Aries and Libra Compatibility in Love & Life: A Dignified Relationship


One endearing thing about an Aries and Libra relationship is watching how their opposite features complement each other. At first things might start in the wrong direction; sometimes, the two signs’ relationship can be similar to one between a cat and a mouse.

Criteria Aries Libra Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Doubtful
Common values Below average ❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Days together can be either very good and peaceful, or messy and full of little arguments.

The mutual attraction lies in what each sign can offer the other. Aries is fiery and passionate and loves to throw themselves head first in new relationships. They are nothing but loyal and they love to focus all of their attention and energy on their partner.

Libras are soft and just love being loved, as well as being in love and giving back. An Aries’ initial infatuation with them will be very alluring.

Their loving styles can clash sometimes, but this will in fact help build up the sexual tension in the couple. Things will not get boring anytime soon. Aries like to do things quickly and they want to move on from one thing to another as fast as possible, while

Libras like to take their time and to drag things on and on in order to enjoy the moment. There are moments when reserved Libra will feel the need to become more direct and provocative, much to their Aries partner’s delight.

When These Two Fall in Love

While fundamentally different, explosive Aries and tranquil Libra prove how opposites attract. If they can find any shared ideas to bond over, their relationship will go on smoothly.

Maybe there is a set of values they share, or an important cause both want to fight for. Whatever it is, deep and passionate conversations will help to bring them closer together.

Their socializing styles are also quite different, with Libra being a people person, while Aries prefers to be the center of attention, while also being part of small groups.

Compromise is the key word here. If both sides accept differences and learn from one another, they will improve not only as a couple, but as individuals as well.

The compatibility between Aries and Libra suggests both signs love to go big or go home. Libra loves to exercise their creativity and to show their good taste, while Aries love to put on a show for their partner.

An Aries will make sure to try to out-do themselves every time, forever trying to impress their lover with something new.

Aries and Libra Relationship Key Facts

This is the type of couple that everyone is surprised by. Things might start out casually and, before they know it, they are suddenly in a relationship together. But of course, opposites attract, so it’s not hard to understand how attraction can develop between the two signs.

Aries might be both impressed and a bit intimidated by their Libra partner. Libras are charming, elegant, but also logical and equilibrated, and Aries senses these differences.

The Aries partner might be inspired and they might wish they could be more like their Libra lover, but both sides bring valuable traits to the table.

While Aries’ might not be able to keep up in a logical debate with Libras, they are proactive, independent, and driven. They are born leaders. They will never be idly sitting around and wasting time.

Libras are more calculating. They like to consider both the present moment as well as thinking ahead of time. They can help to keep Aries centered. Their balanced nature can also work well in romance.

Aries need to feel loved and they need attention, and Libras are not naturally self-centred or prone to play mind games, so they’re the right kind of partner to satisfy Aries’ needs.

Libras are also determined and not easily intimidated when it comes to working towards a goal. If they fail, they take it lightly and can easily cheer up.

Aries are competitive and hot-headed, but will not feel intimidated by their Libra partner, since they know they won’t have their spotlight taken away from them. In turn, Aries will enjoy to play the guiding role for Libra.

Libras have their own flaws as well. They tend to get lost in their own thoughts sometimes, and they are known to be very indecisive. Their energy also has many ups and downs. In such moments, Aries will act like a motivator and will be happy to lead Libra back on track.

Despite their shared admiration for one another, sometimes things might get tense in the Aries Libra couple if both partners don’t take the time to talk and reach a common point together.

Libra can be very indecisive at times, and combined with an Aries’ impulsivity and lack of patience, this might cause arguments.

Libras like to weigh all options and to form an opinion taking into account multiple perspectives, while Aries is most likely to stick to their one-time opinion and to ignore any other input.

However, for the most part, both signs bring balance to one-another. Libras are a little shy and self-doubting, they find it difficult to make decisions on their own, and can be big procrastinators.

Aries are highly confident, independent and have an easy time making and sticking to their decisions. Libra’s gentle nature and balanced approach to life can also help Aries to soften their edges and to take more calculated risks.

One thing to remember is for both signs to work together, not against one another. Neither should try to change their partner into a mini-me, but to accept and learn from their differences.

Aries and Libra Marriage Compatibility

Libras are very touchy-feely, but they should not expect independent Aries to give them non-stop affection. They should try to be more independent themselves, and keeping a group of close friends outside their relationship is a good idea.

Aries should learn and respect Libra’s limits. While they love taking, winning, and being the leader all the time, a little consideration for their partner is never bad. As a married couple, the two will not have major, if any money problems.

Having children is not a priority, neither a nightmare for any of the two. As time goes on, their marriage just grows stronger, and they will always find something nice to bond over as their personalities mix together.

Both signs are adventurous and driven, and changing goals or picking new careers, or even a new country to live in is not a challenge for them.

For a good long-term relationship, Libra should accept Aries’ free-spirited nature and allow them the freedom the crave, because Aries will always be loyal and come back to their lover. Aries should learn to be less selfish and demanding with their soft-hearted Libra lover.

Drawbacks of This Match

Contrast is the main feature of this relationship, for better or for worse. Libras are tactful, charming, elegant, and calculated, while Aries might come off as impulsive, hot-headed, and blunt.

Both signs might be too busy to start a family, so if children are a goal, a little life re-haul will be needed.

Temptation will also be a big issue in the Aries Libra match, for both of these cardinal signs. Libras like to feel in control of their urges, and Aries just love to impress and conquer.

If both signs don’t set up clear expectations and limits, cheating could ruin their love life. Unless both partners are okay with an open relationship.

If Libra cheats, their Aries partner will be resentful and angry, and they wouldn’t stop at anything in order to get their revenge.

They will hurt their partner’s feelings right back. If Aries cheats, their Libra partner, while disappointed, will be able to get over it, knowing that sexual attraction is different form real love, which only they can receive from their Aries lover.

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