Aries and Virgo Compatibility in Love & Life: A Compassionate Relationship


An unusual combination, that’s for sure. The signs are worlds apart, considering how straightforward and sometimes tactless Aries can be, while Virgos are reserved, old-fashioned, and very private about themselves and their life.

Criteria Aries Virgo Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Doubtful
Intimacy & Sex Below average ❤❤

Virgos place higher value in actions, not in appearances. Virgos are also constantly worrying about things and tend to analyze everything to the most minute detail, while Aries are carefree and have a devil-may-care attitude about even serious matters.

Soft and physically fragile, Virgos might also be intimidated by Aries’ intensity and their tendency to get physical. It’s not difficult to see how an Aries partner might overwhelm Virgos from so many different points of view.

While a good friendship between Aries and Virgo is not unheard of, a relationship might be a bit more difficult, given their completely different personalities. Things can go somewhere unpleasant pretty quickly if both signs are not reading from the same page.

When These Two Fall in Love

This is a complicated duo for multiple reasons. First, their personalities are polar opposites from one another. Both signs have simple expectations for happiness, but the things they desire are extremely different.

Virgo needs to feel safe and likes to take things slowly, while Aries loved adventure and wants to constantly feel challenged and stimulated.

If Aries learns to accommodate their Virgo partner and to respect their boundaries, the couple can definitely experience and active and fun lifestyle.

In fact, if both sides learn to accept and adapt to the other’s differences and quirks, the relationship can be quite cozy and warm. There will be a lot of admiration, generosity, and respect on both sides.

One thing the signs have in common is neuroticism, or an inclination towards perfectionism. Deep discussions about what they find wrong with the world around them could help them discover a common cause to work for, which will make their good traits truly shine and blend together beautifully.

Despite the differences at the basis of the Aries Virgo compatibility, if they learn to accept one another for who they are, this relationship could prove very fruitful and stimulating in a multitude of ways.

In the beginning of the relationship, they might meet irregularly; they will keep their lives separate until one of them decides it is time to take things to the next level. For an Aries and Virgo couple, only a major event, often times negative, could lead to commitment.

Both Aries and Virgo are helping and generous with people around them, albeit for different reasons. Both signs greatly value sincerity and virtue.

When Aries fall behind the Virgo’s expectations, by being brash, arrogant, impulsive, or being late and tactless, they will sense the silent judgement and they will feel disappointed themselves.

Aries and Virgo Relationship Key Facts

Both signs can sometimes get critical and annoyed with the other’s behavior, since they can’t see things from the same perspective. Due to this, disagreements can arise every now and then.

Think about how difficult it is to find a middle way between the fiery, energetic, loud and impulsive Aries, and the reserved, soft, cautious, uptight Virgo.

For the long term, Aries’ love for freedom and independence can be problematic for the homely and security-craving Virgo. Virgo’s strong work ethic and perfectionism can become annoying for the quick-paced ‘I don’t care what others think about me’ Aries.

But if compromise is reached one way or another, then both signs can use their strong suits to support and help the other when striving for common goals and when working on shared projects. This way, they will also help each other become more efficient and productive.

Confident and adventurous risk-taking Aries can teach Virgo to stop sweating the small details and to stop overthinking so much.

Responsible and vigilant Virgo, on the other hand, can help their Aries partner to be less impulsive and to develop a better work ethic and sense of discipline.

Such a contrasting couple is sure to encounter lots of situations where contradictory discussions will arise. The only way to keep things going and to avoid total chaos, is for both signs to find a way to compromise.

Calm and open discussion is also a good way to clarify and avoid other future misunderstandings. Both signs can take advantage of their own strength and to provide what the other one is missing. In this way, they complete one another and create a balanced couple.

Aries are honest and straightforward. They strive to reach success no matter what it takes, and one failure does not discourage them from chasing their dreams.

Virgos need someone to help them feel safe, because what they most desire in their life is security. And in this case, their Aries lover can provide exactly that.

An Aries man is hardworking and generous with people around them, so these good qualities can make them a suitable partner for a Virgo woman.

Aries women have a sweet childlike enthusiasm about them and are very supportive and openminded, which will prove very good in a relationship with a Virgo man.

A downside to this pairing is Virgo’s natural predisposition towards criticism. They can always find something wrong to nag others about, and this will no doubt be very annoying to their Aries partner, who doesn’t mind the details, and hates having to follow strict rules.

To avoid endless arguments on this matter, the Virgo should try to keep their criticism to themselves if the problem is not important. The Aries partner should also understand that Virgo’s criticism isn’t malicious, and that it could be productive.

Aries and Virgo Marriage Compatibility

If they get married and grow old together, they will be very dutiful and look after one another to the best of their ability. Protective Aries and neurotic health-anxious Virgo will be the perfect match to take care of each other if problems should arise.

Once the two learn to work around their differences and to combine their good qualities in order to work together, as a couple, they will be only going forward. No matter their gender, the Aries is best equipped to be the head of the household.

When in a relationship, an Aries and a Virgo can face the world and fight the fights in order to ensure growth and success for the couple. Virgo works best from the intimacy of their own home.

They’re good with organizing and working on practical matters. Aries will be the builder and the provider, while Virgo will be the one to make their home a loving and welcoming place.

As parents, they would make a pretty good fit. Virgos are patient and organized. They will be the most responsible parent who will schedule daily activities and events, keep tabs on appointments and important duties.

Aries have energetic, lively, and spontaneous, making them able to keep up with their children in sports and playground activities. They will both be very protective and happy to invest time and resources into their children.

On a downside, they might be the kind of parent who thinks their child is special and can do no wrong.

Drawbacks of This Match

Cardinal Aries is proactive, impulse driven and desires to climb up the social ladder and gain status. This can sometimes make them take serious decisions without much thought, and they can easily become financially irresponsible.

Virgo is a mutable sign. They can be flexible, but are always practical and stick to pre-designed plans, especially when it comes to planned budgets. Lack of organization and financial irresponsibility are huge triggers for a Virgo.

Aries are also quick to start new projects but also just as quick to abandon them. Since Virgos don’t like seeing things unfinished, they will pick up the work where Aries left off, but not without feeling spiteful and judging.

While Virgos are more conservative and like saving money, Aries enjoy extravagance and showing off, and their spending habits are terrible as a result. Putting these two approaches to life together can obviously result in a lot of heated arguments.

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