Mars Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit: Time for Winning

  • Someone with a natal Mars Neptune opposition will always try to balance their tendency towards negative thoughts with kind gestures.
  • When the Mars opposite Neptune transit occurs, many can deceive themselves, so this is not the time for chasing fantasies.
  • Mars is the Warrior planets that helps you to keep going and progress through the hardest of times.
  • When two planets oppose each other, this is considered a rather tense aspect as the two planets are directly across from each other on the horoscope wheel.
  • Neptune is the governing planet of our dreams, of the mystical realm and pushes us to become more imaginative and visionary.
  • Celebrities: Charles Fourier, Cila Black, Barry Humphries, Steve Jobs, Iggy Pop, Maya Angelou, Ally Sheedy, Jeff Fenech, Maurice Chevalier, Frida Kahlo, Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Transit dates: 02 September 2021, 22 August 2023, 09 August 2025, 26 July 2027, 06 January 2029, 16 March 2029, 03 July 2029.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars opposite Neptune Natal

People born during the Mars opposite Neptune are trying to look stronger than they actually are. They’re attractive and have a mysterious air, but not something special.

Normally rational, they’re losing it when aspects of Mars and Neptune are involved. When it comes to their unconscious wishes, they’re no longer disciplined and logical anymore, also uncontrollable.

The Mars opposite Neptune transit in birth charts is making people have an inner struggle and are insecure or worried.

Natives born during this time may compensate all these negative traits of theirs by being more courageous and decisive on the outside, even if this bold attitude of theirs is not suitable when dealing with others.

They have the tendency to act in secrecy, not to mention they can be deceiving or tricky, even this is more something instinctual than intentionally.

There’s a danger for them to get involved with deceitful people because they don’t know how to handle money and want to abuse others’ sympathy.

Being highly sensitive to emotional pain, they should always take action and not allow their feelings to take over.

These people are usually making promises they can’t deliver and are interested in cults, which can bring danger to them. If they want a balanced life, they should learn from others’ deceptions.

It’s very likely for them to have a strange death, they should as well avoid alcohol and other harmful substances. In case they’re religious type and very spiritual, their visions can be unrealistic, whereas their emotions can be exaggerated.

Some of them can be neurotic and suffer from mental and even physical diseases as a result of repressed desires. Their sexual life can be unusual and damaging for them, not to mention it can affect their reputation and domestic life. Always suspicious, they’re seeing others through their own filter, but this is most time happening because their own nature is projecting a shadow over the entire world.

Natives born during the Mars opposite Neptune need to understand they can trust themselves only after understanding their true motivations and desire to take action. While they mean only well, they’re manipulative and secretive from time to time.

Mars opposite Neptune Transit

During the Mars opposite Neptune transit, people can be discouraged, weaker and more inadequate than usually. This is making them less sexually energetic and competitive. This period of time is not beneficial for achieving success because this opposition is strong and they don’t have chances at winning.

Being stressed more during this time would have them easier to be embarrassed, healthy and disappointment. Many can deceive themselves, so this is not the time for them to take any risk and chase fantasies.

Having a desire to wear fancier clothes will not be in sync with reality. Their expectations when it comes to their professional and sexual life can be unrealistic as well.

It can also happen for some to become victims of thrills, so they can get involved with suspicious marketing schemes, conspiracies, and drugs.

Instead, they should preserve their energy and become more creative or spiritual. They can do this by themselves and in a quiet way because they’ll feel fulfilled in such a manner, but they should not express it in public.

While they may rush too much, other people can see them as unusual and puzzling. They can get irritated by any small problem and can react in many different strange ways and they have a tendency to feel unmotivated or passive.

They can get distracted by any activity and seem to get distracted for as long as Mars is in opposition with Neptune.

Around others, they’re more sensitive and also moodier than they would like to admit, confusing others and causing misunderstandings. They’re as well prone to deceive and to avoid any confrontation or people who are trying to deceive them.

No matter what, they should be honest because their lies may come to surface when they’re expecting it. When it comes to business, they can become disillusioned, act grandiosely and do dishonest things.

They may look for the advice of counselors and therapists, so this is a perfect time for them to view how their objectives can get fulfilled.

During the Mars opposite Neptune transit, people are more tempted to project their high ideals when it comes to having the partner onto anyone. If they want to love someone, they should do it for real and the person who’s next to them, not an imaginary character.

Exactly as they’ll understand in the following year, they’ll enjoy their fantasies more, but they’ll only be happy when facing reality. They’ll have problems learning the lessons in life, as they won’t even realize what they’re transmitting to others.

During this time, they’re going to develop a sensitive, kind side and this way, relate with their loved ones. Up till they’ll manage to deal with all this, it will become easier for them to be truly happy in a relationship.

The year after this transit, people are going to be more emotional, but they should find their success if they’re channeling their energy on creativity and imagination.

They should be more artistic and use their natural aggressiveness and their need to be compassionate.

If they want to avoid becoming addicted to alcohol and other harmful substances because they can only make their life worse this way.

It will be a challenge for them to resist like this, whereas for the more impulsive ones, it will be a tricky influence, all this making this period of time in their life more memorable.

They’ll face so many problems, so they need to keep their faith realistic because either way, they’ll end up being despairing and even to do something rashly, which will only bring them a lot of suffering.

Just by being firm when it comes to their spiritual activity, they can end up interacting with dark forces that are believed by many to be only myths.

Women born under the influence of Mars opposite Neptune may have many people taking advantage of their vulnerabilities.

It should be added there’s no way for them to avoid the influences of these dangerous planets by being more cautious and defensive in a physical way because both these planets are focused on spirituality, so they should look only for spiritual solutions.

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