention they’ll have the necessary energy and all the tact they need in order to make all their affairs successful.

If the directions of the Moon aren’t as favorable, too big things can’t be expected, for as long as they’ll have the necessary energy and abilities, situations will work in their favor and they’ll be able to hook up any amazing job.

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