Aries and Capricorn Compatibility in Love & Life: A Productive Relationship


Both signs are passionate lovers, that’s for sure, but when an Aries and a Capricorn are put together, they might also be prone to conflict. If they find a way to unite forces and compete together against the world, and not against each other, they could make an amazing power-couple.

Criteria Aries Capricorn Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Strong ❤❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Below average ❤❤

When it comes to pursuing one another, the sexual tension will be great in the beginning. Aries loves to make the first step and with a Capricorn’s calculating and wary nature, the Aries partner will get just what they love. Under the influence of Mars, Aries are impulsive and like to dive head-first into whatever they wish to do or achieve.

On the other hand, Capricorn, being governed by the influence of Saturn, are more cold-headed and conservative. They prefer to build up walls in order to ensure they are safe and under control. Both signs can change each other for the better, if they manage to get over the biggest challenges about one another.

When These Two Fall in Love

The two will often meet in a professional setting, more specifically in a place where Capricorn is a leader or an upper figure.

Capricorns are meticulous and precise, and they are good at team-building and management. They get annoyed with unruly people who question their authority, and Aries fits the bill just fine.

An Aries will love to annoy a Capricorn, and to test their limits and patience. In their relationship, an Aries would tend to be bratty and playful, just to get a reaction out of their Capricorn partner.

Their differences are so great, misunderstandings will be commonplace, as predicted by the Aries Capricorn compatibility.

However, as the saying goes, opposites attract, and both will find something deeply attractive about each other’s completely foreign mindset and style.

Capricorns are tireless workers who never fail to achieve their goals. It’s in their 40’s and onwards when they tend to become more laid-back, after having fulfilled all their ambitious projects.

An Aries and Capricorn relationship could work very well for middle aged couples, but a young Capricorn will usually be put off by an Aries’ recklessness and careless way of life.

If they can both tone down their egos and learn to be less selfish, their relationship will be strong and long-lasting. They both complement each other perfectly, with Aries being impulsive, energetic, tireless, and a big dreamer, while Capricorn is down to earth and practical.

Aries love living life to the full, being challenged and experiencing everything intensely. They often come off as selfish due to their childish impulses and love for attention.

When it comes to money and finances, Aries tend to not be the most skilled in the world, as their management skills are less than perfect. They are still able to achieve great things through their energy and power of will.

A Capricorn can bring structure to an Aries’ chaotic life. Capricorns are responsible, highly loyal partners, and very protective of their lovers.

They like intimacy and an easy-going way of life. The free-spirited and wild Aries will help to set Capricorn’s repressed side free, making them enjoy life to the full.

In daily life, Capricorns are the responsible and well-organized ones. Considering a Capricorn’s organizational and finance skills, and an Aries’ love for exposure and challenging situations, working together on a business project could prove very rewarding and even romantic for both signs. Together, they can make a popular and goal-worthy power couple.

Aries and Capricorn Relationship Key Facts

The two signs can have major differences. While Aries is very extroverted, energetic, and enthusiastic, Capricorn tends to stick to their own little world. Capricorns are conservative and private, while Aries love being the center of attention.

Making the Aries Capricorn relationship go forward despite their differences can be challenging, but also rewarding.

Responsible and considered to be the zodiac’s fatherly sign, Capricorn will protect and guard their Aries partner, offering them a place for retreat when they need it.

While not as free-spirited as their Aries counterpart, the Capricorn is mature and confident, so they don’t find it difficult to give their Aries partner the free time and the space they desire.

Also, given their love for organization and planning, they can help Aries to find a clear direction and structure in their daily life.

Capricorn will often be annoyed and tired of their Aries partner’s childish impulsivity and reckless behavior, but this doesn’t mean they don’t also find them endearing in a way.

Both signs have a romantic side to them, which includes the love for the finer things in life. They love to experience beauty, elegance, and luxury, be it an expensive well-fitting outfit, or a trip to an exotic location.

Another difference between the two signs, this time working to their advantage, is the fact that Aries is hot-headed. Aries love to get into arguments and to quarrel with people just for fun.

Capricorns, on the other hand, like to treat contradictory discussions as matter-of-fact issues.

They don’t get emotionally invested, and are therefore almost impossible to upset. An Aries will find this calm and rational way of arguing extremely frustrating, as they might often end up being the loser in the debate.

Aries and Capricorn Marriage Compatibility

Capricorns will most often marry for status, and they prefer partners that are either on the same level as them, or higher. If their Aries partner is not on par, they might not last together for long.

Also, Capricorns love honesty, but hate surprises, especially unpleasant ones, so an Aries partner should be completely honest about everything they think or feel before the two signs think about marriage.

Capricorns are conservative and like to keep up the old customs, so the wedding is going to be done in a classic style. Aries are free-spirited, so the main reason they might choose to marry is for their Capricorn lover.

Sometimes, the logical and structured thinking style and way of acting of the Capricorn will drive an Aries insane. Aries’ do not possess the same ability to sustain their calm and to argue logically when they’re in a debate, nor do they want to do so.

As parents, the two signs make a good combination. As long as they learn to find a middle ground, they will manage to raise their children well, and the kids will develop a balanced personality and mindset.

Drawbacks of This Match

While Capricorn is a born provider and parent figure, they should keep an eye for Aries’ disposition. The Aries’ childish nature and demanding personality can quickly exhaust the Capricorn partner, which will soon turn bitter towards their lover. The Aries should learn early on that their Capricorn partner has limits too.

Family and social connections will be a sensitive topic between the two. While Capricorns are conservative and value having a wide and strong network of people in their life, Aries tend to move on from one relationship to the next. They tend to focus all their attention on one person at a time.

Given their very different tempers, both signs can sometimes feel misunderstood or annoyed with one another in the Aries Capricorn match.

Aries will sometimes wish for their Capricorn partner to cheer up and to take things less seriously, while the Capricorn will wish for Aries to learn to control themselves better and to be more responsible.

With both being cardinal signs, there is one thing they have in common, and that is their desire and their talent to lead. However, given their completely different approaches to leading, heated arguments will be commonplace, unless they agree to settle for a common-ground solution.

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