January 5th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Capricorn?


Capricorns born on January 5th are very capable of achieving their dreams. It’s easy for them to make things happen because they’re energetic and competitive. When achieving a lot, they become very motivated to do even more.

  • Symbol: The Goat
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Representative color: Brown
  • Characteristic flower: Carnation
  • Lucky day: Saturday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Silver
  • Birthstone: Garnet
  • Motto: I build!
  • Celebrities: Umberto Eco, Bradley Cooper, Diane Keaton, Jane Wyman, Marilyn Manson, January Jones, King C Gilette and Suki Waterhouse.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

January 5th zodiac people believe anything is possible and can become the best in their field, no matter what they may be doing. Their performance reinforces them, this being their greatest gift.

Able to stay determined for long periods of time, even after others have given up, they can see how any of their projects ends and aren’t intimidated by difficulties, so they’re among the best leaders in the zodiac.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 5, 16, 28 and 37.

Seeing them quiet and determined to succeed, others think these natives are very self-confident. More than this, they’re appreciated for not bragging about their successes.

However, others can see they’re capable of making things happen. While many are scared about what the future has to bring, they’re the ones to have a lot of courage to face new challenges.

If something needs them to invest many efforts for long periods of time, they become intimidated. This doesn’t mean they aren’t among the go-getters of the zodiac. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to stop them from achieving what they want, not even their own failures.

As a matter of fact, the more they fail, the more they’re pushed to move forward. While others are defeated by their own failures, these natives are the ones to learn from them. There’s no surprise they can accomplish great things, even when their tasks are the most difficult and they need to be highly efficient.

Positive traits of January 5th zodiac

A native with the January 5th birthday is very practical. People born on this day can see when things are wrong and why because they have the tendency to explore different alternatives.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I feel deeply and freely, without letting my emotions rule me.

Their experiences are many and vast. Therefore, they usually know what to do from their past and most of the time can have situations end in their favor.

Besides, they’re focused on using tried methods and like to take things step-by-step. Others may think they’re exaggeratedly cautious or too slow, but they don’t care about what’s being said about them. What they need to know is that life is good for them and the work they’re doing is going to turn the best results.

Negative traits of January 5th zodiac

One negative thing about people whose birthday is on January 5th is that they can have a tunnel vision. It’s a good idea to rely on what has been already tested, but they need to understand that this type of approach can bring them success till one point.

Innovative ideas are the ones truly rewarded, together with risks that have been taken. While they can accomplish a lot with their conventional ways and tested methods, there are many rewards they can’t enjoy.

Therefore, if they want to make change in the world, it’s important for them to think outside the box, which can really scare them. People who don’t know these Capricorns very well can end up criticizing them for their very conservative ways.

Others can see them as tyrannical when it comes to what they prefer and how they want things happen, not to mention they can sometimes seem like they don’t have any emotion.

Love Horoscope for the January 5th Capricorn

When having a family, native born under the January 5th zodiac do everything in their power to provide for the ones they love. This is because they see these people as extensions of themselves.

Very competitive in love, these natives can focus on the person they like and not think of anything else. They think it’s their duty to conquer that person’s heart and that if they succeed, their value as human beings increases.

It’s possible for them to act the same with their work and to see their job as an extension of who they are and a manifestation of how their character is. These people are rational and don’t like to talk about their emotions. This is why they should open their heart more.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

Only when seeing that feelings are as difficult to understand as other things, they can truly enjoy them. While this may pressure their love life because they’d think at everything as of an equation to be solved, they still need to have fun in their relationship and to try to put a smile on their partner’s face.

Not the most creative people in the zodiac, their masculine traits seem to be in trouble, meaning they have ego issues and can’t easily communicate. When it comes to love, nothing is easy for them, but they don’t see this situation as an end because they’re passionate and warm enough to have respect for their others half and to not cross his or her boundaries.

This means they’re prepared to let someone special to tear down the walls that surround their heart. It’s important for them to have partners that support their dreams and are caring. Having the tendency to invest all their efforts into their work, they’re usually the ones who get others the loveliest presents.

This means they’re able to offer their loved ones a comfortable life and to make them feel secure about the future. Conservative, they’re committed to the people in their life and are ready to stay by their side for a lifetime, not to mention how respectful they usually are.

Career and life purpose

People whose birthday is on January 5th are ambitious because life has taught them to be this way and they haven’t been defeated by the failures they’ve encountered. Their efficiency is only due to the fact that they’ve learned a lot. It doesn’t matter how many times they were defeated, their frustration has ended at some point.

Therefore, they don’t run in circles trying to place the blame because they want to learn more than to do this. This means they pay a lot of attention to what’s happening to them and the details mean to help with their success.

They usually remain calm and have a lot of confidence, also things they learned along the way. It’s not like they read in books how to act and what to do, they’ve seen how things work the hard way and their struggle helped them become the persons that they are.

It’s easy for them to succeed as politicians and lawyers, as well as artists because they need to express their emotions and to show the world who they are without being afraid what can happen.

As a matter of fact, their faith gest tested when they have to use both their emotions and logic. If doing this, January 5th zodiac natives can end up having the most inspiring talks and at the same time have their most rational needs fulfilled. Good with words, intelligent and efficient collaborators, they still find it difficult to communicate with strange people who are also stubborn.

January 5th zodiac final thoughts

Natives born on January 5th should be more ready to take risks. It’s true everyone needs a foundation and to hold on to something, but sometimes life needs to be lived without a safety net.

At your best: Kind, discreet and powerful.
At your worst: Nervous, patronizing and secretive.

By exploring new possibilities, great things can be achieved. Therefore, they need to be wild, especially if they want to increase their chances at succeeding. Unfortunately, they tend to rely too much in what has been already tested and are too stubborn to accept that things can happen differently.

For this reason, they should keep in mind that the only ones stopping them from achieving what they want are only themselves and their own fears. Being practical and down-to-earth, as well hardworking, is more than okay.

However, risk taking can take people very far. And they should be ready to do it because their dreams are big, not to mention they want to be on top. Their hard work can turn exceptional results only if they’re more daring and courageous.

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