Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Love & Life: A Wonderful Relationship


Cancer and Pisces will kick it off in the right direction right from the get-go. Both of them are water signs, so they can understand each other’s feelings easily. Both are sensitive, soft, and imaginative.

Criteria Cancer Pisces Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Below average ❤❤

Pisces can be even more sensitive than Cancer most of the time, so they will enjoy Cancer’s nurturing and motherly personality. Since Cancer is a cardinal sign, they are more likely to take initiative and be proactive, when compared to Pisces.

They are in for a long-lasting, sweet and cosy relationship, as long as both signs are open and ready to trust one another. But water signs are reserved and it takes a long time for them to warm up to someone. Things will be very slow in the beginning, as both signs will approach a new relationship with great caution.

It is great that both signs share the same tendency of drifting away and dreaming with their eyes open. Neither of the two will judge the other for being aloof or thoughtful, even in more serious moments. They understand and accept this quirk, and they will allow each other the time they need to be alone with their thoughts.

When These Two Fall in Love

They make a very sweet couple and they’re compatible for many reasons. They’re sensitive, their love runs deep, and they are very generous and nurturing with their partners. They can read the mood easily, and they sense other people’s emotions without much trouble.

When together, Cancer and Pisces form a special emotional connection. They’re perfectly in sync, so they know how their partner is feeling, without having to ask or second-guess.

When they feel safe and loved, that’s when all their passion can shine through. Cancer is a homemaker, so they can create a cosy and safe place for themselves and Pisces. Chaotic and easily-distracted Pisces will be thankful for this, as they crave security just as much as their Cancer partner does.

Pisces will, on the other hand, allow Cancer to be their real, raw self—emotionally vulnerable, but loyal and caring. Cancer likes being able to share their thoughts and feelings without feeling judged or ignored.

If they can keep their emotions in check and not get carried away with their dramatic outbursts, things will be very peaceful and happy between them. When pressed to make changes, both signs are open and adaptable in their own way.

When in a couple, a Cancer and a Pisces can be flexible and they are okay with compromise, too. Neither is impulsive, because they like to consider things very well before acting, especially in the case of Cancer.

Cancer and Pisces might have some disagreements when it comes to their budget. While Cancer tends to be more frugal and put money aside, Pisces is more of a “live in the moment” and “enjoy the fruit of your labor” kind of person. Pisces can also have self-esteem issues.

They don’t trust themselves and their own strong points, and Cancer should help them see themselves in a more objective light. There’s a lot that Pisces can achieve, if they keep a positive mindset!

Cancer-Pisces couples are generally happy and contempt with their relationship. They know how to have fun and get along. Intuitive and empathetic Pisces can understand and relate to Cancer’s ever-changing moods.

Cancer should also understand that Pisces can be aloof for a very large portion of the day. They need some me-time in order to shift through their thoughts and ideas. Pisces work best and achieve the most when left alone to their own devices.

Cancer should let them be when in a creative phase. Pisces also need a lot of encouragement and reassurance, because they can often miss big opportunities to their own self-doubt.

Cancer and Pisces Relationship Key Facts

Cancer and Pisces compatibility could be off the charts when it comes to their partner’s emotions and needs, as these can get along just fine. However, they should still keep in mind that compromising is always a good idea.

They shouldn’t go along with everything their partner says, but should instead reach a common agreement. This way, nobody will feel like they sacrifice too much or not enough.

In non-romantic relationships of any kind (family, colleagues, friends), they are warm and generous with one-another. In business, they can do great if Pisces works on creative projects and Cancer deals with the concrete objectives and responsibilities.

As partners, they’re nurturing, protective, and very romantic. They have a deep emotional connection not seen in other couples. They make kind, generous parents who would do everything for their little children.

Pisces is a loyal and caring partner, which can help soothe Cancer’s relationship anxiety and abandonment issues.

Cancer needs to take it easy and see things objectively. Pisces is just likeable and friendly, but the attention they get shouldn’t be a threat to their relationship. Pisces should learn to be more financially responsible and more productive in their daily life, for the sake of a prosperous and happy future for both lovers together.

Cancer has a very strong need for security, and they don’t like it when others don’t follow plans or when they don’t take things seriously. Pisces financial illiteracy and tendency to procrastinate could become annoying for the Cancer.

In their case, mutual understanding and help should be the name of the game, so that everything runs smoothly between the two signs.

Cancer understands and helps Pisces out when they’re in a bad mood and not able to deal with daily life. If somebody feels down, it’s good for the other partner to just wait it out a bit, to let them calm down before trying to cheer them up.

Whatever they do, they shouldn’t break each other’s trust through manipulation, selfishness, or plans to change their partner into a new person. Both signs have a tendency to be dramatic at times, but they should avoid this kind of behavior, as it only makes things worse.

Cancer and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

They’re generous and affectionate. They cherish one another and make each other feel safe in their own way. Pisces offers a lot of love and they bring romance and passion in the relationship, while Cancer takes on a motherly and nurturing role for their partner. They support each other and can easily understand one another due to their deep emotional connection.

Sexually, they are highly compatible too. All tension that takes place between them can in turn be channelled as sexual energy. In daily life, cardinal Cancer will take the lead, and dreamy Pisces will benefit from the structure that Cancer brings in their life.

As a married couple, they’ll be happy and their marriage will be healthy and long-lasting. They can easily overlook their differences and compromise when needed.

Both signs crave security and affection, and a safe place for them to let out their feelings. Cancer is happy about the stability and love they find in a relationship with Pisces.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a big dreamer. They might feel turned off when the honeymoon phase is over, and realize their partner isn’t actually the perfect idealized person they first had in mind.

This might make Pisces reconsider their relationship. Pisces want everything to be intense and almost magical, and the routine of daily life could snap them out of their trance.

Drawbacks of This Match

They are both highly sensitive, intuitive, and secretive. If they don’t discuss things, there might be situations when one of them feels hurt for things they’ve actually interpreted the wrong way.

Pisces is prone to depressive moods, which could lead them on a downwards spiral. They could develop toxic habits that harm their health and their relationship.

The Cancer and Pisces match has them both highly possessive and getting jealous easily. Cancer might become suspicious and clingy towards Pisces, which will make their partner only want to evade their grip even more. While Pisces is also soft and passionate, they might not always be in the mood to cuddle and be affectionate with touchy-feely Cancer.

Cancer wants safety and stability, and Pisces tends to be lazy, irresponsible, and very bad with money. If Pisces doesn’t fix this behavior, Cancer will be tempted to look for someone who’s more reliable for a future life together.

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