December 28th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Capricorn?


Capricorns born on December 28th hate dealing with people who are proud of themselves for no reason or too dramatic. At the same time, they’re very independent, so it’s very likely for them to be single for long periods of time. At least they have many friends that are devoted to them.

  • Symbol: The Goat
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Representative color: Brown
  • Characteristic flower: Carnation
  • Lucky day: Saturday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Silver
  • Birthstone: Garnet
  • Motto: I build!
  • Celebrities: Woodrow Wilson, Stan Lee, Sienna Miller, Edgar Winter, Denzel Washington, John Legend, Noomi Rapace and Maggie Smith.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

December 28th zodiac natives love peace and quiet and prefer to retreat to places where they can be comfortable and renew their energy. Loyal and reliable, these natives are appreciated by their friends and colleagues. Everyone trusts them. They want others to be honest and would hate to be told just what they want to hear.

Their date of birth influences them to be the smartest and most charming Capricorns, as well sensitive and always ready to work hard. Since they have a lot of knowledge and become very enthusiastic about new projects, they want to get further education until later in life.
While fast-thinking, intelligent and open to making new friends, these natives can also be indecisive, which is what’s impeding them to be as organized and they would like to be.

They fear rejection and are very mature, dependable, as well determined to succeed and the best friends anyone could have. Since they don’t need validation from others to feel important, they’re strong enough for any challenge and have many resources.

They’re sincere, caring and very kind, but what makes other feel attracted to them is their self-confidence. It can be said their relentlessness is both a positive and a negative trait of theirs.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 9, 15, 25 and 37.

It’s unlikely for these Capricorns to ever give up because they hate failing and believe in the fact that persistence pays off well. Because their mind is always working and they don’t like getting bored, these people are always looking to do something new and original.

However, they should pay attention to not have this aspect of their personality turning into nervousness, insecurity or emotional dissatisfaction.

They’re motivated and know how to turn their ideas into reality, not to mention able to deal with any difficult situation, yet when they no longer want to hold on to something, they put an end to any situation in which they may be involved.

People whose birthday is on December 28th are good psychics and aware of higher truths. They’re not in any way weak or the type to make a scene in public.

Therefore, it’s unlikely for them to ever use lose control or their temper. Since they’re Capricorns, they want to be first at everything and to compete with others.

Positive traits of December 28th zodiac

The day of December 28th is influencing its natives to be patient and very careful with what they’re doing, also confident enough to be great leaders. People with this birthday know that failure can happen if they’re not struggling to accomplish anything.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.

They’re not trying to make the world a better place, but they give a lot of importance to their personal development.

At the same time, they inspire their loved ones to do their best. Down-to-earth, protective and realistic, they’re aware of boundaries and want to offer others their space. This means they have respect for everyone and appreciate life.

Negative traits of December 28th zodiac

When not paying attention to their own sensitivity and moving too fast to achieve their goals, people whose birthday is on December 28th can turn into very difficult individuals who no longer have balance and are only giving in to the pressure of accomplishing.

This means they become pushy with others too. Never paying attention to fools or too pessimistic individuals, they usually completely shut down when around such personalities, not to mention they no longer give them another chance. These natives also have the tendency to boast too much about their talents.

Love Horoscope for the December 28th Capricorn

When it comes to romance, a December 28th zodiac individual is loyal and very involved. People born on this day are usually friends for a lifetime and commit to their intimate connections.

As soon as determined to take a spouse, they’ll be next to that person for a lifetime. They’re attracted to energetic and reliable individuals. However, it can be difficult to have them noticing someone, yet as soon as this happens, they can be fascinated by a person, especially if he or she has a creative mind.
When having to choose a partner, these Capricorns can oscillate between what their logic and heart are telling them. At least they allow their sexuality to rule and don’t mind doing the most surprising thing. This means their choices can sometimes be strange and that they don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zone.

These natives are the ones to take the initiative, but this doesn’t mean they also don’t need to feel secure when doing just so. As a matter of fact, they need to feel all the time protected from the person they’re interacting with.

By looking at them once, it can be said they’re still and very cold, but in fact, they’re very complex, charming and ready to flirt. The thing is, they don’t actually know what to do when deeply in love.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

While focused to build their career, they never put love and family second on their list of priorities. Marriage is very important for them because they want to be with that special someone, not to mention they think it makes them more honorable and provides them a higher position in the society.

As a matter of fact, marriage is what gives these natives’ life meaning. While they may be very successful and have many of their dreams becoming a reality, they feel like they haven’t achieved much until they have a family life.

This is why they’re looking for the perfect lover, a person who wants to achieve as much as they do and is interesting. They want someone with whom they can build together, as well give their own life some meaning.

Because they’re not relaxed themselves when it comes to love, they like a person who’s romantic and likes to make an effort for romance.

Career and life purpose

December 28th zodiac Capricorns love to spend their money because this gives them a feeling like no other. This is why they take good care of their financial accounts and make all kind of wise investments.

Being very intelligent as well, others usually come to them for advice. They’re very convincing and can charm anyone, as well organized and very talented at many things.

Looking to communicate more and to acquire new knowledge, they could succeed as teachers, publishers, advertisers or writers.

At the same time, their organizational talents could be put to use in the field of business. Many of these natives are politicians or work for charities. Others decide to dedicate their life working for the community.

Because they’re enterprising, they can change their career more than once, also because they need variety and to have more fun at work. Always making big plans and fighting for their independence, some of these Capricorns may decide to be freelancers or to run their own business.

December 28th zodiac final thoughts

A native with the December 28th birthday can choose a career just because he or she has connection in that field or people have advised him or her to do just so.

People born on this day are very responsible and can hold positions of power. It’s not unusual for them to be in the center of attention and to fascinate people around them because they’re sociable and inspire others.

At your best: Practical, reliable and cautious.
At your worst: Suspicious, conceited and resentful.

These natives are usually healthy because they eat right and like to exercise. When it comes to their friendships and romantic connections, these are meant to last, so they usually don’t get married more than once.

Very emotional and having a sensitive soul, they want to find true love, but don’t talk too much about this. Trusting their heart more than their mind, they avoid being too rational.

As a matter of fact, they can be quite dramatic sometimes, so they should avoid turning into these melancholic personalities who are too selfish to take others’ opinions into consideration.

If they want to avoid being like this, they should become creative and express themselves through art.

Very smart and possessing a special magnetism, these Capricorns are also very individualistic. Enterprising and ambitious, they’re all the time ready to take action and their big plans usually get to succeed.

However, they should avoid being too stubborn or rebellious because this can undermine their discipline and have them unable to reach their true potential.

At least they have a strong intuition and seem like they know things from a higher realm, which can make them feel happy and fulfilled, especially if they’re somehow helping others with their knowledge.

Their life purpose is in the symbolism of the planer Saturn, so they sometimes can be impulsive and rush. They need to take things step-by-step and to focus on the materialistic side of life.

Their mission is to be connected with God and in sync with the Universe, no matter what they may be doing. When more relaxed and no longer feeling tension in their mind and body, they can take care of their most sensitive needs.

This means they become more aware of what they need to do, when the time is right, also that their fragile side can come to surface, together with their most hidden desires.

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