August 28th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Virgo?


People born under the August 28th zodiac love making new friends and are affectionate, as well youthful. They very well know who they are, so they stand out of from the crowd and easily gain the approval of others.

  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling body: Mercury
  • Representative color: Navy Blue
  • Characteristic flower: Chamomile
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Motto: I analyze!
  • Celebrities: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Sheryl Sandberg, Jennifer Coolidge, Roxie Roker, Jack Black, Shania Twain, Jason Priestley and LeAnn Rimes.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

While these natives are very analyzing, they should avoid being too pragmatic. They really know how to speak because they’re concise and direct, not to mention how much they appreciate knowledgeable people. Their nature is to play and are romantic, not to mention idealistic but down-to-earth.

While big procrastinators, as soon as they set their mind to something, these Virgos are ready for great sacrifices in order to achieve what they want. Wanting luxury and to live well, they need to be surrounded by friends and also to entertain others.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 3, 18, 25 and 36.

At the same time, they love collaborating and are always ready to give a hand, not to mention they’re emotionally supportive. As said before, they’re young at heart. It’s easy for them to achieve great things, but only as long as they’re disciplined and focused.

Capable of loving and warm, they want their relationships to be balanced, as they possess a noble soul and have strong principles. However, when challenged, they may need more motivation. Their determination can be obstructed by the fact that they act in impulse and want all the time to be gratified.

Because they’re fun, it’s possible for them to choose the easy way out of situations, which can cause them to no longer have a direction and a life purpose. Being sensitive, they can also decide to detach themselves in order to not get hurt or end up feeling sorry for themselves.

It’s important that their emotions are properly channelled. The more a native with the August 28th birthday acts on his or her inner urges, the more he or she can express him or herself in a creative or emotional manner. Natives born during this date are most of the time giving and have compassion, so they like helping others.

Composed, they analyze what’s happening in their surroundings and can be very inspired. They’re not necessarily big artists, but at least they can see how their relationships can guide them in making the decisions they need to make. Neptune being the planet that guides them, they need to keep their sensitivity and to give their life a true meaning.

These Virgos are looking to be inspired and moved, so they may want a lot to interact with unseen forces. If they want to no longer be affected by toxic influences, they need to keep their faith and to have some limits in life. More than this, it’s important they keep their emotions in line and focus on what’s obvious. As soon as ready to follow their calling, they can achieve anything they want.

Positive traits of August 28th zodiac

Intelligent, powerful and good leaders, people whose birthday is on August 28th have a stable life and are protective. Their ideals are high and they love fighting for causes, so it’s natural for them to not settle for anything less than their dreams and to believe everything is possible.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.

Moreover, they’re big traditionalists and very pragmatic. But this doesn’t make them less fun or intriguing. More than anything, these natives want to be loved for who they are and nothing else. These natives like working hard and usually don’t talk about things that make no sense, not to mention they prefer to live their life in a certain way.

If there is for them to reach their potential, they need to learn how to make compromises and to care for others. The day of their birthday indicates they’re also playful and can sometimes cheat, especially when looking to be happy. While careful with the dealings they’re closing, they can make things work in their advantage. Very creative and sometimes impulsive, they still don’t like dealing with change.

Negative traits of August 28th zodiac

Because they see the world in the most unique manner and are profound, natives born on August 28th pay great attention to details and want everything in their life to be perfect. This is what makes them who they are and appreciated at work. These natives get along very well with others, even with those who don’t agree with their ideas.

A little bit stubborn in their ways and intense, their frustrations usually turn into neuroses, and they can become very loud or agitated. When fearing something, they need to keep their faith because if not, their life may lose its purpose.

Love Horoscope for the August 28th Virgo

People whose birthday is on August 18th seem to have problems with their sexuality and emotions, meaning they choose the strangest partners and are unsure of who to spend their lifetime with.

These natives can face problems when trying to find love because things can turn dark for them. They want to laugh and to act like children around their partner, so it’s important that they’re inspired by their other half.

Not wanting more lovers and focused on the ideals of their other half, it’s possible for them to end up disappointed if they don’t appreciate themselves and are only focusing on what the others is doing.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

Not knowing if a relationship is platonic or sexual, August 18th zodiac bearers need to somehow cope with this and to not allow their love life to stagnate. They need to keep their faith when dreaming about a true love connection, as well to no longer feel limited when trying to fulfil the needs they have.

The more important their relationships are, they more they can serve higher purposes and become who they want to be. Their relationships are usually the best ones, which can be rate for natives born in Virgo, who have the tendency to judge and to criticize everything.

Not that Virgos mean to sabotage their relationships because they want to be happy just like anyone else. However, they usually focus on the details that don’t matter and end up destroying their love connections. At least those born on August 28th aren’t the same and can see in perspective. Their relationships usually have all the chances to succeed.

Career and life purpose

It can be said Virgos born on August 28th are true geniuses who need to nurture their talents and use their skills in order to achieve great things, as well to help others. These natives are very good artists and musicians, so not too many people are as talented as they are.

At the same time, they have strong literary talents and can decide to write. As a matter of fact, many literature and critics are born on this date. At the same time, people whose birthday is on August 28th have a scientific mind and can memorize anything.

They also possess a strong intuition and can accurately judge people. Many of them are religious and very curious about philosophy, so their spiritual ways can help them a lot in life. They can choose to have a career in these directions.

Avid readers and good at making money, they also love to travel for business. Looking at what they can do, it can be said natives of the August 28th zodiac birthday are great as advisors and even politicians.

In case they don’t want to choose these professions as their main ones, they could decide to do it on the side. The advices they’re giving need to sometimes be given to them as well. The more they’re open and flexible regarding what others need, the more they can succeed at the job they have.

August 28th zodiac final thoughts

People born on August 28th are agitated, so they’re all the time looking to consume their energy. If not doing something productive, they can end up feeling very bad. It’s a good idea for them to learn how to no longer be idle, as too much peace of mind can’t bring them anything good.

At your best: Talented, prudent and industrious.
At your worst: Moody, impatient and harsh.

These people should think about their future and understand that others are not passionate about the same things as them. At the same time, they should understand that those with different opinions than theirs are still moral and righteous.

It can be said these natives are their own worst enemies because they’re impatient and too express their ideas too harshly. It’s important they keep in mind that when they have a great dream, that dream can’t become real immediately. Some patience needs to be applied also when they’re communicating.

These Virgos need to understand all the facts are necessary if it’s for them to make the right decisions. Patience is what they need the most in order to be mature and happy, also effective in everything they do.

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