December 29th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Capricorn?


Capricorns born on December 29th have a rich imagination and can work very hard on their ideas. They could use these skills of theirs to succeed in business. At the same time, they could use all their artistic talents and spirituality to express themselves through music or any other art form.

  • Symbol: The Goat
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Representative color: Brown
  • Characteristic flower: Carnation
  • Lucky day: Saturday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Silver
  • Birthstone: Garnet
  • Motto: I build!
  • Celebrities: Andrew Johnson, Dexter Holland, Marianne Faithfull, Natalia Jiménez, Jude Law, Alison Brie, Woodrow Wilson and Jon Voight.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

December 29th zodiac people have a nice voice and take good care of their own image, so they attract members of the opposite sex very easily. Because they love luxury as well, it’s important for them to not become too extravagant or to exaggerate with their vanity.

The day of their birth indicates they’re not only intelligent, but also that they possess a strong intuition. Many people like them because they’re very interesting. They know others’ strengths and weaknesses, so they don’t hesitate to use this against their enemies.

On the other hand, they also know how to make their loved ones happy. When looking for a partner, they normally try to find someone who is like them, but this doesn’t mean they also succeed in doing just so.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 8, 18, 23 and 39.

However, they never judge people who don’t think like them or don’t have their mind open. More than this, they don’t let appearances influence their opinions.

These natives are very caring and ready to sacrifice themselves for others. They love being inspiring and are proud when they’ve helped someone achieve success.

However, they hate it when someone is lying to them. When surrounded by the ones they care the most about, they feel truly happy and fulfilled.

Sensitive and at the same time good at dealing with other people, they’re the most charming and imaginative Capricorns.

They also know how to communicate and are tolerant, so they can socialize in any circumstances, not to mention their diplomatic skills are very developed. While having the highest ideals, they’re also very practical and ready to work hard to make their dreams come true.

Positive traits of December 29th zodiac

People whose birthday is on December 29th can gave high ideals and be very spiritual when it comes to romance. They’re also generous because they think this is how everyone should be.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I am loving and strong and choose to connect with the force inside me.

After all, every person has a thing to give, no matter if this is knowledge or money. These natives feel happy when they can inspire the young and find others who think like them.

They also feel more special when they’re surrounded by people who care about them. Having many talents and believing everything is possible, they want to expand their horizons and to move forward as soon as feeling they have a good opportunity.

This means they have a lot of faith and trust people who are in their heart. Possessing a lot of energy, they’re enthusiastic about everything, yet calm in desperate situations.

While very practical, they can be impeded from achieving what they want because they’re too suspicious.

Negative traits of December 29th zodiac

Sometimes staying in toxic relationships and disclosing their negative feeling with others, people born on December 29th don’t know what to do in order to cleanse and to find solutions for the issues that bother them the most.

They should learn that in order for them to achieve great things, they need to take some major risks. In the same time, they should less skeptical and accept the fact that change is normal.

Love Horoscope for the December 29th Capricorn

When it comes to love, a December 29th zodiac individual is very passionate. People born in this day can also turn into monsters with their partner, if they’re somehow bothered.

They give themselves completely when in love, almost to the point of losing their own individuality. Complex personalities, they can be very unpredictable and surprise their other half, but this doesn’t mean they can become unfaithful.

As a matter of fact, they’re able to make any compromise in order to have their relationship moving forward. It can be said love truly rules their life and that they want to be a part of everything, so they’re very loyal to the one they love.

You are most compatible with those born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 29th.

There are moments, however, when they’re confused and don’t know what they want from life or their emotions. This is when they become unable to submit to others’ desires.

Usually cold and unapproachable, they can surprise with their gentle nature and learn the lesson that people are not the sum of their achievements.

Not too different from others born in the same sign, these natives may seem detached and unable to deal with their own emotions, but this wouldn’t be at all true about them.

They can be friends with many, as well protected by their loved ones, all because they’re open and have interesting opinions. Therefore, their closest friends accept their truths and love them for who they are.

More than this, they’re truly sweet and lovable, so they can enter anyone’s heart and stay there for a very long time. They’re also stable and keep their cool when the situation is desperate.

Career and life purpose

Very charming and having a lot of charisma, people born on December 29th are fun and attentive with the ones they love. They’re also very good at interacting with the public, so they could succeed in the world of advertising or as salespeople.

Wanting to acquire more knowledge and to share it, they could be the best teachers. Because many of them have technical skills, they could work with technology or in communications.

Being able to easily get things and to learn more than one foreign language, they could work as interpreters or in international companies. Some of them may want to become politicians or to be of service to the public.

The ones who have an interest in arts and are talented at writing could end up being writers or musicians. Being Capricorns, December 29th zodiac people are very serious and ethical when it comes to work.

They want to be the best but their decisions aren’t the wise ones all the time. This is because they don’t have enough either financial or intellectual resources.

Wanting to work in a harmonious environment, they don’t like to gossip and wouldn’t say anything that could bother their colleagues.

December 29th zodiac final thoughts

While giving a lot of importance to love, people whose birthday is on December 29th still want to acquire more knowledge and to have a better understanding of their own emotions.

When it comes to education, they may want to benefit from it in every way because they want to be wise and enjoy learning about new things.

At your best: Resourceful, ingenious and talented.
At your worst: Resentful, judgmental and ruthless.

Good at initiating projects and being focused, these natives may be happier when more self-aware and able to share what they know with their loved ones.

If they can master their own life and what they know, they can end up advising others and become the great leaders they’re supposed to be. When connecting their high ideals with their loving heart, they can focus on bigger projects and avoid being too pessimistic.

Their life purpose is in the symbolism of planet Mercury, so they’re always looking to find the right ways for them to talk and to make their feelings known to their loved ones.

It’s important for them to find their calling and a group in which they can be happy. This is why they’re carefully choosing their surroundings and prefer to have a working routine that’s based on their skills and what they believe in, not on someone else’s ideas.

These people should always move and make new friends because they need to transmit messages and to communicate, just so they end up expressing themselves as well, when it’s time for them to do just so.

They should avoid disclosing their secrets to strangers, as well to not think that rumors are about them. Being more compassionate would as well help them a lot. These natives can adapt to any new situation or person.

They’re very creative and can recognize a good opportunity when seeing it. However, they have the tendency to be moody and to act randomly.

The more they’re detached from their emotions, the more they can make good decisions, as well they can respond in an effective manner to what’s happening to them, no matter how tense they may be feeling.

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